Writing About My City

The city is called (city name). It is located in the (state name). It is a (climate type). It is about that distance from the capital. There are approximately (population number) people living there. My family consists of my father, mother, and younger brothers. We live in an apartment building.

This city is the birthplace of my family. My family has been working in this field for generations. Igo to school here, one of the city schools built many years ago.

The city is clean and organized and has developed rapidly to cope with global development. Residents are diligent and hard-working. City life is the best in the world. Home of my family and friends.

Writing About My City Example 1

My city is by the sea. There is always tourism that keeps the city awake. People who work in this city do not get enough rest because of tourism.

Public transport is very important because it helps people get around the city quickly. People use buses to travel to different places in the city. Buses are also used to go to the beach.

In the city, you can enjoy watching football matches inside the stadium. You can also enjoy taking pictures of animals in the zoo. Also, you can sit near the fish tank to watch some of the new fish.

There are many restaurants, parks, and beautiful beaches. I enjoy going out in the evening to dine at the famous (name) restaurant. What I enjoy most about my hometown is the fact that there are plenty of shops to choose from, and I am able to go anywhere anytime, with no anxiety.

Writing About My City Example 2

“Cities” are urban setups that provide us with a safe shelter and a livelihood. Every person has a constant emotional attachment to their town. 

As we grow older and become more urban, our cities become aspect of our lives, an essential aspect that plays a crucial part in shaping our character and our attitudes towards people and events. Our cities sustain us and make us who we are.

Kolkata is famous for its many wonders and beauties. The Shahid Minar is an amazing monument dedicated to the Indian freedom struggle martyrs. College Street is the biggest bookstore in India, and everyone finds their desired books there.

The city of Kolkata is full of culture and beauty. There are many museums and monuments to see. The city is also rich in art and literature.

Writing About My City Example 3

Kolkata is an intellectual center of India and is rich in culture and art. There are many old bridges connecting Kolkata and Howrah. 

The Indian Museum is an ancient building and houses many collections of fossils, scientific samples, and archaeological discoveries.

The New Market is a trendy place for people who want to shop. Kolkata is known for its food. Rishogolla, biryani, phuchka, and tea are famous in Kolkata. 

Kolkata shows hand drawn rickshaws and taxis, which are unique to Kolkata. Trams are another unique mode of transport here, and they are enjoyable.

Kolkata is known as the capital city of West Bengal state in India. It is sometimes referred to by the name of Calcutta as well as Kolkata. It was established by the king Asoka in the year 300 BC. In 1757, the British East India Company established a trading post here. 

After Independence, the city became part of Pakistan. In 1971, East Pakistan gained independence as Bangladesh. Today, Kolkata is the third largest city in India after Mumbai and Delhi.

Kolkata is a great city with many varieties of foods and spices. It is also known as the “City of Joy.”

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