Winter Season In Bangladesh Paragraph

Bangladesh traditionally has six seasons, but now there are four seasons in Bangladesh. 

  • Winter season is from November to February.
  • Summer is from March to May. 
  • Autumn season is June to August. 
  • Pre-monsoon season is from September to October. 
  • Rainy season is from April to May.

In winter, the days are shorter and the nights are longer. It is the cold season. This season in Bangladesh is very dry. The average temperature is around 15 degrees Celsius. January is the coldest month of this season.

Winter is the coldest season in Bangladesh. The average low temperature during this period is 20 degrees Celsius. The highest temperature ever recorded in Bangladesh was 42 degrees Celsius.

Foggy weather is common during winter months. People wear heavy clothing to stay warm. Trees lose their leaves and look like skeletons. Cold winds blow from the north.

Cauliflowers are abundant during the winter season. Dates and other fruit juices are also plentiful. People enjoy picnics and pay their debts. Villagers travel to different places for holidays. Roads are dry and people go to visit their families. Festive atmosphere prevails throughout the season.

Winter is the most enjoyable time of year. People enjoy going out and enjoying themselves. Some festivals take place during the winter months. It is a great time to travel around the world. Old men and children suffer more than others from the cold weather.

Winter is cold but beautiful. We enjoy a sound sleep under the heavy blanket during the long winter nights.

Winter Season In Bangladesh Paragraph Example 1

The weather remains cold during the winter. The sun rises late, and sets early. Fog begins to fall at night and disappears as the sun rises in the morning. Nights are longer than the days, and everybody wears heavy clothes to ward-off the cold.

Winter is a time when people eat delicious foods. Dates are collected from trees and used to make juice. Sugar is made from them. Different kinds of cakes and special dishes such as kheer are prepared in winter. Vegetables are available in abundance during this time. Villagers travel to other places to enjoy holidays. Roads are dry in winter, so people use cars to reach their destinations.

Poor people are often cold during winter. They light fires with straw and sit in front of them. They get wet by rain or snow. Some people even die because of the cold.

Winter is cold and boring. But there is something you should remember about it

Winter is the season of fog and cold weather. People suffer from cold during this time. Rich people wear warm clothes to protect themselves from the cold. Poor people burn dry leaves, hay and wood to stay warm.

This season has many advantages over the summer season. Dates are available everywhere in the village. The prices of vegetables fall comparatively. Vegetables and fishes can be found anywhere in the village. Fruits are available in plenty during the winter season. 

People get the taste of different kinds of cakes in the winter season because of the availability of dates. Payesh of date juice can only be taken in the winter season. Village people can enjoy fairs, jatras, jariagans, kaibigans etc. Children can also participate in different outdoor games.

 People sleep less during winter, so they can work more hours. Also, the days are longer, so people can spend more time working.

Winter seasons are fun because there is less rain. Communication is easier because there is less water.

Winter Season In Bangladesh Paragraph Example 2

Winter in Bangladesh is so much fun. There are so many different kinds of vegetables and fruits available during this season. You can enjoy your favorite foods without any worries about getting sick. The weather is also very comfortable.

You will see different types of vegetables in the market. You will love them. In the village, people are usually busy doing something else than working. Villagers spend most of their time passing time. Sometimes they need to go to the fields with their cattle and need some help.

Kids love to come out and enjoy themselves. In the cold weather, villagers make fires on the streets to keep warm. People who don’t have homes stay outdoors during the night. Winter is difficult for them.

Winter is a cold season but also a great time for homeless people. They get shelter and warmth during this period.

The winter season in Bangladesh is very cold and rainy. People usually go out during this time because there is less work and more leisure. There are many festivals during this period. The most famous festival is Eid-ul-Fitr. This is also known as the end of Ramadan. During this time people eat sweets and spend time with friends and relatives.

Climate change is having an effect on Bangladesh. There is a rise in sea levels due to melting ice caps, and there is also a rise in temperature. This causes flooding and droughts. People are adapting to these changes by building seawalls and dams.


Monsoons occur when the wind blows from one part of the world towards another. They cause wet and dry seasons in tropical regions. They also affect weather patterns around the world.

What Is Weather

Weather is the state of atmosphere, including temperature, pressure, wind, humidity and cloud cover. It varies from climate, which is average weather conditions for a particular region over an extended period of time. Weather affects how we dress each day and what type of buildings we construct. This curated collection of classroom resources explores weather and its impact on our daily lives.

Floods are events where the water level rises above normal levels. There are many different types of floods. Rain floods happen when heavy rains cause rivers to rise rapidly. Snowmelt floods happen when melting snow causes streams to overflow their banks. Ice jams are caused by sudden changes in river flow due to ice buildup. Dams and levees fail when the force of the water overcomes them.

Winter Season In Bangladesh Paragraph Example 3

Winter morning is a cold season. It is a time when people go out to play sports or do other outdoor activities. Winter mornings are also a time when we get up early and start our day. We usually wake up before sunrise and enjoy the beautiful scenery around us.

There are four seasons in Bangladesh. Winter comes in December. In the winter morning, people go to work. People like winter because it is cold.

In the winter, there is heavy fog everywhere. Leaves of trees and grass are wet with dew. Dew looks like glittering pearls. Children collect straws and make fires to warm themselves. But, a winter morning is enjoyable in every respect. Birds sing a melodic song.

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