Where & How To Use Text Summarization For Essay Writing

Summarization is one of the most important parts of the writing process. By definition, summarization means expressing the most important parts of a text in fewer words. It is an effective writing technique that can be useful in almost any type of writing and essay writing isn’t an exception. 

There are various points where text summarization can be used in an essay writing process. Using it can save you a lot of time resulting in an enhancement in productivity and, ultimately, in the quality of your essay. But how actually?

That is what we are going to shine a light upon. In this blog, we will discuss where and how you can use text summarization for essay writing. 

Where to Use Text Summarization in Essay Writing:

Essay writing is somewhat of a complicated task. It includes various steps like researching for relevant content, writing down ideas, asking for reviews from others, etc. Some of these factors are time-consuming.

With the help of the text summarization technique, not only you can save a lot of time but also make sure you craft a quality essay. But this will only happen if you exactly know the points where the summarization can be used.

The following are some points of the essay writing process where the summarization technique can be used.

1. During the Data Collection Process:

Collecting relevant data is one of the most important parts of writing a good essay. It not only helps you make the essay authentic but also increases its quality by helping you add important information. This information can help you express your ideas from different points. 

The point is that the more data you collect for your essay, the better its quality will be. 

Since collecting data is a time-consuming task, the summarization technique can come in handy. You can easily get the main idea of a large content by summarizing it. In this way, you will not have to read content that is not relevant to your idea. 

2. To Create a Synopsis:

Just like gathering relevant data from other sources is an important part of writing an essay, creating a synopsis is also equally important. A synopsis is actually a statement that contains all the main points of the content.

You might be thinking what’s the difference between a synopsis and a summary? A synopsis consists of the main points of the content in a neutral form without containing the points of view of the writer.

Summarization techniques can be employed to write a good synopsis statement for your essay. It will get you all the important points of the essay that you can modify to write a neutral synopsis statement. 

3. To Stay Within Word Limit:

An essay, sometimes, has to be written in a defined number of words. Especially academic essays. The number of words depends on the topic you are writing about. Sometimes, what happens is that the topic is too wide to be condensed in a defined word limit. Nevertheless, you have to express your ideas in the limit.

In that case, text summarization can be used. This helps you converge your ideas in minimum words so that you can express all your thoughts effectively. 

4. To Write Conclusion:

The conclusion is one of the 3 important parts of an essay (introduction, body, and conclusion. You have to make sure that you write a good conclusion for your essay to make a good impact on the reader. 

The conclusion includes all the major points of the essay so summarization can be really helpful to write one. You can summarize everything you have written in the introduction and body of the essay to create an impactful conclusion.

Now that we have discussed what are the points of the essay writing process where summarization can be used, let’s discuss how to actually summarize a text. 

How to Summarize Text in Essay Writing?

Summarizing a text can be done in 2 basic ways:

  • Summarizing with the help of an online tool
  • Summarizing manually

Let’s discuss these both.

1. Summarizing a Text with an Online Tool:

Summarizing text with the help of technology can both be time-saving and effective. There are many online text summarizer tools available on the Internet that can help you generate a fine text summary. 

These tools are an effective way to summarize a text because they can get the work done in a matter of seconds. To summarize a piece of text with the help of these tools, you simply have to put it in the tool.  

Once done, simply hit the summarize button of the tool and you will get the results in seconds. 

Benefits of this summarizing method:

  • It is time-efficient
  • It gives you accurate results
  • You can directly insert the essay file on the tool and summarize it

Drawbacks of using this method:

  • You can compromise your own creative writing ability by over-depending on the tools
  • Most of the tools have a certain word limit. To summarize a text consisting of more words than the defined limit, you have to purchase their premium plans.

2. Summarizing a Text Manually:

Summarizing a text manually is very easy. All you have to do is read the whole essay thoroughly first. While you do so, keep noting the main points of the essay on a paper/digital notepad aside. 

After that, compile these points in the form of paragraphs to give them a summarized shape. That’s all you have to do to summarize a text manually.

Benefits of using this method:

  • It preserves your creative writing skills
  • You can summarize a text consisting of as many words as you can handle

Drawbacks of using this method:

  • You can miss out on some important points while reading the text
  • Summarizing a large text can be a time-consuming and tedious task


Summarization is a useful technique that can be used in the essay writing process to save time and create high-quality essays. However, it is important to identify the points of the essay writing process where you can apply this technique.

Above, we have discussed these points in detail. We have also provided some of the most basic methods of summarizing a text in the essay-writing process.

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