What your nursing personal statement should say about you?

It is imperative to compose an essay that will leave the admissions teacher with a lasting impression that will give them with no option but to make an offer (or at the very minimum offer to make an appointment and meet you more). Make sure you write about your personal qualities.

 Make sure you include information about who you are and what you want to achieve. Don’t be afraid to talk about your strengths and weaknesses.

Personal Statement Nursing Essay Suggestions

Example 1

I am passionate about my career as a nurse. My experience as a student nurse has taught me many things about life and people. I have learned how to care for others and help them heal. 

I have also learned how to deal with difficult situations. I know what it means to work hard and overcome obstacles. I love helping patients get better. 

I enjoy working with other nurses and doctors because we share similar goals. We work together to provide the best possible care for our patients. I am proud of my accomplishments as a student nurse.  

Example 2

I hope to become a nurse who cares for patients and helps them recover. I am excited about this opportunity to attend medical school. I am confident that I will succeed in this program. 

I believe I will learn new skills and gain valuable knowledge during my time here. I am ready to begin my journey as a doctor.

I was born in a small town in China. My father worked for a large company, and my mother stayed at home. When I was young, I loved playing around with my friends. We played many games, such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, etc.

At school, we learned English and Chinese. In high school, I joined a band club and played guitar. 

After graduating from high school, I went to Beijing University to study English. While studying there, I met some people who were working in hospitals. 

I saw them doing their jobs and thought that they must have been very smart. That inspired me to become a nurse. I decided to go to university to study nursing because I wanted to help others.

Remember To Review How You Prepared For A Career In The Medicine Field.

Your nursing personal statements should include solid information that shows the reader your commitment to this field and your efforts to get practical experience before pursuing an academic degree. 

You may want to write about personal experiences that motivate your application.

Beware of These Mistakes on the Nursing Personal Statement of Peterson’s

1) Don’t be too wordy. 

2) Be specific about how you want to apply to nursing school. 

3) Include an objective statement.


I am passionate about nursing because I want to help people who need my care. I enjoy working with patients, especially children. I also enjoy helping other nurses learn new things. 

I feel that if I were to work as a nurse, I would be able to make a difference in someone else’s life.

Not Sure How To Start Your Personal Statement? 

First of all, you’re probably not alone. We spoke with admissions tutors up and down the country, and they all said pretty much the same thing: Don’t stress yourself out trying to think of an awesome killer opening!

Check out our advice below about beginning your personal statement the correct way, including what to write, what not to do, and how to approach it, or even put it off until later.

Struggling with the conclusion of your personal statement? Read this guide on how to finish it the right way.

How To Start Your Personal Statement

Firstly, don’t begin with an overkill opening. One danger of trying to come up with a great opening sentence is that you can end up overthinking it and going overboard! 

As one admissions tutor said, “Be succinct and draw the readers in, but not with gimmicks.” This isn’t the x factor! “

Admissions tutors often mention the importance of engaging readers with relevant information. Candidates should not focus on something flashy but instead provide relevant information.

Tie It Back To What You’ve Written Earlier


I am interested in studying business administration because I want to learn how to manage my time effectively. I also want to know how to make money by selling things online. I think that if I study this subject, I will be able to get a job after graduation.

Talk About The Future

Looking ahead to the future is a positive way to conclude your personal essay. You’re goal-oriented—an admirable quality. This doesn’t mean you have to have your next 5–10 years of your life planned. 

Even if you have some broad sense of the different careers you might want to pursue or any related life ambitions, it’s worth mentioning them here. 

Beginning Your Personal Statement 

Don’t try to be clever or witty. Just tell your story straight away. Your interest in the course is more important than anything else.

This statement should be written in the first person (I). 


I am very enthusiastic about studying this course because I want to learn more about the subject. I understand what the course covers and I know how to apply the knowledge. 

My interest in learning more about this topic comes from my love of reading books. I also enjoy writing essays.

I am excited about learning about this course because I want to understand how to write a better essay. I want to learn about this course because I enjoy reading books and writing essays. 

I want to learn more about this topic because I want to improve my writing skills. I want to learn this subject because I want to become a better writer.

I’m really excited about my topic. I love learning new things. My passion for this subject started early in life. 

I’ve always been interested in history. I think it’s important to learn about our past to understand who we are today. I’m going to apply for the history teacher position.

Maybe Don’t Begin At The Start?

Some tutors even suggested you should not even begin at the start. I think the opening line of an essay is the hardest one to create, so I often say to leave it until last and simply try and get some words down on paper. 

Don’t spend too much time on the introduction. Concentrating on the main content of the statement, write the introduction last.

  • The applicant should begin by explaining why he wants to study this particular course. 
  • He should then go on to describe how much he understands about the subject and how it could help him with his career goals. 
  • Finally, he should give an example of something he already knows about the subject.

Take A Break And Come Back To It.

We wouldn’t recommend starting your application essay in one sitting. But, if you’ve already written a large portion of your statement, it’s worthwhile to put your computer away and come back to tackle the conclusion later. 

The main body of the statement—think of it as the “main course” of the essay—is the key part of the essay that will do most of your speaking for you, and likely require the most amount of time. 

So you don’t want to start your conclusion—your “dessert,” so to speak—half-heartedly or just to finish the whole thing off.

Cliché Statement Beginnings To Avoid

Try to avoid the most obvious openings in your personal statement, as well as any other clichéd or overused words. 

You should also avoid using clichés such as ‘I am’, ‘I’m looking forward to’, or ‘I hope I get this job’. Instead, use more original and interesting ways to open your statement. 

For instance, instead of telling people ‘I’d love to work’, in …’, the field of “I enjoy working in.” …’. If you’re applying for the position of a marketing professional make sure you make sure you say something.

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