What is the Implied Warranty for Habitability?

Washing and drying the clothes of tenants can quickly become a costly chore for landlords. Many landlords and property managers prefer to rent their properties to tenants over owning them. An appliance’s average monthly rent is $25. However, this can vary depending on where it is located.

Quack Rentals Appliance Rental Agreement

Terms of Service and Rental Appliance Lease Agreement

Quack Rental will rent or lease equipment to each customer. Quack Rentals agrees to rent equipment to the customer.

  • 1. Quack Rental agrees to the exclusive and sole ownership of all equipment.
  • 2. Customer agrees to have no ownership, equity, or possessor interests in the equipment at any given time.
  • 3.The customer agrees to pay $54.99 each month for the set washer and dryer plus tax, or $27.50 if only a washer is purchased or $27.50 if only a dryer is purchased plus tax. As per your request, this payment will automatically be taken from your credit card each month.
  • 4. Customer agrees to allow Quack-Rental credit card processing on file for monthly payment(auto-pay). The first month’s payment is due upon delivery. The next payment is due 30 days after delivery. It will continue each month until the customer returns the equipment.
  • 5. Customers must allow enough space for dryers and washers to be moved into their properties. Each side should have at least a foot of space. Please move any furniture or appliances that are in the way of our delivery team before they arrive. We are very careful with our dryer and washer delivery technicians. However, if the clearance is inadequate, walls or other items could be damaged. It is the responsibility of the customer to transport items that may be damaged during delivery or setup. Our machines are brought in with dollies. Your floor should be strong enough to support a 300-pound machine.
  • Our machines are moved gently. However, if your floors or wood floors scratch easily, we recommend that you cover them with something to protect them before our arrival. Quack rentals will not be responsible for any damage to your flooring, belongings or other items.
  • 6. Residents must notify Quack Rentals immediately if they wish to vacate their apartment or home. Quack Rentals will then schedule equipment pick-up.
  • 7. Quack Rentals won’t share your information with anyone except Quack Rentals employees. Quack Rentals will not share your contact information with anyone other than Quack Rentals staff. We may contact you by voice broadcast, SMS (text messages), or phone call in order to reach you about late payments, delivery confirmations, maintenance problems, or any new promotions from Quack Rentals.

Fillable Dryer and Washer Rental Form

Maintaining washers and dryers is expensive for landlords. Many corporate landlords and property managers prefer to rent them to tenants. Although the average rent per appliance is $25 per month, it also depends on where you live.

Below is the Washer and Dryer Rental Form. It outlines who owns the appliance, the monthly rent, late fees and what to do if the tenant fails to pay rent or returns the appliances in good order at the end.

This form will help you avoid potential disputes with your tenants later.

Do Landlords Need to Supply Appliances?

While most landlords will supply a dishwasher and a dish washer to their tenants, others may provide a dryer and washer. However, there are other landlords who may not have any appliances.

The question of whether landlords should supply appliances to a rental property is posed. This question will depend on the landlord as well as the market conditions. Some landlords might want to provide appliances in order to attract more tenants.

It is important to include appliances in the rental agreement if they are to be used.

What is the Implied Warranty for Habitability?

The ‘Warranty of Habitability’ obligates a landlord to make sure that the property is habitable. This is a guarantee that the building meets safety standards and has reliable electric systems, functioning plumbing, and weather resistance.

If the owner does not have any safety concerns or standards, then they have done their job to ensure that the rental property can be occupied by tenants.


I signed a lease stating that we would receive a washer/dryer. There is no dryer or washer available when we move in. The landlords stated that the washer and dryer were for convenience purposes only. They apologize but don’t provide washer or dryer. It is clearly noted on the lease. They can do that!


A rental agreement should state that the landlord will provide a tenant with a service or an appliance. The landlord can be held responsible for failing to provide the promised appliance or service if the landlord violates the rental agreement. Tenant who feels their landlord is violating the rental agreement can send a signed, dated letter to the landlord (keeping a copy of the tenant’s records). This reminds the landlord about the terms of the rental agreement and requests that the landlord provide the promised service/adjustment as soon as possible.

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