Vocabulary For Formal Letter Writing

When writing to someone whose name is known, it is customary to write “Dear” followed by the rest of the salutation. If the recipient’s name is unknown, then the salutation should be “Dear Sir/Madam” instead of “Your.”  

After the salutation, the writer may wish to add an additional line to introduce themselves.

  • When you are writing to a friend or colleague, “Dear John… Best wishes/Best regards.” 
  • When you are writing a letter to someone you don’t know very well, “Dear Sir or Madam, Yours sincerely/Your faithfully.” 

Business writing is a daily routine for many people. Whether it is a formal letter or an informal email, we all write something every single day. 

This sheet provides a list of keywords and phrases that are commonly used in business communication. You may also find this list helpful if you are teaching English at a school or college.

These expressions are often used in very specific industries, and thus the core vocabularies go a long way in assisting both the instructors and the learners inform their formal written expressions in those fields.

IELTS Writing Letter Formal And Informal Vocabulary Guide

In IELTS General Training, you will be asked to write a letter. You need to know that there are two levels of formality in writing letters. These are formal and informal.

  • Formal means using a formal language 
  • Informal means using an informal language

When you are writing an academic paper, you should always use formal language. However, when you are writing a letter, you may use either formal or informal language. If you are not sure what kind of language to use, you should ask your teacher.

This lesson will help you prepare for your IELTS test. You will learn about topics like vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and sentence structure. We’ll also go through practice questions and answer explanations.


IELTS Writing Task 1 is about using both formal and informal English. You should be able to assess what the prompt requires of you and stay consistent throughout the whole piece. 

Use your imagination and come up with a unique response. If you can do this, you will be able to achieve a high score.

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