The Victory Day Of Bangladesh Paragraph

Bangladesh is a nation that gained independence in 1971 after a brutal war against Pakistan, but people still celebrate Victory Day today. It is a national holiday. People of every age celebrate this day.

Independence Day is celebrated by students who compete in various activities. Prizes are awarded to those who win. Teachers share the history of the day.

Victory Day is an important holiday in Bangladesh. People remember the sacrifices made by the people during the liberation war. 

Students and children study about the history of the Liberation War.

Short Paragraph On Victory Day Of Bangladesh Example 1 

Victory Day of Bangladesh is on 16th December. After a 9 month long glorious war, Bangladesh got victorious over the Pakistani army. Earlier, Bangladesh was a part of Pakistan and was named East Pakistan. 

But the ruler of West Pakistan was doing injustice to the Bengali people.

The Pakistanis started a genocide on the people living in Bangladesh. The government killed over three million Bangladeshi people during the war.

Bangladesh was created by India and Pakistan after the partition of British India. The country celebrates independence every year.

On Victory Day, people go to school and college to celebrate the victory of Bangladesh over Pakistan. Everyone celebrates by wearing the national flag.

Paragraph On The Victory Day Of Bangladesh Example 2

On December 16th, 1971, the Pakistani army attacked the border town of Chittagong. The Bengali forces were defeated and retreated into India. This was known as the “victory day” of Bangladesh. 

People commemorate this day every year. They remember the martyrs who died during the war. They also celebrate the victory day by singing songs, dancing, and eating sweets.

On December 16th, 1971, the Pakistan army surrendered after losing a long battle against the Bengali nationalists. The war ended when the Indian Army entered Dhaka. 

The day began with gunfire, and the whole nation put on a festive look. A national holiday was declared. The national flag was hoisted on the top of the offices and houses. The whole atmosphere resounded with Bangabandu’s fiery speech of the march. 

The armed forces organized special parades and gunshots. The prime minister and president took salutes from them. Politicians and ordinary people in general visited the national monument at Savar. 

They offered flowers there to show their deep love for the heroic sons. Meetings, seminars, and symposiums were held on this day by various government and non-government organizations. 

This day is always remembered by everyone. This victory symbolizes victory over injustice, tyranny, and falsehood. This day remains ever fresh and evergreen.

How To Celebrate Victory Day

There are many things we should do to celebrate our victory day, such as:

  •  Remember those who died during the war
  •  Remember those who sacrificed themselves for us
  •  Remember the people who helped us during the war
  •  Be grateful for them.
  •  Remember our country’s flag

The Victory Day Of Bangladesh Example 3

Victory Day is a national holiday in Bangladesh. On this day, people celebrate the independence of Bangladesh from Pakistan.

Vijay diwadasi is celebrated every year to commemorate the sacrifice made by the Indian soldiers during the 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War.


Pakistan surrendered to India in 1971. This war ended with the signing of the Instrument of Surrender by the Pakistani military commander.

The surrender took place at the race course in Dhaka on the 16th of December 1971. 

Lieutenant General Amir Abdullah Khan Niazi, and Lt Gen Jagjit Singh Aurora, joint commander of the Indian and Bangladeshi forces, signed the instrument amidst thousands of cheering crowds. 

Air Commodore AK Khandker, deputy commander-in-chief of the Bangladesh armed forces, and Lt Gen JFR Jacob, of 8 Corps, were present.

In 1996, the Bangladesh Bank released a new 10 taka note with a silver-colored overprint commemorating Victory Day’s silver jubilee.


Victory Day is celebrated every year on December 30th. The military parade takes place at the national parade grounds. The ceremony includes military parades, speeches, lectures, and receptions. 

The government organizes cultural events such as concerts, lectures, and exhibitions. There are also many other activities related to the holiday.

Recognition of Bangladesh

The surrender of Pakistan’s armed forces marks the end of the Bangladesh liberation war. Most UN member countries recognized Bangladesh as an independent nation within months of its independence.

Military Parade

The day’s highlight is the National Holiday Parade on Dhaka’s National Parading Ground, hosted by the Bangladeshi Army and involving personnel from the Bangladeshi Police, Border Guard Bangladesh, and Bangladesh Ansar. 

The president of Bangladesh presides over the parade in his capacity as commander-in-chief through the armed forces division. The parade is broadcasted nationally via television and radio.

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