The Little Mermaid Storyboard For Kids

Written & Crafted: By Shuhayma Razeen

Once upon a time, there was a little mermaid named Sawyna.

the little mermaid storyboard for kids
the little mermaid storyboard for kids

She was so happy. When she was 14 years old her grandmother said that you can now go above the ocean.

You will really enjoy seeing the beauty of the sky and the moon and the sun.

So, one day she went above the ocean.

There she saw a big ship.

The ship was huge.

There were a lot of people enjoying on the ship.

On the same day, a storm came and the ship started shaking.

All the people on the ship were scared.

They were falling down in the ocean.

She tried to save all of them but she could save the price only.

The prince was so happy to be saved.

After saving the prince she returned to the ocean.

She had some thoughts in her mind.

She went to the witches’ house inside the ocean.

She told one of the witches that she wanted to be a human.

The witch said in return for being a human give me your voice.

The mermaid said, “How would I talk then”.

The witch said, “You can just show signs with your hands instead of talking”.

The mermaid agreed.

Witch started the spell to turn the mermaid into a human.

And she actually became a human.

She swam back to the shore and saw the same ship.

She went aboard the ship.

Then the guards stopped her from entering.

However, she could not speak to tell them that she was invited.

She remembered what the witch said.

She started to dance to tell them that she was a gust for the royal dance.

Then the guards opened the doors.

They understood that she was invited!

The prince was fighting with the princess for the property.

Mermaid saw a little girl sitting in a wheelchair silently.

The prince and the princess were not taking care of the little girl who was their daughter.

The time the mermaid was looking at this sad situation, her 3 sisters appeared from the ocean.

“How does it feel like becoming a human, Sawyna”? Aske her smallest sister.

Sawyna was so disappointed!

The elder sister was holding a knife.

She gave it to Sawyna sister carefully.

Her sister asked her to get the knife and through it to the ocean with pure heart so that you could return to a mermaid.

Sawyna threw the knife into the ocean to return to a mermaid.

She was so sad to be in the world of humans.

Then Sawyna returned as a mermaid.

The spell started!

She was happy to get back to normal.

All 3 of her sisters were so happy to have their sister back.

Moral: Humans need to learn humanity.

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