The influence of my favorite movie book on me essay

I love reading books because I get to know new things. Reading books helps me understand about different cultures and people. I also enjoy reading stories and poems.

Books are very important to humans. They help people to learn new things and also to improve themselves. Books give us knowledge about everything. We can buy them online or we can borrow them from our friends. Science fiction books are my favorite type of books. 

Frankenstein is my favorite book.A scientist named Victor Frankenstein creates a hideous monster by his unorthodox experiment. He names the monster as “Frankenstein”. The entire story is based upon that “monster” and he is full of suspense and thrills. This book was published around 1818.

Mary Shelley is an amazing writer who has written tons and tons of beautiful books. She is very famous because she wrote Frankenstein. This story is about a man named Victor Frankenstein. He was born in 1818. He lived in Geneva, Switzerland. He had a sister called Elizabeth. He was also rich. He was a scientist. He made many inventions. He loved science. He was a genius. He was a mad scientist. He wanted to create life. He did not want to be alone. He did not want people to know what he was doing. He was afraid of being judged by other people as well as afraid of getting caught and   dying.

My Favourite Book Example 2

I love reading books because it gives me inspiration and motivation. I also enjoy traveling the world through the words written in the books I read. I recommend everyone reads more and more books.

My favorite book is Harry Potter. I’m very happy to know that she is an excellent writer. Her imagination level is great. I’ve read the movie series of this novel too. It was mind-blowing! The story is fictional and unique. It’s all about a wizard world, and there are many interesting characters in this book. Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley are my favorite characters. I love the Goblet of Fire most. This chapter is awesome. Other chapters are also very interesting, but this one seems more special to me.

Harry Potter is an interesting book because it teaches you about magic and how to use it. You learn about different types of spells and how to cast them. There are many characters in this book, but the main character is Harry Potter. He learns about friendship, loyalty, and bravery. This book shows you what happens when someone tries to do something bad. It also teaches you about love and how important it is.

What Harry Potter Series Taught Me?

Harry Potter is a great example of friendship. He sticks by his friends even when he doesn’t understand what they’re doing or why they do it. He learns valuable life lessons from them.

No one is perfect. Everyone is capable of doing good or bad things. We must learn to control our emotions and make better decisions.

Overall I have been a huge J. K. Rowling fan since reading this book. This fictitious fantasy book has earned a massive amount of money. This novel was loved by young people mainly. 

Conclusion: You should definitely read Harry Potter if you haven’t already. This is an amazing book to read. I highly recommend this to everyone. If you’re a fan of fiction books, then you’ll be a fan of this series as well. Though there aren’t too many educational things in this story it was entertaining.

My Favourite Book Example 3

A book lover who loves reading books. He reads lots of books that motivate him. My favourite book is “The Magic of Thinking Big” written by David J. Schwartz, who is an amazing writer and he wrote an amazing piece of this book. Before starting any new business, you should read this book to develop your mentality. This book teaches me lots of lessons and I love it so much because of that. I have read some other books also written by the same author but I found this one as the best.

Motivation is a very important thing in our lives to get success. This book will take your motivation to a peak and you will be inspired to start something new and different. 

Reasons Why It Is My Favorite Book: Let’s talk about the reasons why it is my favorite book. 

  • First, it creates a belief that you will start believing you will succeed for sure.
  •  Second, it teaches you how to motivate yourself. 
  • Third, it gives you an idea of what to do when you feel down or depressed.
  •  Fourth, it teaches you how much you should work hard for your dreams.
  •  Fifth, it helps you to know what to do if you want to change your life.
  •  Sixth, it shows you how to deal with people who

This book is about how to overcome fear and start working towards achieving goals. It will help you to be more creative and to think about things differently.

You will learn how to manage your environment and be more confident about yourself. This book helps people of any age level to read and understand this amazing story. It helped me to grow up and become a better person.

Essay On My Favourite Book Quran Example 4

This book is very important for Muslims because it contains the Holy Quran.I hope you can guess it’s the Quran. That book is life-changing for me! Today I’ll tell you why it is my most favourite book and what you can take away from it. My favourite book is the Quran.

When I was growing up, I was taught the Qur’an at a young age. In fact, the Quran is the first book I ever learned by heart. I read the whole thing in two days. It was a huge breakthrough in the way I see Islam.

The Quran is the perfect solution to life. It changed my vision, my purpose, and my perspective. I learned many things from the Quran. It teaches me to love people and respect them. It taught me to be tolerant and understanding. It taught me to forgive others and to help those who are less fortunate than myself.

 It taught me to always do what is right. It taught me to never lie. It taught me to pray five times a day. It taught me to give charity. It taught me to treat women as equals. It taught me to obey God and listen to him. It taught me to follow the rules and laws set forth by God. It taught me to believe in God and his prophet.

The Quran is my favourite book because everything I need to know about life has been discussed in the Quran. It was not written by humans, but by God himself. There is nothing more important than knowing what God says, so I read the Quran every day.

There are many Islamic countries that operate their laws based on the Qur’an. Reading the Quran is beneficial for people because it fills their hearts with blessings. It also helps them heal sicknesses and illnesses. The Quran talks about medicine, science, and other inventions.

There are some surprising things that were mentioned in the Quran and modern science has proven them now. Scientists used the Quran to invent new things.

 Conclusion: The Quran is the solution for an entire life. You will definitely enjoy reading it. It should be among your top five books.

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