The Easiest GCSE Subjects

As a teenager, choosing your GCSEs can be one of the most crucial decisions. This list contains the easiest GCSE subjects that will help you choose the right combination. This list can also be used by students studying O-level or IGCSE qualifications.

The Students Ranked the Easiest Gcses

This is a good way to gauge student opinions about the subjects. According to students, the British Exams has ranked the 10 most difficult GCSEs.


As of 2018, GCSE Geography had a 64.7% pass rate. This is quite good, or at the very least, better than the previous easy GCSE.

Remember that passing rates don’t just depend on how easy the GCSE was. You can also measure your success by the effort you put in to your work.

Fortunately, GCSE Geography doesn’t take much effort. It is easy to comprehend the content and it doesn’t require a lot of brainpower.

2.Film Studies

It’s not surprising that students know this and find it a lot of fun.

It involves watching movies and critically analysing them, by comparing their lighting, cinematography, and other pertinent aspects.

This can be a good choice if you’re one of those people who is constantly watching the movie and really enjoy it.

3.Religious Studies

As of August 2018, GCSE Religious Studies had a pass rate at 71.9%. This is a high pass percentage for a GCSE and there are a few factors that explain why.

The reason GCSE Religious Studies has such a simple syllabus is that it is mainly opinion based. It is enough to be able express your opinion on different issues between religions or ideals.

4.Media Studies

Most students consider Religious Studies simple and have a short syllabus.

It covers the most important religious beliefs and topics of popular religions.

Exams are essay-based, so if your skills are in writing and presenting evidence-backed arguments, you will find it easy to pass. The table shows that 37.7% of students who took this subject received a grade of 7, 8 or 9, respectively, in 2021.

5.Hospitality and Catering

GCSE Hospitality and Catering are considered easy subjects. This is due to the simple exams, easy subject matter to learn, short syllabus and lack of difficult and complicated questions.

GCSE Hospitality and Catering is divided into two sections. The practical aspect of hospitality and catering (the industry) and the hospitality and caterer in action (the practical aspect). The industry is essential for students to be able to understand and apply that knowledge in the field.

GCSE Catering is very similar to GCSE food technology, but there are some differences. GCSE Food Technology is more scientific, whereas GCSE Catering focuses more on hospitality and presentation.

Hidden difficulties are the reason GSCE Catering is so far down on this list. The ‘events’ part of the course is a major problem.

6.Business Studies

Business Studies are based on common sense. Most people don’t find maths too difficult.

This book focuses on the different types of businesses and their contributing factors (e.g. laws, finances).

The table shows that 33.1 percent of students in this subject received a grade 7, 8 or 9, as shown in the table.


This GCSE combines both fun content and easy assessments to create a simple, accessible GCSE.

GCSE Drama’s pass rate was 74.1% in 2018, if you are interested. This is a remarkable pass rate for any GCSE and a good indicator of how you will do at the end your school time if you take this GCSE.

8.Physical Education

Although Physical Education is often regarded as a great qualification, many students were dismayed to learn that it was difficult to complete and there was uncertainty about what the exam might look like.

GCSE Physical Education is one of the most easy GCSEs. The content is simple and the syllabus is short. A large portion (40%) is based upon a practical assessment.

Two major areas of Physical Education are: the human body and movement during physical activity, and sport; and socio-cultural influences that influence and enhance well-being.

9.Design and Technology

As of 2018, GCSE Design and Technology had a pass rate at 61.8%. Although this may sound low, it will all become apparent.

Many students think this GCSE will be easy. They think they don’t have to do it at all.

This subject does not require complex science or math and will allow you to explore new technologies, materials, and other technical principles.

The practical component makes up half of the grade. This is an excellent choice for those who don’t thrive in a test setting.


Sociology is the last GCSE on our list. Sociology is an easy subject to grasp with simple concepts. It is also leniently marked and is relevant to our daily lives. There is no complicated science or mathematics involved.

11. Music

GCSE Music is a very popular GCSE because of its creativity and fun nature. This subject is very popular with students because of its enjoyment.

This subject is easy if you can sing or play an instrument.

As of August 2018, GCSE Music had a pass rate at 74.8%. This is quite high for any GCSE – partly because it’s easy, but also because of how hard students work.

Because GCSE Music is a different subject, it is also evaluated differently. There is a written exam. Listening exercises are a major part of the exam.

Tips for Choosing the Best Gcse Subjects

Choosing GCSE subjects is usually done around year 9, but it can vary from school to school. It can seem like your entire life is at stake. There are some guidelines that you should follow when choosing your subject matter.

This table is based on data from the Schools Week site, which has a complete list of results for every subject over the past 3 years. The percentage of students who received a 7 or 8 grade has been taken. This will show you which grades are easiest to obtain in recent years.

Subject / Year201920202021
Art & Design Subjects22.829.630.2
Business Studies182833.1
Design & Technology19.427.730.1
Double Science7.510.412.2
English Literature20.724.726
Physical Education21.233.440.5

How to Avoid Selecting the Wrong Easy Subjects for GCSE

When choosing GCSE subjects, there are a few pitfalls students can fall into. Avoid choosing a subject just because your friends are doing it.

Similar to the previous point, you shouldn’t pick a subject based on the teacher. You can’t be certain that you will get the teacher, even if they are the most interesting and coolest at school.


It is not a good idea to choose a subject solely based on its ease. The most important thing is the relevance of the subject to your goals and aspirations. Good luck!

It’s not a good idea for GCSEs to be chosen based on perceived difficulty. You can succeed in any course as long as you do your homework well.

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