Ten Points On Cleanliness

Cleanliness leads to a healthy life. We should wash ourselves daily.

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    • helps us to remove dirt and germs from our bodies. 
    • keeps us away from diseases.
    • helps us get rid of bad odors. 
    • makes us feel fresh and comfortable. 
    • helps to make our skin soft and smooth.
    • helps in keeping our hair clean and shiny.
    • helps our clothes to be clean and neat.
    • helps people smell nice.
    • helps children to grow up to be clean and tidy.
    • helps babies sleep well. 

    Cleanliness is the absence or presence of dirt, dust, and other impurities. Cleanliness is necessary for survival. Diseases and epidemics spread when there is an increase in impurities. Cleanliness reflects the face of a civilised person.

    A clean body and surrounding helps the inception of pure thoughts. Cleanliness shows your good character. Well-groomed and clean attire enhances your personality.

    Mahatma Gandhi highly emphasizes the necessity of cleanliness. He says that sanitation is more important than independence.

    Lines On Cleanliness Example 1 

    Cleanliness is most important because it helps us survive. Cleanliness includes cleaning our surroundings as well as ourselves. We should be careful about what we touch or eat.

    Cleanliness has a good effect on our lives. Bathing daily helps us stay healthy. Our houses need to be cleaned daily. The government has started a campaign to make people aware of cleanliness.

    We should always try to keep our surroundings clean and pure. Keeping our bodies, houses, and surroundings clean helps us stay healthy. 

    We shouldn’t throw garbage into the open because we might get sick if someone else picks up what we threw away. We should also use dustbins instead of throwing things out.

    Lines On Cleanliness Example 2

    1. Cleanliness makes us mentally, physically, socially, and intellectually healthy. 

    2. Taking baths daily, cleaning up our surroundings, putting garbage in the dustbins—all these things make us clean. 

    3. Ireland ranks number one in the world in terms of cleanliness, and India ranks number 98th. 

    4. In the United States, the average person spends about $1,000 each year on personal hygiene products. 

    5. The most common cause of death among Americans under the age of 40 is suicide. 

    2.6. Cleanliness is given such importance because diseases can be prevented only by keeping ourselves clean. 

    7. Our neatness and cleanliness show how we care about others. 

    8. Dirt produces germs, bacteria, and viruses in the surroundings, which cause many diseases. We need to take care of our health and hygiene to stay healthy. 

    9. Cleanliness helps us to maintain our healthy lifestyle.

    Lines On Cleanliness Example 3  

    Cleanliness is a really important habit for everyone. We shouldn’t leave dirty things around us. We should keep our houses, environment, and everything else neat and clean, and we should also be careful about what we eat.

    1. Cleanliness is a major part of your life. 

    2. Everyone should be able to keep themselves clean. 

    3. If you don’t keep yourself clean, you could get sick.

    4. People who are clean don’t get sick too often.

    5. We all need to wash the dirt off our hands.

    6. If we were clean, we could make the world cleaner.

    7. If you are clean, you’ll be more focused on your studies.

    8. As a student, if you’re clean, you’ll do well on tests.

    Lines On Cleanliness Example 4  

    Cleanliness is a really important thing for us. We should always try to keep our environment and surroundings clean. All the famous and popular leaders of all time have stressed on this.

    Cleaning your room makes you feel better because you know that you have done something for yourself. You also know that you are doing something right. 

    Keeping your room clean helps you keep your body healthy. Your body needs to be clean if you want to stay healthy.

    Keeping our bodies, houses, environments, and other things clean helps us stay healthy.

    Lines On Cleanliness Example 5

    Cleanliness is very important. It helps us to stay healthy and happy. But if we become too obsessed with cleanliness, we may miss out on other things. So, we need to be careful when cleaning our surroundings.

    Schools should teach students how important it is to keep a clean room. Students should be taught to throw away trash properly. Cleaning up the environment is also very important.

    If you find any plastics, you just need to throw them in the dustbins near you. Plastics spoil the soil and make it unable to fertilize. 

    Cleanliness starts by brushing your teeth regularly. You must cut your nails properly and wash your hands before eating anything. These little habits will save you from lots of diseases.

    Bathing twice a day keeps you fresh and clean. It will wipe away all the dirty feelings and make you feel better. If you can’t bathe twice, you should bathe at least once a day; otherwise, you’ll face many kinds of diseases that can make your health worse.

    This is a very important issue. People should be made aware of this. Cleanliness is something we should all appreciate. Swach Bharat is a great initiative by the government of India. Let us all participate in making our country cleaner and greener.

    Lines On Cleanliness Example 6

    Cleanliness is an important part of life. People who stay clean get respect in society. Dirty people cause many illnesses. Wearing dirty clothes makes you unhappy.

    Cleanliness is an important virtue. Wearing clean clothes shows your dedication to God. You should always wash your hands after using the bathroom.

    Cleanliness means cleaning your body, mind, and the things around you. Cleanliness is an essential quality in preventing various types of disease. It is the cornerstone to living a healthy life. It contains visions of human dignity, decency, and religion.

    Human beings need to take care of themselves by cleaning up after themselves. A person who does this will be blessed with good luck. This idea comes from an ancient Hindu tradition.

    There are many instructions in our scripture about cleanliness and hygiene, but we should also be careful about what we eat. We shouldn’t eat anything that isn’t clean or healthy.

    Lines On Cleanliness Example 7

    Cleanliness means keeping your room, house, office, and surroundings free from all sorts of dirt, bad smells, stains, etc. 

    Your responsibility is to maintain cleanliness and hygiene by cleaning your room, house, and surroundings, as well as taking care of your body parts. This helps you maintain your physical appearance and overall health.

    Hand washing helps prevent infection. Cleaning your house makes you feel better about yourself. Clean clothes make you look more attractive. Cleaning prevents rats, roaches, and other parasites from entering your house.

    A person who takes baths regularly is more likely to be clean than someone who doesn’t. People who bathe regularly are less likely to get sick or catch infections.

    Having cleaned fruits and vegetables protects us from germs, pesticides, dust, and unwanted residues. We should clean our fruits and vegetables before eating them.

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