Teaching Assistant Job Application Personal Statement

Teaching Assistant Job Application Personal Statement Examples

A teaching assistant position gives you an opportunity to teach children. You must write a personal statement about your beliefs about education, discuss your teaching skills, and highlight your qualifications. 

Crafting a well-written statement puts you ahead of the competition when applying for teaching assistant jobs.

Succinct Opening

Your entire personal statement should be concise. A large block of writing may cause the hiring manager or recruiter to skim or skip the part altogether. 

You want to stand out from the crowd by using powerful words that have an immediate impact.


“Energetic teaching assistant with 2 years of classroom experience in support of elementary students with reading,writing, math, and science activities.”

Education and Teaching Experience Examples

I’ve worked with children ever since I was a child myself. I’m very patient when dealing with them, and I know how to motivate them. 

I love learning new things and sharing my knowledge with others. I’ve worked with children before, and I’ve had great success.

Strengths and Skills Example

I am an excellent teacher because I can connect with my students. I’m also great at communicating with parents and teachers. My ability to help struggling students makes me a great TA.

Reasons for Wanting the Position

Your personal statement should include an explanation of why you want the job. You should also explain how you’ll benefit the school by working there.

How to Write a Personal Statement for a Teaching Job

Schools may request that candidates include personal statements on their applications that highlight why they are qualified to be teachers. 

Personal statements are a prime opportunity to highlight skills, achievements, and aspirations for a teaching career. When written well, a personal statement can provide a competitive advantage over other applicants. 

This article discusses how to write a personal essay for a teaching position and offers bonus tips to make yours stand out, as well as examples to help you create your own.

How to Write a Strong Personal Statement for Teaching

Break down the process of writing an application into steps. This will make it easier to manage. You should introduce yourself first. Then highlight your achievements, skills, and strength.

Brainstorm Ideas

Before you start writing, you should have a brainstorming session to come up with ideas for what you should include in your personal statement, such as:

  • Your accomplishments
  • Strengths and Skills
  • Experiences you’ve had in the classroom

Use these words to describe yourself when applying for jobs.

What Is a Personal Statement for Teaching Assistant Roles? 

A personal statement for a teaching assistantship should be written in a clear, concise manner. Include details about your qualifications and experience. 

Also include other information about yourself, such as your soft skills, attitudes and views about teaching, and why you want to teach.

Teaching assistants are important people who help teachers teach classes. Their job is to support the teacher and students by offering guidance and helping them learn new things. 

Therefore, a teaching assistant should be well-educated and passionate about learning.

Your application should include all the relevant information the employer requires to make a recruitment decision, but if you feel there’s something missing or want to expand on what you’ve already included, then your personal statement is the right place to do it.

 You can use this opportunity to persuade them why you’re perfect for the job.

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