Supporting Information Examples

A supporting statement is an important tool when applying for jobs. It helps employers understand your skills and experience better than just reading your resume. You can also use them to show off your unique talents and skills. When writing a supporting statement, think about what you want to communicate to the reader. 

Do you have something you would like them be able to see? How do you present your self? You should think about how you will most effectively convey your message. If you’ve ever applied for a job before, you may already have a few examples of supporting statements in mind. Use those as inspiration!

A supporting statement is an important tool when writing your resume. It helps to explain why you are qualified for a job opening. It also gives employers a chance to see what kind of skills you possess. 

There are three main types of supporting statements: 

  • examples
  • qualifications
  • recommendations. 

Each type of statement should be composed in a specific manner. These guidelines are intended that will help you in writing each kind of statement.

Why Is It Important?

A supporting statement is a document that shows how you meet all of your critical and desirable requirements in their unique specifications. It highlights the necessary skills, abilities, experience, and education for the position.

A supporting statement is any kind of statement that supports another statement. There are many different kinds of supporting statements, and they all serve a specific purpose. 

For example, academic support statements help you get into college; employment support statements help you get a job; personal statements help you get a scholarship; and character references help your parents write letters of recommendation for you.

Example 1 : Supporting Statement On A Job Application

You can take ideas from our example below: job supporting that statement. ” I am applying to your company. I am a graduate with a major in Business Administration from XYZ University. I’m confident that I have the qualifications and experience to make me the ideal candidate

I have been in my current job for four years. I have gained lots of knowledge in this area. My expertise includes. I am knowledgeable about the industry, and I am confident that I can be an asset to your team. As a result, I am looking forward to learning and growing in a new environment.

Example 2 : Supporting Statement On A Job Application

I am applying for the position of Graphic Design Manager at XYZ Company. I graduated from ABC University with a degree majoring in Graphic Design. 

I worked as a graphic designer for XYZ Company, and I am familiar with all aspects of the job. I am excited to lead the team and create high quality designs.

Example 3 : Supporting Statement On A Job Application

I’m looking to become a teacher assistant since I believe that every student should have equal access to a high-quality education. I also believe this position will allow me the opportunity to gain this experience while supporting youngsters with a variety of different learning difficulties. 

Nothing is more satisfying than the opportunity to be a better learner while facing challenges. This is what I have experienced while volunteering at an elementary school in the area.

I am a very artistic person that loves to read, write stories, listen to music, and create art. My ability and imagination will also assist me in supporting other sections of the curriculum, such as numeracy and science.

Example 4 : Supporting Statement For A Scholarship Application

I have worked hard at school and have been involved in many extracurriculars. I am passionate about education, and I am confident that my experience will be an asset to your institution. 

I also have great leadership skills, and I am eager to contribute to your success.” You can also mention your other experiences like volunteering, internships, etc. that show your commitment towards the cause.

Example 5 : Supporting Statement For A Cover Letter

My name is John Doe, and I just finished my bachelor’s degree at ABC University. I am looking for a job as a business analyst, and I think I have what it takes to succeed in this role. 

I’ve been an intern for ABC Company, and I learned a lot about business processes during that time. I am confident that if I get hired here, I will be able to help your company grow and prosper. “Please let me know when I can come in for an interview.”

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