Supply Chain Management Essay

I’ve always been an extremely driven and determined individual And whatever I have started I’ve always made sure to finish it to perfection. This trait of character has always allowed me to succeed and to live in line with my personal goals and those of people who have always believed in me.

In reality, it involves the movement of goods from suppliers to manufacturer, then distributor to retailer before finally getting to the consumers. The Supply Chain method of shipping or the way of doing business hasn’t always existed, and in reality gained prominence in the latter part that was the beginning of the century. The advent of airplanes, trucks computers, computers and the internet have changed everything.

The modern business world is a challenge and is best described when it was stated “You can’t tackle today’s challenges with the methods you used in the past and still be operating in the future.” (Anonymous n.d.). Dunkin Donuts came into existence in 1950. It currently has around 7,306 stores within the United States (Bridgeport).

With the work and academic experiences I’ve accumulated so far, I feel prepared and confident about entering into your MSc program. The year 2012 was the first time I received an undergraduate bachelor of Management degree from Goodwell State University, specializing in Financial Management. Through this course, I was able to gain an overview of many aspects of management such as supply chain, marketing as well as finance, human resources and accounting.

In order to achieve our internationalization objectives in the era of Industry 4.0 It is crucial to be aware of the industry to anticipate the current challenges like the high cost of distribution and limited exposure to expansion of export businesses, particularly for smaller and medium-sized companies.

When I graduated from the college, I began working for The WW Grainer Company, which is a major distributor of industrial equipment, MRO equipment, tools and supplies. This Company provided me with a wealth of knowledge and assisted me in learning how to apply my knowledge, but it has also provided me with invaluable experiences and a path to career advancement.

I’ve always been a fan of education. Through the years, my interest has been strategically placed in the area that of supply chain management. Thus, it is expected that the MBA program will chart an avenue to become an expert in the area in supply chain management. It’s a dream to be realized. A vision realized, and most importantly , self-actualized.

Since my graduation, I’ve been employed in the credit department at MegaSuper Bank, dealing directly with corporate and individual customers and analysing risks on a regular basis.

My education at the university level and my experiences in the workplace give me an understanding of business, and it’s due to this understanding that I’ve chosen to concentrate on the management of supply chains for my next job.

The presentation, which was given by experienced experts and experts in this subject, not only assisted me to gain a deeper understanding, but also pushed me to look at what I could offer an organization in terms that of managing supply chains. I also made some valuable relationships through these sessions and was able to collaborate effectively with different backgrounds.

In my time I’ve observed how important the connectivity of every business function was in ensuring the management of stakeholder and ensuring good performance and focusing on achieving goals. Certain obstacles were overcome, as demonstrated by a global average monthly rating of 4/5 and Macy’s award as an Outstanding Individual Performer in 2020.

It is impossible to be perfect at all things, but it is important to do everything possible to achieve excellence. I realize that the my knowledge currently is adequate to do what I’m currently doing. However, I feel that I have more potential in me. I have an eagerness and desire to learn and development.

A well-run Supply chain management results in cost reduction and cost reduction results in savings in money and that money saved will result in lower prices for consumers and lower prices that attracted by new customers. Prior to Wal-Mart, Kmart and Sears were the top three in their respective categories. Wal-Mart’s digital approach to data collection could be linked to the rise of the company.

I’m also planning to become a consultant in management. The pursuit of the MBA is, therefore, going to be a significant step toward realizing my career goals. The power of knowledge is in the mind (Gilder 2013, 2013) and I am convinced that the worth of money will be heightened as I work as an experienced consultant that is educated.

Through the classes along with case studies and research projects that are part of your program, I am hoping to develop the skills required to assist companies in ensuring the supply chain is competitive. That is why I see my education at XXX University as a crucial stage in my job.

These experiences will help strengthen my capability to fulfill my career ambitions of becoming an expert in supply chain management, because a thorough knowledge of the analytical process problem-solving and decision-making , and the ability to create suitable solutions are essential.

I am certain that the qualities and skills in interpersonal communication will help me succeed in the program.

Marketing Strategy for Marks And Spencer Food

  • In order to make my business strategy work, for my business, it is essential to:
  • Know the customer’s needs
  • Stay ahead of the competition
  • Communicate effectively with customers to ensure that they are satisfied with their expectations
  • Coordination of its functions to reach its goals in marketing
  • Be aware of restrictions in marketing. I will also take into consideration the importance of building and maintaining relationships with potential customers, its current customers, customers , and other parties.

What is the goal of Supply Chain Management

The goal of each supply chain’s goal is to increase the total value created. The value that a supply chain produces is the difference between the value of the final product’s value is to the client and the amount of effort the supply chain is able to increase in meeting the needs of the customer. In the case of most supply chains that are commercial the value of the supply chain will be closely related to the profit of the supply chain which is the difference between the profit generated by your customer as well as the total cost of each supply chain.

What are the Applications of Supply Chain Management?

SCM aids organizations in carrying out strategic buying to maintain their market share in a evolving and competitive market. Facilities can be efficiently controlled by establishing strategic alliances within SCM with FM suppliers via speedier service delivery, improvement efficiency of service and savings in costs.

How do you write a Statement of Purpose for Supply Chain Management?

An SOP for a Supply Chain Management program should show the applicant as a driven by their career and having some understanding of how business functions. If you are applying to study for an MS of Supply Chain Management, your Statement of Purpose must focus on experiences that have been gained through work experience or full-time positions.

What is the importance of Supply Chain Management In Hospitality Industry Essay?

In the absence of Supply Chains, the hospitality business would rapidly stop. It would not be food or vegetables served in our restaurants as well as no wine or beer in our bars, and there would be there would be no toilets or beds within our establishments. There will be none of the recycling process for glass, nor food waste disposal. There are no customers.

What are the benefits of Supply Chain?

Benefits of Supply Chain Management

  • A better collaboration with the suppliers.
  • Improved visibility and data analytics.
  • Improved quality control.
  • A more flexible business.
  • Shipping optimisation.
  • Lower overhead and inventory costs.
  • Stronger cash flow.
  • Improved risk mitigation.

Supply Chain Strategy Or Design

The strategic decisions taken by businesses are based on the location and capacity of warehouse and production facilities, the goods that will be stored or manufactured at different places, the types of transportation that will be offered along various shipping routes and the kind of system to be employed.

What is Supply Chain in Simple Words?

Supply chains are a network of all the people and organizations, resources, technologies and activities that are involved in the development and distribution of the product. The supply chain covers everything from the transport of raw materials from suppliers to the manufacturer to the final delivery to the final user.

Supply Chain Planning

The planning phase begins for companies with a forecast for next year’s demand. It is a time to make decisions about which markets will be served by which location as well as manufacturing subcontracting and the policies on inventory to be adhered to, as well as the frequency and amount of promotions for marketing.

What is Supply Chain? What is its purpose and importance?

Supply Chain Management is a combination of science and art that concentrates on how your business obtains the essential raw materials needed to create the product or service, then manufactures the item or service and then delivers it to its customers. SCM’s main goal is to keep a business on its feet and ultimately drive its success.

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