Student Research Conference

This gathering of scholars from the student perspective will welcome presenters from all the institutions of higher learning as well as from every corner of an academic program. Through the annual conference, NCUR creates a unique atmosphere for celebrating and advancement of the undergraduate student’s achievement.

Students who have attended previous conferences point to the SRC as an experience that helped them to further students’ BYU training and contributed better prepare students for graduate studies and/or industry. The SRC will host around 600 students speaking during this year’s SRC.

The month of April marks Research Month at St. John’s University. Research activities undertaken by St. John’s students and faculty are growing more varied and remarkable. Research opportunities are constantly being provided available.The Student Research Conference is an annual celebration of student research and scholarship excellence. The conference is an opportunity for students from high school, undergraduates and graduate students from all disciplines to talk about their research and network with experts and fellow students.

The aim to The purpose of the Student Research Conference is to give students the opportunity of presenting their research in a formal setting. Students must collaborate with a mentor from the faculty and should submit their research proposals to be presented by the mentor.


There are numerous professional conferences and events that are specific to disciplines which invite students to present their work in posters or brief talks. If you believe you’re willing to present your work in an event of professional quality, speak to your professor or mentor within your department.

Student Research Conference Student Research Conference is meant for students who are in their junior, sophomore or senior years.

Undergraduate Research Conferences

  • If you’re looking to publish your research, you must have your mentor’s permission.
  • If you’re looking for funding to present your work in a meeting, please visit the page on awards for research presentations.

Alongside offering you a space to present your work professionally The conference also helps to promote our values of respecting research , scholarship, and innovative activities on campus. As with the conference’s format from last year.

Students Research Grant Program

The University’s Student Research Grant Program has been created to encourage students’ scholarship and innovation in all disciplines of research. This program was designed to give students with the opportunity to carry out outstanding research under the supervision of an instructor.

It is a Student Research Conference accepts submissions across a variety of areas of research. When submitting abstracts students will be asked to choose a research area which best describes the research project.

In addition to the disciplinary categories, there are also categories for disciplinary.


Students will be engaged in intensive undergraduate research under the guidance of an instructor mentor and present their findings in a professional conference.


If you’ve made an important contribution to your field of study it is possible to work with an open-to-peer review publication to be published in an academic journal. Make sure you consult your professor or mentor or department member If you have any questions regarding being published.

Sponsors from the faculty are constantly required to sponsor this Student Research Conference and if you’re looking for ways to become involved and sponsor students, we’ve got everything covered.

This is a fantastic occasion for our students to show off their accomplishments and achievements in their research and performances across all disciplines possible within an academic environment.Check our archives of our 16th Annual Conference that was hosted on the internet. This Student Research Conference is possible thanks to the help by the administration and faculty, staff as well as the SRC organizing committee.

NCUR is committed to promoting undergraduate research as well as scholarship and creative activities in all areas of study. They do this by sponsoring an annual event for undergraduate students. In contrast to academic professional associations the gathering of student scholars will welcome participants from all institutions of higher education and from all disciplines.

What Do You Do At Research Conferences?

A conference for academics (sometimes called an academic conference, research conference, congress or symposium) is a gathering that researchers gather to share their research findings and learn about the most recent research within their area of study.

What Is The Best Way To Participate In The Research Conference?

Tips to Attending Scientific Conferences

  1. .Choose the right sessions. .
  2. Plan Ahead. Do not wait until you’re at an event to organize your events. Begin earlier Socialize and Network. …
  3. Apply For Travel Awards. …
  4. Relax and unwind. …
  5. Determine your objectives. Are you ready to enter the workforce? ..

Where Can I Find Research Conferences?

Conference listings for research conferences are listed in databases of scientific research like Google Scholar, Semantic Scholar, Zenedo, OpenAIRE, EBSCO, BASE, WorldCAT, Sherpa/RoMEO, Compendex, Elsevier, Scopus, Thomson Reuters (Web of Science), RCSI Library, UGC Approved Journals, ACM, CAS, ACTA, CASSI, ISI, SCI, ESCI, SCIE, Springer, Wiley, …

What is a Student Research Symposium?

How can SRS be described? SRS is a forum for the public in which SDSU students present their work or scholarship as well as artistic activities.

Why is it important to Participate in Research Conferences?

When you attend a conference, you will meet with more advanced researchers as well experienced experts and scholars. The presentations and talks will open new perspectives on an issue or offer a fresh perspective which you’d before not considered.

How Do I Prepare For My First Conference?

How do you prepare for your first meeting?

  1. . Schedule some time for relaxation. .
  2. Request an expense budget for travel.. .
  3. Find out who to speak to. …
  4. Review the schedule of the conference. …
  5. Pre-book your tickets in advance. ….

What Should I Bring To A Research Conference?

Here’s some tips I’ve compiled based on of my own experiences:

  • Wear layers. …
  • Wear a formal or casual outfit. …
  • You can try on various outfits in your home prior to leaving to attend the occasion. …
  • Be sure to pack an umbrella. …
  • Put on comfortable shoes. …
  • Ask your friends for suggestions. …

Can I Attend A Conference Without Paper?

It is common. However it’s unusual (though it isn’t “seen as odd”) for people to be able to go to all conferences that are in their area of expertise. In fact, it could be an excellent idea to go to an event simply because of curiosity about the subject.

What Is The Difference Between A Conferences And Meetings?

Although a gathering is not as formal, it is essential that a conference is more formal. This is due to the fact that conferences are in a larger size and planned in advance to allow for the largest number of attendees to attend. This is due to typically that the conference is focused on a particular subject.

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