SSAT Essay Prompts

General Tips: 

  • make sure your writing appropriately responds to the topic. 
  • Does the topic require you to take a position on an issue? 
  • Does it ask you to demonstrate cause and effect? 
  • Does it ask you to describe or characterize something? 

Are you being asked to write about a story? Every story should have a clear start, middl e, and end. 

Persuasive writing requires arguing for or against an idea. To take a side on an issue, we need to urge the reader to behave in a specific way or to agree to certain positions on an issue.

The SSAT Writing Sample

Students should write about an experience or topic they’re familiar with. 

  • Writing samples should be short, concise, and focused. 
  • Use specific details to describe your experiences and emotions. 
  • Try to avoid using big words and complex sentences.

Writing samples should be written as if you were speaking directly to your reader. You should use the active voice and avoid the passive voice. Your writing should be clear and concise. Use proper grammar and punctuation.

Which Prompt Should I Choose?

Students should write about how they feel about the choice of prompts. What do you think about this question? Why does it matter?

Students should be aware that selecting one prompt over the other may not always be given priority by admissions authorities!

The writing sample replies are solely evaluated by admissions staff on their own merits and writing ability; but, they may also be evaluated in light of institutional priorities, or criteria that are distinctive to that particular private school.

Tips For Prompt Selection

Students are encouraged to choose questions that fit one or more of these criteria. We advise students to choose the writing example question that most closely relates to their beliefs and personal experiences.

  • charms, enthralls, and coerces them
  • brainstorming produces the most original ideas

Student 1 is a great debater. She enjoys debating and crafting arguments. Her writing style is very well developed. She could use this skill to write a persuasive essay about the topic.

The second creative question on the middle level SAT, on the other hand, may remind Student 2 of his grandmother and a time when she played pickle ball with him when he thinks about the two prompts. The prospect of sharing these recollections excites him.

Students should use the persuasive prompt if they want to persuade someone else to do something. They should use the creative prompt if they want to create something.

We recommend practicing with sample SSATS before taking the real test. This way, you’ll know what to expect when you take the actual exam. 

General Tips For The SSAT Writing Sample

Creative writing prompts are usually more difficult than persuasive ones. Writing legibly is very important because if admissions officers can’t read your response, they will never know what an amazing writer you are.

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