Sociology Personal Statement

The personal statement you write for sociology gives you the chance to present yourself as an ideal candidate for the course. It’s a chance to highlight your abilities and strengths as well as your goals and desires. There’s a minimum character count of 4000 for a political and sociology personal declaration sent through UCAS The same version is used for each course you’re applying for. It’s the reason it’s important to ensure that you have your sociology personal statement in order. A good sociology personal statement will include evidence to back up their assertions. You must convince admissions instructors that you’re suitable for the course If you claim to be inquisitive or committed you can use evidence of your life to back your claim.

What Should Be Included

“Include three factors: a love for the discipline, the goals you wish to accomplish after university and also what you could provide to the institution,” says Dr Mark Monaghan the admissions tutor in sociology and Social Policy in Leeds University.

Make Your Materials

Before you start to write, make a preparatory work to ensure that you don’t get frustrated during the writing process. Get copies of any documents like transcripts, resumes, or an application for the position. by keeping them before you will make the process of writing much simpler. Make a list with important details, including the names and the exact names of your former bosses and employers, names of the jobs you’ve been in, companies you’ve employed for, dates of relevant volunteering or work experience and the duties associated with them, etc.

Include your motivations for studying at a graduate level short (no longer than 2 pages) and understandable (double-spaced or at a minimum cut lines between paragraphs and

12-point font).

The Value Of A Great Personal Statement in Sociology

The application for sociology has to portray you in the most positive possible light in case you are going to be admitted into your first institution or other study program. Many places are under-subscribed, therefore you’re going to need to perform well to get selected. Graduations and other data and figures aren’t going to be the sole deciding aspect in every application. They’ll be looking for a lot more. That’s why your personal sociology and political statement must be composed with care. Your personal sociology statement will usually be the most important factor in your application.

First Draft of a Draft

After you’ve gathered and reviewed the items, it’s now time to write.

Your declaration should demonstrate that you understand the definition of graduate school and what it’s for and that it’s essentially professional training , not an extension of your undergraduate degree. It is therefore important to write a few sentences about your plans for your future career. Why would you like to pursue to earn a Ph.D? What are you planning to do with your degree? Do you intend to pursue a career in academia as we do with the majority of applicants we admit, or another type of job? If it’s a different careeris your goal, why do you require an Ph.D. for it? What is the reason you’d like to pursue to pursue a Ph.D. in sociology and not in another field, especially in the event that your previous studies were in another area?

Answer the Question

The biggest challenge for any writer is the problem of actually answering the question. For instance applications may require you to elaborate on the reasons you’re applying to the particular company or program.

Sociological texts: Make sure that you’ve read some books on the subject. Monaghan suggests Zygmunt Bauman’s What’s The Use of Sociology? as well as C Wright Mills’ The Sociological Imagination. Monaghan is also a fan of and C Wright Mills’ The Sociological Imagination. Guardian’s Society section to give you “an understanding of the debates of today”.

Sample Statement

I’m extremely drawn to work with other people . I think I’d be most suited to social work, rather than medical or nursing. I feel a strong sense of understanding of people from all ages. I can easily engage with people and make them feel at at ease. However, I am confident that I have excellent ability to solve problems and use them to assist people in times of extreme stress and suffering to help them see an avenue to take.

I am extremely interested in engaging in discussions and debates about the political and sociological perspectives as well as ideas, and especially am interested in analyzing and researching key social issues in the essays we write in class.

I love traveling and have been to diverse culture that are Egypt, Crete, Florida and France. In this way, I’ve been aware of the social injustices all over the world. This is why I’ve chosen to sign up with Voluntary Services Oversees for my Gap Year Project.

Sociology as a field is distinctive in its scope of research and relevance to current issues in life. I’m interested in studying it because I’ve always been fascinated by the social issues of inequality and gender, ethnicity, nationality, governance and social changes. These issues are affecting everyone in the society and for me , this subject will allow me to comprehend more deeply, and give me the opportunity to apply my personal experiences with academic studies. The study area focuses on social interactions and how it influences people’s behavior the way they behave, their beliefs and identity.

Apart from the possibility to pursue a field that I am interested in far deeper levels than the college level, I hope that university will assist me in expanding my non-academic pursuits. I am a fervent dancer and have studied every form of dance since when I was just 6 years old. As a participant in my dance school, I’ve been involved in numerous annual shows and in the past two years, I have assisted behind the scenes by helping with set design, choreography and fundraising.

Other things that fill my time include a variety of sports. My team is the Peterborough United under-19’s, I often play golf with an average handicap of 3 and I also take part in the hockey team of the school team.

In the end, through studying sociology at the university, I would like to develop an attitude of tolerance towards people around me and better understand the dynamics of the society.

I’ve made an application to your institution since I was awed by your ambitions to develop across a variety of areas and also for establishing an impressive reputation for academic excellence and excellence. The program will provide students with an in-depth understanding of sociology and the foundational discipline of social sciences.

What Not To Do

Confused: Sociology can be offered as a part of an honours degree that is jointly awarded at certain universities, and as a singular subject at other universities, which can lead to a confusing declaration. Monaghan advises: “Be consistent about the degree you’re applying to. It is possible that you are applying for various courses at different institutions, so you need to think about the social sciences as a whole.”

What you should be sure to avoid in your personal statement: There’s no need to include a long review of your previous coursework (it’s redundant, we are able to access your academic list of transcripts) or a lengthy research proposal. We would like to know that you have clear research interests, however your personal statement should not be considered an official research proposal.

Make Your Statement Clearly Identifiable:

Many applicants want create personal statement distinct or unique in a certain manner to help in making their application stand out from the numerous others submitted by the organization or program. One way to accomplish it is include at a minimum one thorough detail or anecdote particular to your personal experience, such as an account of a significant family member or personal event that has influenced your decision pursue a specific job or degree.

Unprofessional Writing:

It may sound like common sense however, it’s not, as White states: “This is your chance to prove that you are able to write effectively. Whatever the topic the applicant’s personal statement is, poor personal statements is not likely to be offered an opportunity”.

If you’ve got flaws in your application, for instance your low GRE score (below the 50th percentile) or a statement of purpose can be the ideal place to draw attention to extenuating or mitigating situations that the committee might not know about, describe the steps you have taken to correct this issue, and/or present the case that your poor score isn’t the most reliable or accurate measure of your capabilities in this field.

How to Write A Great Personal Statement in Sociology

  • Begin with the attention-grabbing first couple of lines that draw the attention of the reader.
  • There is a limit to your word count, therefore don’t employ more words when describing something you have to say.
  • Do not lie and do not copy.
  • Write in a positive way about the things you’ll do and the results you can expect to achieve and they won’t be aware of what you do not wish to do.
  • Use common terms and styles of writing They won’t reach for a dictionary to comprehend your words or read your writing five times to understand what you wrote.
  • Don’t use cliches, or spend your time explaining something that they already know.

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