Short paragraph on my family

My family consists of four members, this is my mom, dad, brother and me. Mom is a housewife and she takes care of the house. Dad is a businessman and he works in a company. Brother is younger than me and is in fifth grade. I help and guide them in any way I can, and also teach them how to do things.

My mother is very caring and I love her very much. She loves me too. .

Short Paragraph On My Family Example 1

My family consists of grandmothers, grandfathers, mothers, fathers, uncles, and aunties and we have five siblings in total. We live in the city and all members of the family live in friendship. Our family has an ideal and happy family structure.

Grandparents are elderly and respected family members. Other family members respect them very much. Grandmother teaches siblings and parents. She also helps mother and aunt with homework. She considers mother and sister-in-law part of the family.

Short Paragraph On My Family Example 2

My family is a simple family. I am a sibling. My sister is younger than me, she is five years old. She falls in the 5th grade. My father is a state bank employee. My mother is a housewife. There are grandparents in our family but we don’t live with them. They live in their house. We go to their house to see them during the holiday. Grandparents also come to see us sometimes. We feel very good when we see them.

My father is very punctual, he wakes up early in the morning and goes for a walk. He also takes me and my sister out for a morning tour. On extreme winter days, we don’t take a morning tour. On such days, we stay back and play games. I love playing chess with him. He always wins. He plays chess with my brother too. 

When he comes back from work, he cooks dinner for us. After eating, he reads books or watches TV. Our mother makes delicious hand-made food for us. Her food is very healthy and nutritious.

Short Paragraph On My Family Example 3

Families are groups of people who stay together in a society. They comprise two or more adults like fathers and mothers and young children who are born in a relationship. They are collectively known by the name of family members. Each family member is committed to each other.

 They hold a special place in the lives of individuals and the society in which they live. I have a wonderful family and I love all my family members! My family consists of ten people – grandparents, parents, uncle/aunt, brother/sister and me. My father works as an engineer and my mother teaches in a school. My grandfather is retired and my grandmother is a homemaker.

My family is very close. They enjoy spending time together as a family. They also have picnics twice a month. They all love each other.

My family has taught me good lessons about love, unity and cooperation among ourselves. I pray to God to protect my family from all evils and vices, and keep us safe from the dangers of life.

Short Paragraph On My Family Example 4

A family is a group of individuals who are related by blood or marriage. Parents are always there for their children. They are always ready to help others. They are very kind and loving. They are also religious and guide you towards the right path.

We are three people in the same family.

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