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Television is one of the greatest inventions ever created. It has brought the world much closer together. Television was invented by the scientist John Logie Baird. He was an engineer who worked for Marconi Company. He developed the first television set in 1926. This device was called the kinescope. It was made up of two cathode-ray tubes. The first tube had a screen and the second tube had a mirror.

When the picture was turned on, the image appeared on the screen. The images were produced by electrons hitting the screen. The first model of the television was big and heavy. It was placed on a table.

Flat TVs need less space than other types of TVs. We can also mount them on walls to watch our shows.

Paragraph On Television Example 1

Television is an invention that has changed the world. It has provided people with a great source of entertainment. It also makes life easier by allowing us to watch movies or shows without having to go out.

Earlier people used to resort to reading magazines and books as the only source of entertainment. Nowadays, there are many options available. Different channels on TV are run on different frequencies, and color televisions are also available.

The television has been an important invention in our lives. It allows us to watch movies, shows, news, etc. at home. We can also get our information easily by watching TV.

Television has made us lazy and inefficient. It has made children stay at home instead of playing outside.

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Short  Long Paragraph On Television Example 2

Television is one of the most important inventions of the 20th century. It is used to send video and sound over long distances. It is also used to watch television shows and movies. Today, there are more than 1 billion households around the world that use televisions.

Television is an instrument used to transfer video and sound, along with the image, between two distant places. The first electronic television was invented in 1927 by an American named Philo Taylor Farnsworth. He was just 21 when he invented television. He used the concept of capturing moving images with a primitive camera.

Philo T. Farnsworth 1927 was also the inventor of the electronic television. Mechanical television stations were replaced by electronic ones. In 1928, the first mechanical TV station was established in America.

Short Paragraph About Television Example 3

Television is an electronic device that transmits video and sound to a distant location from the place of origination. In the early days, TV could only transmit black and white images, but now it can also send out colorful images.

Television started as a medium for entertainment, but it soon became an important part of our lives. It helped us connect with each other and learn about the world around us. It allowed us to watch debates and elections live. It made people more informed about politics and news.

Watching Television Paragraph Example 4

Television is an invention that helps people connect with each other. It also entertains them. It has brought the world closer together.

Television is a powerful medium of communication. News from thousands of kilometers away is transmitted almost instantly for people to watch and listen to. Good information is transmitted over television.

Television in India started in 1959, initially, the programs transmitted on TV were meant for school children. Later, the programs were also broadcasted to the rural population. 

In 1982, the colored transmission began. Nowadays, television is available in every household. It is found in almost every house irrespective of financial condition. Television has become the main family member of almost every family.

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Paragraph About Entertainment Example 5

Television is an invention of humans. It is a source of entertainment and information. Every household has a TV set. It is easily spotted in a house. It comes in different sizes, picture qualities, and sound options. It is priced well to suit the customer’s taste and budget.

Television is one of the most important inventions of humans. It is used in the transmission of many kinds of information. It is also used to transmit news, warn people about a possible threat or danger, and entertain people. 

Television has increased competition among producers. Governments often use television to spread awareness or to inform people about various welfare schemes.

Short Paragraph About Television Example 6

Television is the biggest medium for communicating and entertaining. We can learn what’s going on all over the world through news channels and can enjoy watching movies, series, and dramas. Most of us watch TV for fun purposes. There are lots of sports channels too, where we can enjoy cricket, football, and hockey matches. I love to watch cricket matches on the Star Sports and Sony TEN 2 channels. TV is very important in our lives. We need some enjoyment, and relaxation to lower our anxiety and stress.

Television Paragraph Example 7

Television is one of the best mediums for communication, entertainment, education, and more. Cable lines and set-top boxes connect television sets. Different channels come with their own content.

I love educational channels mostly, but when I was a kid I watched Tom and Jerry cartoons on the TV. Most people watch entertainment channels. Adults watch movies and serials often.

Movies are fun to watch, and people enjoy watching them. TV plays a huge role in the business industry as well. Big companies use TV to advertise their products and services. The TV company also takes feedback from viewers and tries to improve its product. Overall, movies and TV are very important inventions.

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Paragraph On Television Example 8

Television is one of the most useful inventions of science. It provides us with a lot of information about many things. We learn about different cultures, languages, history, etc. After a hard day, watching television can be very relaxing.

There are many channels available for entertainment. We can learn about the entire universe while sitting in our room. Many people love to watch cartoons, especially children. They produce many cartoons, and people love to spend time watching them.

There are many educational channels available on television. You can learn about science and the earth by watching them. But there are also some bad sides to television. You shouldn’t watch television for a long time. It’s bad for your eyes. Overall, television is a good invention.

Benefits of Television

1. Informative

 Television is an excellent source of knowledge and information. There are a variety of programs that are broadcast and give the viewer excellent exposure to general knowledge and events.

2. Entertainment 

 Television is an excellent source of entertainment. Numerous talk shows, films serials, and other shows are broadcast on numerous channels.

3. Endorsement 

Television is now an instrument of endorsement for both service providers.

Television’s Disadvantages 

Addictive – Television could be extremely addictive. Some children are said as being so addicted to television that they forget about their studies.

Distracting – Extremely effortless operation and plenty of entertainment can make a TV unattractive.

Health risk If you are watching too much television, it can cause eye damage because of the harmful rays generated by the display.

FAQs About Paragraphs On Television

Q1. What year was it that the TV was first invented?

Ans: The TV was invented in 1927.

Q2. Who was the first who invented the TV?

Ans: The TV was invented by J.L. Baird.

Q3. When was the day that Doordarshan was first launched?

Ans. Doordarshan was established on the 15th of September in 1959.

Q4. How many TV viewers do you have in India?

Ans. There are approximately 890 million viewers of television in India.


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