Season paragraph

Fall is the season when we enjoy the cool breeze, colorful leaves, and the food. We also enjoy the happiness, the beauty, the friends, and the start to a great school year.

I think that my favorite season is spring because it is when everything starts growing again after winter. Spring also reminds me of how much life there is out there. There is always something new to see or do. 

In addition, spring is the time when you get to go outside and play sports. You can run around and jump into puddles without getting wet. 

Finally, spring is the time of year when people start thinking about what kind of flowers they want to plant in their gardens. This is the time when you can sit down and write your essay about your favorite season.

What Is My Favorite Season Essay

Soccer season is my favorite season. There are many exciting events during this time of year. The first two weeks are very hard, but after that things get better. The first game is always the hardest, but after that it gets easier.

My Favorite Season 

Fall is a great time of year because we get to wear sweaters and boots. We also get to eat lots of apples and pumpkins! I am going to write in my journal about what I love about fall.

Flowers bloom in the spring, and there is no school in the summer. In the fall, people go back to work, and in the winter, we get snow.

Favorite Season Opinion Writing Brainstorm

Students should write an opinion piece about their favorite season using the prompts provided.

Students should be writing about their favorite seasons. They should also be writing about why their favorite season is their favorite.

Writing is hard work. You need a lot of brain power to write. That’s why brainstorming before writing is so important.

Students should be thinking about summer vacation. They should be having fun. They should be relaxing. They should be enjoying their lives.

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