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Tigers are very powerful animals. They are also beautiful creatures. The government has taken many tough decisions due to decreasing numbers of tigers. There are now strict rules about hunting them. Tigers are no longer hunted by humans. Instead, there are many protected areas where they can spend a peaceful and happy life without fear of being killed.

Tigers are ferocious wild cats that eat meat. They are endangered because of hunting and habitat destruction. Three species of tigers have been lost, but there are still nine left.

Save Tiger Essay 100 Words : Example 2

Tigers are powerful animals who are proud of their nation. Their numbers are declining because of deforestation. People are cutting down the forest to make room for farming. This causes them to lose habitat. Tigers also eat crops, which makes farmers angry. Farmers kill tigers by poisoning them or shooting them.

Tigers are beautiful big cats that eat meat. Their fur is valuable because it can be used as clothing or decoration. Tigers are endangered because of hunting and loss of habitat.

Save Tiger Essay 100 Words : Example 3

Tigers are beautiful big cats that live in jungles. They are endangered because of poaching and habitat loss. All the forests where tigers live should be protected. The government needs to ban the hunting of tigers. There should be a monitoring committee to ensure that tigers are saved from extinction.

Tigers are large mammals that are known as the most powerful animals in the forest. Their bodies are about seven to ten feet long. The largest populations of tigers are found in India, and they are found in the Sundarbans Forest of India.

Tigers are beautiful animals that are very dangerous. They are carnivores and can eat almost any kind of animal. Tigers are mostly found in India. In the past, people used to hunt them for their skins and other body parts. Nowadays, the Indian government protects them and makes sure they stay wild.

Save Tiger Essay 100 Words : Example 4

Tigers are endangered because of human activities. Humans are destroying their habitat. This could lead to the extinction of tigers.

Tigers are beautiful creatures who need to be protected. Humans cut down forests and hunt them for their skins. This causes tigers to become extinct. People should stop cutting down forests and help preserve the tigers.

Paragraph On Save Tiger For Kids And Students: Various Examples

Save Tiger Essay 100 Words : Example 5

Tigers are beautiful and important animals in the jungle. Their numbers are decreasing day by day. We must make people aware of this problem, and we must take some steps to protect them. India has a large population of tigers in the Sundarbans. The Royal Bengal Tiger is an endangered species that is well-known throughout the world. It is very important to keep these animals alive because without them, the biodiversity of the forest will be lost.

Tigers are royal animals. They are very important to keep a balanced environment. They are also important to the food chain. Experts are worried about the extinction of tigers.

Tigers are beautiful wild cats that roam around forests. They eat plants and insects. Their numbers are decreasing because of human activities. People should help protect these animals by supporting organizations that try to save them.

Save Tiger Essay 100 Words : Example 6

Tigers are endangered species. There are many ways to help them. Funds should be raised to help save tigers. People should also try to protect them by buying them as pets.

Tigers are very dangerous animals. They eat other animals and plants. They are related to the air, earth, and water conditions of the jungle. If tigers disappear, the environment will suffer greatly. India and Bangladesh have more than half of the world’s tiger population.

Tigers are large cats that are native to Asia. There are many different kinds of tigers, but most people think of them as big cats because they have long tails and big paws. In India, there are more than 100,000 tigers. These tigers are protected by law, and the Indian government is trying to protect them. However, there are still many problems facing these tigers. Here are some things you can do to help.

How Can We Save Tiger?

Awareness programs are very important for any cause. This program is also extremely important for preserving the tiger. Creating awareness campaigns and spreading information on the Internet can help save the tiger.

Tigers are beautiful animals that are endangered because of poaching. Poaching is illegal, but people still continue to kill them. We need to stop this crime. Don’t buy any products made from tiger skins or other parts.

Save Tiger Essay 100 Words : Example 7

Tigers are majestic creatures that roam freely in jungles. However, due to deforestation, tigers are losing habitats. Therefore, it is necessary to protect jungles. Planting many trees is an effective way of doing this.

A recent WWF study tells that if we don’t stop global warming, the sea level could rise as much as four feet by the year 2100. This could wipe out the entire Sundarbans Tiger Habitat.

Eco journeys are a great way to help protect endangered species. You’ll learn more about the problems facing tigers and other endangered animals while taking this journey. Your efforts will also help raise awareness about these issues.\


Tigers are beautiful big cats that are often hunted for their fur. Their numbers are dwindling due to habitat loss and poaching. A project called Save Tiger aims to help them survive.

The Jim Corbett National Park is the most significant tiger preserve in India. This project aims to increase the number of Tigers that currently exist. By increasing the number of tigers, the project aims to conserve the species.


Saving Tigers is our duty. We have to protect them. We need to help them survive. We must support the government in its efforts to save the tigers. We must know that if we ask something from nature then we must be prepared to return something back. If nature gives us life, we must be willing to pay back by helping nature.

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