Sample Statement Of Purpose For Masters In Public Health

I am an experienced healthcare professional who has been working as a nurse for over 10 years. My experience includes caring for patients with different conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, cancer, HIV/AIDS, etc.

I have also worked as a medical research coordinator and clinical trial coordinator. I have extensive knowledge about the latest advances in medicine and public health.

I have excellent communication skills and I can work well under pressure. I am eager to learn more about the field of public health.

Sample Statement Of Purpose For Masters In Public Health Example 1

Biology is a fascinating subject. It gives you an understanding of the origin, growth, and structure of living creatures. It also teaches you about the functions of these creatures.

A biologist who studies microorganisms is called a microbiologist. He or she works in laboratories studying different kinds of bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa, algae, etc. After graduation, he or she may teach biology at high schools or colleges.

My teaching experience was halted when I was deployed to the military. I served my country under the mandatory National Youth Service program.

I worked with the UNICAF Peer Educators on HIV and AIDS in Kano state – one of the northern states of Nigeria. 

While working with experienced health practitioners, I learned about the importance of basic healthcare and access to medical facilities in improving the overall health condition of people.

 After completing my one-year compulsory service, I was retained to work with the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) Peer Education HIV team. 

I left after a year because my parents were not comfortable with the security situation in Northern Nigeria.

Why Does A Strong Personal Statement Matter?

A career in public health requires extensive training and education. An MPH degree is the most commonly sought after degree in public health.

To get into a top MPH program, you’ll need strong grades and test-scores, but you’ll also need to show experience in the field.

 A memorable personal statement that highlights your experiences and conveys how you’ve been working towards this goal will help you stand out among the rest.

The first thing you need to do when writing your personal statement is to make sure that you understand what you want to say about yourself. 

You should be able to explain why you chose this school and how it fits in with your goals. This is usually done by describing your academic interests and explaining how the program you are applying to relates to them.

You should also describe any extracurricular activities or community service that you have participated in.

What’s The Purpose Of The Personal Statement? What Should It Convey?

Your personal statement should be about yourself as a person, not about how well you did on tests or how high you scored on your GPA. You want to show them why you’re a great fit for this program.

The main goal of your personal statement should focus on giving admissions committees a clear idea of 

  • what makes you a strong candidate
  • why you want to work in Public Health
  • how you plan to use your skills to make an impact.

Your personal statement should be about how your career goals tie into your education plan. You need to show how you’ll use your degree to achieve those goals.

A strong statement of purpose is vital to your success. You should check the specific requirements of your institution before you start writing your statement.

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