Road accident essay

A man was knocked down by a motorcycle. He rolled on the ground and got injured.

The scooter rider should have been more careful when he was driving the scooter. He should have checked if there were any obstacles ahead before driving the scooter. When the scooter driver lost control of the vehicle, he could have avoided hitting the pedestrian.

The man was seriously injured. He sustained injuries on his head and face. His right leg was badly bruised. There were some people who abused him. I tried to persuade them that it wasn’t his fault. It was an accident.

Luckily the victim was declared out-of-danger. His wounds were dressed and he was advised to rest in bed to recover from the shock. The police arrived at the place of occurence. The scooter rider & the lorry driver were arrested. The scooter rider got released but the lorry driver remained in custody.

Essay On Road Accident Example 1

There are many causes of road accidents. Some of these include speeding, drunk driving, texting while driving, distracted driving, and other factors. These cause drivers to lose control of their vehicle and crash into others. We should avoid these types of accidents as much as possible.

Road accidents are dangerous events that happen every day. People who drive cars should be careful when driving because there are many things that could go wrong. There are many ways to avoid getting into an accident.

In big cities, many roads are crowded with vehicles. People break traffic rules by driving too fast, running red lights, speeding, and parking illegally. This causes many road accidents. Sometimes, drivers are involved in accidents as well.

People should follow traffic laws because they are meant to protect everyone’s safety. But people often ignore these rules, even if they know that the police won’t always catch them. This puts others’ lives at risk. When someone breaks traffic laws and gets into an accident, the worst possible outcome is death.

People who jump red lights are dangerous drivers. Drunk drivers are reckless and often cause accidents. When the light is red for others, it is green for you. You put your life in danger by taking turns without using indicators.

Road accidents are very scary, but we should be careful while driving. We must always wear our seat belts, only drive when the traffic light is green, stick to a speed limit, stay in our own lane, wear helmets while riding bikes, etc. As long as we follow these rules, we can avoid getting into a car accident.

Short Essay On Road Accident  In English Example 2

Road accidents are dangerous events that occur when two vehicles collide. Injuries may be severe as well as fatal. Some drivers fail to obey traffic rules and regulations.

People who break traffic laws can be injured in road accidents. We should always follow the rules made by other people so that road accidents won’t happen. We should wear helmets when riding motorcycles or scooters. We should always wear seatbelts in cars.

Road accidents happen every day, but you should always be careful while driving. You could get injured if you’re careless. Be careful when you drive.

A Public Health Perspective Of Road Traffic Accidents

A road accident is a major cause of death and disability worldwide. In India, there are many deaths every year due to road accidents. There are many ways to prevent these accidents. These include: 

  • creating awareness among people about the consequences of driving without wearing seat belts, 
  • using helmets while riding bikes or motorbikes, 
  • installing speed breakers along roads, etc.

Contributing Factors

Road accidents are caused mostly by reckless drivers who drive too fast, do not obey traffic rules, and cause congestion. People who use big trucks as private transportation should be more careful about the safety of other people. Drivers who are tired should get rest before driving. Roads should be maintained properly.

Human Factors In RTA

Human factors contribute significantly to the increase in the number of road accidents in india. Most drivers continue to act like maniacs in a teary hurry and error in judgment leads to major accidents. reckless driving, over speeding, declining to follow traffic rules, and drunk driving are the main reasons for road accidents.

Essay On A Road Accident Example 3

Road accidents are common in large cities with several means of transportation. On a daily basis we hear and read about it in the news. The disasters were caused by small and busy roads and driver negligence, and lack of understanding of traffic norms and regulations.

 I went back to Hyderabad to see uncle one day and took taxi to the bus station.I got on the bus as it came and bought ticket,it is currently stopped and the passengers are being pick up,it was a beautiful day with pleasant wind blowing.The birds were singing and chiring.We arrived at the palari hotel quickly.The driver and the other passengers check into the hotel for breakfast.

The bus was going too fast when it crashed into the truck. Many people were badly hurt, and two drivers died on the scene, including the driver who caused the accident. Some of the injured people were taken to Hyderabad by ambulance, while some were sent back to their homes in Karachi.

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