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Your physiotherapy personal statement is the most important element of your university application. It is usually the factor that universities consider when deciding whether or not they should admit you to their school. We’ll show you some physical therapy personal statement examples in this article!

Your physical therapy personal statement should demonstrate your enthusiasm for the subject and why you would have been such a valuable member of their university community.

We propose that you browse over some previous Physiotherapy personal statement examples for inspiration when you begin writing your own.

physical therapy essay examples

Below are some physical therapy personal statement examples. These examples will allow you to see what shape and tone you require, as well as what colleges are searching for in general.

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When I was a kid, I first heard the term “physical therapy.”

My older cousin suffered from a brain aneurysm and then had to walk properly again through therapy. I had no idea what the science or profession was that was underlying the work. My only knowledge was that my relative was gradually recovering. Years later, I’m ready to turn that magic into a job. Helping people makes me think I’m getting the most out of life, thus I want to become a physical therapist. I’d like to leave a legacy of inspiration behind.

I remember working as a health coach and have had the pleasure of inspiring people to make positive changes in their lives. I also picked physical therapy as a career option since I am motivated by the desire to help people. As a volunteer at Camp Camp, I help physically challenged youngsters to access outdoor activities that were previously unavailable to them. I assist these children in making what appears to them to be unattainable a reality. Physical therapy strikes me as particularly related to the patient population.

I would like to be a guide again for the future and a healer for the past, as well as a solution to a single problem. I can’t imagine another career that will give me the foundation to make such a meaningful difference in people’s lives. Since my enthusiasm for the field, I believe I should be accepted into a physical therapy program.

Physical therapy is more than just a simple professional choice for me. It has forced me to overcome numerous challenges. My Bachelor of Science from the University of Denver was a huge milestone for me to be the first of three children to receive a college diploma. During my academic years, I majored in Electrical Engineering. It was a major that I believed would lead to a prominent job and one that my family would be proud of. However, I quickly discovered that Electrical Engineering was not my passion.

It required a lot of courage for me to abandon a career path that might have led to success. Volunteering allowed me to do some soul-searching. At this point, I decided to change my major to Kinesiology and start a new profession. I’ve given it a lot of thought before making this decision. Other employment possibilities have not only occurred to me, but I have also pursued them. Still, I return to my original plan of pursuing a career in physical therapy. I am certain that I will succeed in this program. I would bring my determination, motivation, and personality to every element of the program if accepted.

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I’ll continue to do well in my subjects academically. My volunteer work will be integrated into my whole experience so that I may bring that motivation to the curriculum. I’ll draw inspiration from my life experiences and family to push myself even harder. I intend to communicate with peers to obtain a better understanding of other facets of this profession while also sharing my own story. Finally, I will accomplish all of these goals in collaboration with a group of academics and students.

I am committed to achieving success in a career that I like every day. I didn’t understand it could be a future career when my cousin used physical therapy to learn to walk again when I was a kid. It seemed more mystical to me; an incomprehensible occurrence that altered someone’s life. Even though I now have a much more mature perspective on the events of my childhood and am aware of the science underlying the phenomenon. I still get a sense of magic when I think about how far I’ve come and where I’m going. I’m fortunate to have discovered a career that motivates me to get out of bed every day and do something positive.

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My parents have had a vision of the career they need me to get when I grow up since I was a toddler. They encouraged me to forge my path to a better future and placed great expectations on me. They are proud of me because I am the first in my family to graduate from college. I was born in a Palestinian refugee camp with little access to medical care, technology, or further education. There is no way to compare that situation to the one in the United States. My parents instilled in me the belief that even a person’s personality is defined by their work. They informed me that it aids in the understanding and expression of one’s individuality, improves stability, offers satisfaction, and allows people to achieve their goals.

My goal is to overcome the challenges that my family has faced, rather than allowing them to rule me. I try to set an example for my brothers and the rest of my family’s children. On the road to success, you’ll need to plan your career, work hard, use the right tools, and dedicate yourself to it. My ambition is to become a person who can help the poor and make a difference in the world. I want to set an example for people to follow by leading by example.

When I first grasped the importance of physical therapy, I comprehended what it meant to be disabled across all levels: physical, mental, and emotional. I was in a car accident a few years ago, and then as part of my recovery, I needed to see a therapist to help me regain function in my injured back and shoulder. Then and there, I discovered firsthand how important a physical therapist is in the healthcare field.

I discovered that the therapist’s commitment to restoring the patients’ health, assisting them in moving again, and returning them to their normal lives is critical. My personal experience taught me that a skilled therapist must have a thorough understanding of the body’s movement, endurance, and strength, particularly in the areas of my back muscles, arms, and joints. That medical practitioner assisted me in managing my discomfort and improving my mobility.

Eventually, I decided to reconsider my goals, modify my career path, and make every effort possible to obtain one of the most gratifying professions. I’ve decided to apply for physical therapy because it will allow me to make a difference in someone else’s life, just like it did in mine a few years ago. Because it has become a true passion for me, I hope to uphold a set of core beliefs and principles as just a physical therapist and achieve perfection as a specialist.

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I want to treat my patients as if they were members of my family. I’ll never turn them away due to financial constraints. I want to be a source of inspiration and strength for them. I want to be the one that makes the patients have a good time, feel relieved, and not worried or sad about their situation. After being injured, I know how difficult it is to restart a normal life. I understand how difficult it is to go through difficult moments. I value my family’s support because they are the driving force behind all I do or strive to be. They gave us the ability to be the first in my family to graduate high school and obtain the Seinfeld Scholarship Award as well as a Bachelor of Science in Health Science with a Psychology focus.


This is one of the finest physiotherapy masters personal statement examples.

My best friend’s brother had been in the military in Afghanistan during high school. His family was devastated to learn that he’d been involved in an insurgent explosive attack following months of combat. He had been in critical condition for more than a week. While surgeons were able to save his life, they were unable to salvage his limb. He was shocked but alive when he returned from Afghanistan, and he began physical treatment at Walter Reed Medical Center. During his two years of recuperation, I paid him numerous visits and observed how he gradually acclimated to being capable of moving, and then walking with such a prosthetic.

It was because of this experience that I decided to pursue a career in physics. Most people envision therapists directing a patient through simple motions repeatedly to “retrain” limbs to work in a specific way when they think of physical therapy. Although this is an important part of their employment, being a physical therapist also requires the capacity to provide emotional counseling and treatment. My friend’s brother had an extraordinarily gifted therapist who indicated that, while losing a leg would undoubtedly impact his life, it was still possible to live a regular life with it provided he had the determination to stick with it. Interacting alongside his physical therapist and seeing him acquire confidence in his new life inspired me to pursue a career in physical therapy. I wish to gain understanding and skills in a variety of industries as a Master’s student studying physical therapy.

I’ll learn the most up-to-date techniques and approaches in the sector, as well as the medical foundations for their application. But, I would be presented with current research that points to new directions for physical therapy, and I may do my study to simulate human damage and healing. All of these experiences from my Master’s in Physical Therapy program, I believe, will improve my capacity to interact with physicians and patients in the future as just a physical therapist.

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1) Select An Expertise

  • Begin by identifying a memorable experience. One apparent option is to select a physical therapy experience that inspired you to pursue the profession. However, the question does not state that this must be clinical or physical therapy-related, so don’t limit yourself to these scenarios.

(See  PTCAS personal statement examples where people have described their experiences).

Consider the following experiences as possible topics for your writing:

  • Overcoming difficulties/adversity
  • Living with a physical or mental impairment
  • Taking care of a family member who has a handicap or suffers from a chronic disease
  • Experience as a volunteer
  • Missions to provide medical assistance
  • Research
  • Working on a specific patient case
  • Working with others/leading a team
  • Teaching/mentoring

2) Describe How Your Life Has Changed As a Result Of The Experience

As given in the above physiotherapy job personal statement examples, tell about how the experience changed your career. Once you’ve narrowed down a few such events, you’ll need to figure out how each one “affected your personal growth, such as attitudes and perspectives.” This event should be ruled out if you are unable to recognize a shift in your growth.

Perhaps you worked with someone with whom you disagreed, but you learned to understand and respect their point of view. Maybe your time as a caregiver taught you how tough everyday duties can be for someone who has a chronic disease or handicap. 

Perhaps your work with marginalized populations has given you a better understanding of healthcare inequities and inspired you to provide care in these areas.

3) How Will This Experience Influence Your Future Career as a Physical Therapist?

It’s important to keep in mind that you’re writing this essay to apply to physical therapy programs. As a result, you’ll want to wrap up this response by discussing how this shift in viewpoint has prepared or motivated you to become a great physical therapist.

Consider the following questions when you respond to the final section of the prompt:

  • Did your professional ambitions change as a result of this experience?
  • What impact has your shift in viewpoint had on the way you’ll approach patient care?
  • Is there anything in your answer that relates to the APTA Core Values?

Before selecting the real experience for this prompt, think about each event from steps 1-3. Before you define your statement, you might want to doodle some short sketches to assist you to get started.

Take advantage of the prompt’s versatility. Don’t stress about finding that one-of-a-kind experience; instead, focus on a single incident that defines your tale.

Wrap up

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