Personal Statement for Health and Social Care

Example 1

Due to my previous experiences of working in the care sector, I believe that throughout my life as a nurse, I want to be able to communicate effectively with people with learning disabilities and physical impairments. 

My experience of working with people with learning disabilities has helped me gain an understanding of how communication works and how it should be used. 

This knowledge has been applied during my nursing and I am confident that this will help me when I start work.

My experiences in childcare, health and social care have given me invaluable skills and knowledge to work with people. I am now qualified as a health visitor and a social worker. 

Example 2

I enjoy helping people by listening to them and giving advice. I feel confident and competent in these roles.

My experience helped to broaden my knowledge of working with people and how to deal with children with disabilities. In my free time, I have researched the role and requirements for health promotion to find out what is required. 

To build upon these activities further, I am taking part in a one-week work experience within the health sector. 

I will spend the first week in a nursing home focusing on helping elderly patients who suffer from dementia, and the next week assisting a health promoter in order to experience a more professional role in health care. 

As I am looking forward to both experiences, I am excited about consolidating my desire to study health and social care.

In addition to volunteering, I have also done some voluntary work with a year 6 class to increase my knowledge of working with young people. 

Another activity that I very much enjoy and find extremely rewarding. I have recently volunteered to complete a Level 3 V-Volunteering course. The certificate itself is an accreditation from Newcastle University.

Perfecting A Health And Social Care Personal Statement 

  •  Make the introduction engaging and be as specific as possible.
  • Start by highlighting your strengths. For example, you could say something like, “I am an excellent communicator.”
  • Write a memorable conclusion. 

In this guide, we will take a look at a sample personal essay and find out what can make it stand out. We will also show examples of what can ruin your impression on the reader. 

Elements Of An Ideal Personal Statement

It is focused on the healthcare sphere. It follows a clear, logical format: 

  • Intro 
  • Background
  • Motivation
  • Personal traits and skills
  • Results

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