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A personal history statement should be about the History and diversity program in which you are enrolling. The University of Oxford and the University of California instruct students to write personal statements.

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How To Write A Personal Statement For History

The Personal History Statement (also known as the Personal Statement) describes what distinguishes you from others. The Personal History Statement has a somewhat predictable form than the Statement of Purpose and can be prepared in various ways. Reading other people’s MA history personal statement examples or personal history statement graduate school examples could give you some concepts, styles, and story topics to adapt to your scenario.

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Personal History Examples

Personal History Example Sample#01

My fascination with history began when I heard about my grandparents’ tribulations when they first arrived in England from Guyana. This family experience is the product of social, economic, and political pressures, and I’d like to pursue a history degree at university because it would allow me to study a variety of topics.

The fact that we are not bound to accept a universal truth is one of the things that fascinates me about history. Rather, we are encouraged to reach our own individual conclusions about the true significance and legacy of historical events. We can learn about our world’s social and economic evolution by studying history. This information is essential for both understanding and appreciating human beings.

For my History A-Level, I studied the Civil Rights Movement, which allowed me to hone these evaluative skills and come to analytical conclusions about the level of change in race relations in America. This prompted me to view the documentary “The Murder of Emmett Till” and read Adam Fairclough’s “Better Days Coming,” both of which helped me understand the issues African Americans faced as a result. These, combined with both the recent killings of unarmed black individuals by American law enforcement officials and the need to remind people on social media that “Black Lives Matter,” led me to believe that little has changed in terms of racial relations in the country.

My A-Level topics revolve around history. The novel “Heart of Darkness” and its historical background in English Literature are intimately related to my present history course, which examines the reasons for European colonization and decolonization in Africa. This piqued my interest in imperialism, prompting me to attend a discussion by Professor Denis Judd about his book, “The Lion and the Tiger: The Rise and Fall of the British Raj.” Furthermore, in my sociology class, we compare the past to the present to comprehend social advancements from various sociological views, such as the emergence of feminism over time.

Joining my college’s Law Support Group has allowed me to put my debate abilities to good use. I’ve learned how to weigh many opinions to present a convincing and fair argument, from watching real court cases at The Old Bailey to participating in mock trials on themes like the legalization of euthanasia. Being a member of my college’s History Club and subscribing to the “BBC History Magazine” has allowed me to stay up to date on historical events and engage with people who share my passion for the subject. 

I hope you will consider my personal statement history.

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Example Of Personal History Statement Sample#02

I’m fascinated with how history has shaped the world’s top economies and established the standards for the social values that surround us; this demonstrates the impact of history on the current world’s quest for a much more prosperous future that enables us to flourish. History allows us to comprehend the basis of modern civilizations as well as the lives and philosophies of individuals who envisioned them. By examining these variations in social norms, I hope to gain a better understanding of human mistakes and how we may incorporate them into our daily lives to ensure a secure future. The impact of history on the world around us has always captivated me, which is why I’m interested in it.

My interest in history is a result of my learning and practice. I was fortunate to broaden my knowledge outside of the classroom by visiting historical sites such as Hampton Court Palace and St Paul’s Cathedrals, which piqued my interest in studying other times and our forefathers’ histories. After researching civil rights in the United States, I read Adam Fairclough’s “Better Day Coming.” I watched documentaries on the subject to expand my knowledge of historical moments and events that have had enormous impacts on the world and continue to have importance in today’s society. One topic, which is not part of the school curriculum, is

what piqued my attention was ancient Chinese dynasties, which have given me insight into the evolution of Chinese culture before and following the 1911 uprising, as well as a better understanding of the reasons of later leaders such as Mao Zedong and Sun YYat-Sen

My visits, along with a desire to learn more, inspired me to study A-levels in Classical Civilisation and History, allowing me to broaden my understanding of both ancient and current history. This has equipped me with the ability to assess changes in; Trends and interpretations in different parts of the world and across time. In AS history, I focused on the struggle and change in 19th and 20th century Britain, with special attention to the changing role of women. By studying this, I was able to acquire a better knowledge of how different groups in society gained more social and economic freedoms, as well as the various means they had to employ to do just that. In addition to History and Classical Civilization, I am currently studying Mathematics, and so, as a result, I have been selected to represent my school in high school and college math competitions. My interest in mathematics has given me a better knowledge of more advanced analytical and problem-solving techniques, which has improved my history studies. 

I’m hopeful for my selection in the History graduation/master’s program. 

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