Paragraph On Television In English

Television is considered an invention by scientists. It brings the world much closer. People watch television to get entertained. 

Television was invented by the scientist John Logie Baird. It is the earliest electronic device that can be used to view movies, videos, TV programs, and much more. 

Today, children prefer to view television all the time because of its many entertaining cartoons. The earlier models of television were bulky and needed to stand on a sturdy table.

Flat TVs are compact and require less space for storage. We can watch our shows in a better way by mounting them on the wall.

Paragraph On Television In English Example 1

Television is an electronic device that is used for viewing content all over the world. It was invented by J.L. Baird, who is also known as John Logie Baird. 

He is a Scottish inventor who developed this device in 1927. This device works on the principle of reflecting the radio waves from the transmitter and then receiving them from the receiver. 

It is a very useful device that has changed the whole lifestyles of people.

People used to watch movies or read books alone. Nowadays, there are many other ways to entertain yourself. Different channels on TV are run on different frequencies, and televisions are available in colour.

Paragraph On Television In English Example 2

Television was invented by Philo T. Farnsworth in 1927. He created an electronic device called the cathode ray tube (CRT). 

  • In 1931, he applied for a patent for this invention. 
  • In 1934, he founded the RCA company. 
  • In 1941, television sets were first sold. 
  • In 1946, the first commercial broadcast took place. 
  • In 1948, the first color television set was produced. 
  • In 1953, the first color television program aired. 
  • In 1955, the first black-and-white television set was introduced. 
  • In 1959, the first UHF channel was launched. 
  • In 1961, the first high-definition television system was developed. 
  • In 1962, the first digital television system was introduced. 
  • In 1963, the first satellite was launched. 
  • In 1964, the first video cassette recorder was released. 
  • In 1965, the first laserdisc player was released. 
  • In 1966, the first VHS tape was released. 
  • In 1967, the first DVR was released. 
  • In 1968, the first DVD player was released.
  • In 1969, the first CD player was released. 
  • In 1970, the first HDTV was released. 
  • In 1971, the first Blu-ray Disc player was released. 
  • In 1972, the first 3D movie was released. 
  • In 1973, the first 4K Ultra HD TV was released.

Television has become a big problem for children. They spend too much time watching television instead of playing outside. This makes them lazy and unproductive.

Paragraph On Television In English Example 3

Television is an instrument used to transfer video and moving images, along with sound, between two distant places. The first electronic television was invented in 1927 by an American named Philip T. Farnsworth.

He was just 21 when he invented television. He used the concept of capturing moving images with a primitive camera.

Television started out as a single line. The first image ever transmitted over television was a single line, and the first electronic television made mechanical television redundant and obsolete.

 Mechanical televisions were replaced by electronic ones. The world’s first mechanical TV station was constructed in America in 1928.

Paragraph On Television In English Example 4

Television is an electronic device that transmits images and sounds to a distant location. In the early years, TV could only transmit in black and white, but now it can also show colorful images.

The first thing you see when you turn on your television is an image of a person who looks like he or she is about to speak. This is called the host. 

He or she usually introduces the show and tells you what time it starts. Then you hear music playing as well as some kind of background noise. You may even hear a voice telling you to watch this program because it is very interesting. 

After that, there is another person talking about something important. Sometimes there is a commercial break. When the commercials come on, you might be asked if you want to buy something. 

There might be a quiz show or a game show. Some shows are made up of different people speaking about different things.

 Some shows are made by a single person. In the end, you are supposed to learn something from watching the show.

Paragraph On Television In English Example 5

Television is an invention that allows people to watch movies, shows, news, etc. It is also used as a tool for educational purposes. 

There are many different types of televisions available today. Some are large and some are smaller. They are made in various shapes and colors. Most TVs are affordable for everyone.

Television is an important invention for humans. It was invented by Philo T. Farnsworth in 1927. He had the idea of using cathode ray tubes (CRTs) to create images. 

This invention made television possible. Television became popular after World War II. In the 1950s, television sets were sold for $100. 

Today, there are many different types of TV sets available. Some of these include plasma, LCD, LED, OLED, etc.

Paragraph On Television In English Example 6

Television was invented in the 1900s. It has been a major part of our lives since then. It has brought us together as a society. Now we are even more connected with each other thanks to TV.

Television is a powerful medium of communication. News from thousands of kilometers away is transmitted almost instantly for viewers to see and hear.

 We get to learn about what is happening around the world.

Television in India started in 1959. Initially, the programs transmitted on television were meant for school children and rural populations. 

In India, the government television broadcasting service is called Doordarshan. Initially, the programs were all in black and white. 

In 1982, the color transmission of certain programs began. Today, television has become the most important household equipment in India. It is available in every house, irrespective of economic status.

The poor and rich alike have it and they love TV too. Television has become an integral part of our lives.

Paragraph On Television In English Example 7

Television is a machine with a screen that receives signals from a remote source and converts them into images and sounds. 

CRTs were initially used in televisions, hence the name. These devices were large and heavy, but now LCDs are more popular.

Television is a good source for informing people about current events. However, it doesn’t provide any entertainment. It is both informative and educational.


Television is a good source of entertainment as well as a medium of product endorsement. Millions of people watch television every day. Many products are advertised on TV. 


Television provides opportunities to reach millions of potential buyers and customers.

Disadvantages of Television 


Television could be very addicting if restraint is not exercised. Sometimes children are seen to be so addicted to television that they neglect their studies. 


Extremely easy operation and loads  of entertainment make A Television distractive and it will get you if you happen to be near it  Will Get You If You Happen To Be Near It.

Television screens emit harmful rays that can cause eye problems. Viewing TV can be dangerous if you’re not careful. 

Paragraph On Television In English Example 8

Television has brought the world into our houses. It is the main form of entertainment in today’s life. A Scottish scientist named John Logie Baird invented the first television. 

This television worked with the help of a mechanical system, and the size was very large. In the year 1927, electronic television came into existence, and it was a black and white television. 

It got channels by using radio signals. After some time, color TV came onto the market, and the names of the first RCA color TV sets were CT-100. 

Today we use smart LCD TVs in our house with cable connections. On the TV we could watch movies, cartoons, dramas, news, dance & music, and listen to songs on different channels. Today, TV has become a part of our daily lives.

Paragraph On Television In English Example 9

Television is a useful gadget that helps people relax after working hard. There are many different kinds of programs on television. 

Some of them are about the news, weather, and entertainment. Some other programs are about political issues or science.

Apart from news channels, there is also educational programming. There are also programs about trade and agriculture. There is also entertainment programming that broadcasts movies and plays, as well as music, dance, and cartoons. 

Watching TV shows the most recent events around the world. Television also provides entertainment. However, watching TV, also known as the idiot box, is an unhealthy habit.

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