Paragraph on parents in english

My parents are my most precious gifts from God. I must always love and respect them. My parents are amazing. They are working really hard to make our lives better. I love them too. I would love to be with them forever.

My Parents Paragraph Words

Parents play an extremely important role in our lives. When we grow up we learn everything about the world from them. Our first words come from our moms. I have amazing parents who help me learn everything about the world and how to be successful. 

My mom’ s name is (Name), and my dad’s name is (Name) . We are from Bihar, India. My mom is a housewife and dad is a business owner in a nearby market.

My dad is a hard working man who works all day long to make a good future for us all. He is very kind and he loves me a lot. I love to go out with him and my elder sister (Name) helps my mom with her kitchen tasks. She is also kind and she loves me a lot too. I love them both and I hope they live longer with us!

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Paragraph on My Parents 

Parents are the most loving people in the world. They love their children more than anything else. They teach their children about life. They help their children when they face problems. They guide their children to become successful adults.

Parents are always busy with their children. They do almost everything for them. They try to fulfill their dreams for their children. They love their children very much.

Essay On My Parents Example 2

We enter this world because of our parent’s love. We must learn to be pleased by what our parents do for us. I am grateful to them for everything they do for us. Through my parents’ essay, I wish to express how valuable they are to us and how much I appreciate them.

My parents are my strength who help me at every stage of my life. I cannot imagine myself without them. My mother is a housewife and she is the strongest person I know. She helps my father with his work and feeds him delicious foods. She was once a teacher but quit the job to take care of my siblings and I.

My mom is very hardworking and dedicated to my brother and I. She never sleeps late and always gets up early to take care of us. She is also a great role model for me and my brother. She is always there when we need her. She is a strong support system for us. Not everyone has parents who love them and take care of them.

My Father

My father is a kind human who helps out my mother whenever possible. He is a loving person who helps others too. My father is also a social person who interacts well with people around him. He is an expert at maintaining relationships with his relatives. My father works very hard as a business owner and does a lot of work.

My dad is a very kind person who does a lot for me and my sister. Whenever we need him, he is always ready to give us whatever we ask for. He is a very popular person among people because he is always helping others. He is also a great father who loves us very much.

I love both my parents with my whole heart. They are kind and generous people who have taught their child to be the same. Even when they have arguments, we always make up without letting them affect us. I aspire to become like them and achieve success in life with their blessing.

My Parents Essay Example 3

Parents are the most valuable gift you can ever receive. You should be thankful if you have them because they are the source of your strength and support. They teach you how to face challenges and make the right decisions for yourself.

Parents are the source of happiness and protection for most of us. They are the closest to us, and they understand our needs without saying them out loud. They love us unconditionally for what we are without any if-buts.

My parents are my first friends. I am very lucky because I have two wonderful parents who love me very much. They are always there when I need them. They never let me down. They are always happy and make me feel loved. They are the best people in the world. They are always there for me.

Parents always love their children. They do everything possible to help them succeed.

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