Paragraph On My Daily Routine In 100 Words

My daily routine includes going to school, eating breakfast, doing homework, playing video games, watching TV, etc. I’m an active child who follows a daily routine.

This saves a lot of time too, and therefore increases our productivity and keeps our health. 

 When I wake up in the morning around six o’clock, I pray and then begin to prepare for my day. After the daily chores, I get ready for school. My mom would always keep my uniform ready for me. All I needed was to put it on, comb my hair and be fully prepared to go to school.

A Typical Day Of A Student

School hours are divided into different periods for each subject. Students attend classes during these periods. During break times, students play games or do homework. When school hours end, students get out of the classroom and wait for their vans. Then, they board the vans and travel to their homes. While traveling, students eat snacks prepared by their mothers. After reaching home, students relax for a while before going to bed.

Essay On My Daily Routine Example 1

My daily routine includes getting up early, having breakfast, going to school, doing homework, studying, eating lunch, resting, and then going back to school. I also take part in sports activities such as swimming, running, and playing football.

Essay on My Daily Routine in Words 2

Everyone should follow a daily routine, but you need to be careful about your health. You should start your day by getting up early, taking a morning walk, and bathing with cold water. Then you should rest for ten minutes before going back to school or work.

After the rest, I eat breakfast. And then I get into my reading room. I enjoy reading science and English in the early morning. It’s a great time to concentrate on studying. I prepare myself for school by getting ready. At exactly 9.30 am, my dad picks me up from school. I come back home after school at 3 pm. I eat my lunch during the school break time. I always keep my food with me when I play cricket.

You should be more active. You should go out and play sports or do something else instead of sitting around doing nothing. Your body needs exercise to stay healthy. Try to get some exercise every day.

My Daily Routine Essay Example 3

Daily routines are important because they help us be more organized and productive. Students should start by setting up a daily routine that works for them.

Your daily routine is very simple but you follow it very strictly. You take a look at your daily routine here. At 4.00am, you wake up early in the morning, brush your teeth and wash your face, then you go for a small morning exercise and get back to home.

Cold showers are bad for your health. You should warm up before taking a shower. Eat your meals at regular intervals. Don’t eat too much or you’ll get sick. Keep your food with you when you go out. Share your lunch with your classmates.

He gets up early every day and plays cricket outside before going to school. After he studies for an hour or two, he goes to bed and watches television for twenty minutes. This is his daily routine.

Conclusion: I make some changes when I have free time and leisure time. Overall that’s a huge experience for me.

My Daily Routine Essay in Words Example 4

A student follows a strict but simple routine. He or she manages time well by following a daily schedule. This routine helps him or her to improve study.

Your daily routine should start very early in the morning, and you should take a short walk before breakfast. You should brush your teeth and go for a short walk before breakfast because this helps you stay healthy.

I enjoy the walk very much. I also do some basic exercises. I take a shower and then eat my breakfast. After that I prepare my school tasks and then I go to school. I love to study maths and science in the morning. Because I can give more concentration on those subjects. I get ready for school at 9 am and my mom drops me at 9.30 am. I spend most of my day at school. I eat my dinner there during the school breaktime.

Cricket player returns home at 3.30 PM. I take a break for 30 minutes. Then I played cricket on the field until 5.00 PM. After that, I study at 6.30 PM.

Most of the day, I read until 9.30. That’s the most important part for studying. I prepare all my assignments and do some extra studies as well. And then I eat dinner and watch TV before sleeping. Conclusion: That’s all about my daily routine, and I try to follow this every day. Sometimes I need to make some changes in the routine, but I always stick to this routine.

Write Sentences On Daily Routine In English Example 5

I write my daily routine because I want to improve myself. I write ten sentences daily because I need to practice my English skills every day.I’m writing this diary because I want to share my daily routine with friends and family. I am going to describe my daily routine by describing what I do every day. I am going to write about my daily routine as if I was talking to someone who doesn’t know me well. I am going to use short sentences and simple words.

Paragraph On My Daily Routine In 100 Words: Example 6

(Name) wakes up at 7am every day. He brushes his teeth and does some exercises before he puts on his clothes and prepares his schoolbag. Then he goes to school and starts his first class. After that, he takes his lunch break and talks with his friends. At 12pm, he goes back home and takes a rest. Next, he watches some TV and chats with his family. At 9pm, he reads a book and goes to bed. You should always be prepared for anything. Even if you’re not leaving the house, you should still prepare yourself by getting ready. Brush your teeth, shave, etc.

Example 7

Daily routine is very important because it helps you to be more productive. You should start your day by taking a shower and brushing your teeth. Then you should eat breakfast before going to work. When you come back from work, you should drink your tea break. At last, you should finish your work at 4pm. And when you come home, you should have dinner first. Then you should go to bed.

Example 8

I wake up early in the morning and go to school. After school, I come back home and do my homework. When I am done with my homework, I watch TV or play games. After dinner, I study again. At night, I sleep.

Example 9

My name is (name)-. I always wake up early in the morning. Then I clean my face and brush my teeth. After that, I eat my breakfast and wait for my school bus. At 8 am I go to the second grade. After that, I take my lunch break and play soccer. At 12 pm I go back home and relax. Next, I usually read books or talk to my friends. At 9 pm I study English.

Establishing A New Daily Routine During The COVID Pandemic  

We should try to be flexible when dealing with this new reality, but establishing some structure into our days will help us feel more fulfilled and productive.

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