Paragraph On My Best Friend

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Paragraph On My Best Friend For Class 1, 2, 3 (100 Words)

John is my best friend. He sits near me in my school. He is so nice. He is not shy. All the teachers like him. He never fights with anyone. He shares his things with others. John helps me in reading. He is the procter of our class. He likes blue color. We play together. We like the same cartoons. He helps his parents with everything. He likes playing with toys. He stays clean. We read comic books together. I help John learn football. Everyone likes our friendship.

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paragarph on my best friend

Paragraph On My Best Friend For Class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 (200 Words)

My best friend, John, is like a brother to me. I remember the days when the teacher asked me in school who is your best friend; I named someone else and John was so upset. We go way back – back to our childhood days. It’s hard to even recall when we first saw each other, but that’s not what matters. All the things are second for me him. What counts is the bond we share, a bond that’s grown stronger over time. John and I share all our toys and our parents always buy 2 things – one for me and the other for John. We do everything together. We have some common friends who like us chatting and they share their thoughts too. Our friendship is built on being real in everything in life. We never look back in the hours of need. If one of us messes up, the other won’t hesitate to call it out. It’s this honesty that’s shaped our connection. Our likes and dislikes are the same. One interesting thing is we were born on the same day March 5. This is what makes us more connected.

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Paragraph On My Best Friend For Class 111, 12, Competitive Examinations (250-300 Words)

Friends are an asset to life and I feel lucky to have John who is my best friend. I remember the time when we met for the first time. He was sitting under a tree in a part in our neighbourhood. I was surprised to see an intelligent-looking boy sitting silently under the tree. I went to share his thoughts and he told me that he was just feeling nature as nature is all about care and harmony. From that day on, we share everything. He sits closer to me in my shool. John is an experienced debater and he takes an active part in all the school sports and speeches. English is his first language and he helps me read and write small and big paragraphs. Being caring and sensitive, he takes care of everyone around him. Sometimes he gives of his lunch to some student who forgets his or her lunch at home. All the teachers and students like him for his generosity. The memories we’ve collected are pure gold. When things get tough, John is the first person to hold my hand and make things easier for me. He’s my rock, always ready with a listening ear and a reassuring presence. People often mistake us for siblings, and I get why. We practically grew up in each other’s homes. Our parents are friends from their childhood and I did not know it earlier. Our families are like extended families now. But it’s not just about the fun times when one of us is sad, we always stand together. We help our parents in their daily work. Sometimes we spend some days in each other’s house, especially in winter vacations. We go out to visit different countries together. John is a gift of God to me and I wish and pray to stay with him forever.

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Paragraph On My Best Friend


What exactly is a best friend?
A best friend is that one person who holds an incredibly special place in your life.

What makes a best friend special?
They’re the ones who stand by us through thick and thin. Their ability to truly understand us is what sets them apart.

Can best friends be considered family?
Absolutely! Although not connected by blood, best friends often feel like the siblings we never had. Their constant presence and the way they share our daily lives make them an integral part of our family-like circle.

How to start my best friend paragraph?

Start talking about your best friend and then tell the name of the person and then tell how you two met.

How to close my best friend paragraph?

Tell how much you like the person and where do you see each other in the future.

How do best friends impact our lives?
Best friends hold a significant role. They’re the ones we turn to when we’re overjoyed or when life hits us hard. Their companionship and empathetic listening provide a comforting solace that’s hard to find elsewhere.

What are some qualities of a best friend?
Best friends are known for their honesty and openness.

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