Paragraph On An Interesting Weekend

I love weekends! I am looking forward to spending five days in school with lots of homework pressure. On Fridays, I get up late and then I start studying until midnight. Then I take a nap till 2 pm. After lunch, I do some exercise. At 3 pm, I studied again. In the evening, I watch TV or play games.

Paragraph On An Interesting Weekend Example 1

My last weekend was so awesome. I always sleep a long time on a Friday night without an alarm. I know I don’t have school on Saturday, and I feel no pressure for that. I get to sleep as much as I wish. So last weekend I woke up at 9 a. m.

After waking up, I did my homework. Then my mom told me that we were going to see our grandma today. I was really excited about that. We go see our grandma every weekend, and I love that too. My sister was also excited about that.

In the afternoon, my dad drove us there. My grandma is so happy to see us. She has one of my uncles living with her. She had a really good time seeing me and my cousins. We came back on Monday.

Paragraph On An Interesting Weekend Example 2

My weekend is something I really look forward to too. I really get to rest and relax from the other busier five days of school. On Friday mornings, I am so happy because I can sleep to my heart’s content on weekends. Moreover, as a family, we could all spend some time on weekends.

I was happy because I could do my homework quickly and complete it. I was busy helping my mother prepare food and looking after my little sister while she played. In the afternoon, I helped my mother cook and eat lunch. We had a great time together. 

My niece was there too, and we played a lot. After lunch, we went for a drive around town. It was so much fun that we really loved the day. On returning home, we were tired. We had tea and went to sleep early.

The weekend went by fast, and I had lots of fun. I look forward to the weekend for more fun and relaxation.

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