Paragraph on a hot sunny day

Almost every day has so much hot weather. I’ve experienced many hot summers in my life. June and July are the hottest days of the year. People don’t want to go out these days. They want to stay inside the air-conditioned rooms.

Kids are forced indoors because of the extreme heat. Umbrellas are used as protection from the sun. Ponds and canals are empty. Water is scarce. The sun is very strong.

The weather is very hot right now. People should wear light white and cotton clothing.

A short paragraph about how hot People were sweating profusely because of the heat. Some people stayed inside while others went out.  The temperature reached 45 degrees Celsius (113 Fahrenheit).

Most of the people shut themselves inside their homes. They feel thirsty again and again. Rich people take shelter under the air conditioner. Poor people use hand fans. But no one feels comfortable. There’s no traffic on the road. People are tired of living.

It is a sunny day in the city. A young man is walking along the streets, enjoying the weather. He walks past a construction site and sees a giant billboard which says ‘The hottest day of the year is coming!’ The man is curious to see what this billboard has to say, so he walks closer.

Paragraph On A Hot Sunny Day Example 2

He looks at the billboard and decides to get his phone out to take a look at it. He takes out his phone, looks at it for a few seconds and then puts it away again.

After he has walked back home, he checks his messages on his phone and sees that one of them has been sent by an unknown person (which means that someone else got hold of his phone). He checks who sent this message and finds that it was from an anonymous number

Paragraph On A Hot Sunny Day Example 3

If you are looking for a new and exciting summer vacation, then you should definitely take your family to the beach. However, that is not always possible due to the hot and sunny weather. If you want to be able to enjoy the beach with your family without having to deal with the heat and humidity, then you should consider renting a pool table.

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