Paragraph My Favourite Hobby

A hobby is something we like doing in our free time. We usually choose hobbies that give us pleasure, knowledge, and help us remove the pains of loneliness. We spend around an hour each day on our hobbies. We enjoy reading books because they make us feel happy, broadens our outlooks, and helps us learn more.

My hobby is playing chess. Chess is an interesting game because it requires strategy and tactics. It helps me relax after a stressful day at work. Playing chess also keeps me fit and healthy.

My Favorite Hobby Cooking – Paragraph Example 1

Cooking is a hobby for everyone. You should learn how to cook by yourself. Your mom taught you well, but now you want to learn more. She is happy about your interest in cooking. Now you can cook anything you want.

Cooking is an art form that requires patience, skill, and creativity. You need to be patient while you’re learning how to cook. Watch YouTube videos to help you learn new recipes. Your dishes must be tasty and creative.

My Favorite Hobby Book Reading – Paragraph  Example 2

My hobby is book reading. When I was young, I loved to read books. Nowadays, I still enjoy reading books but I also love watching movies. I’m always looking forward to seeing what new movie will be released next year. I watch many movies every week. I’m really interested in science fiction because I think it gives us an opportunity to know more about our universe.

I’ve read more than ten books about the Liberation War of Bangladesh. I don’t read only Bengali books but also English and other languages.

There are so many English books I’ve read. My favorite book was Science Fiction by Muhammad Jafar iqbal. I think he’s the best writer in this county for kids. Humayun Ahmad also has some awesome books but most of them are for grown people. I want to keep continuing my hobby. I think reading books is the best hobby ever! Books seem like friends. I will never feel alone. I can spend leisure time without wasting it! People can gain so much information by reading good books. Everybody should read books.

My Favourite Hobby Example 3

Hobbies are fun activities we enjoy doing to relax or relieve stress. Some people take up hobbies as a source of income while others do it simply because they enjoy it. I am happy with my hobby since it makes me feel relaxed and satisfied.

Reading books gives you a sense of fulfillment. You become a different person after reading a book. Your outlook in life changes.

Books make your mind sharper. You should read more books.

Books are very wide and detailed, but they aren’t very long. You can read them quickly because they’re short. Reading is an activity that helps you learn new things. Books give you lots of information about different subjects.

Reading to me is like a call. I have made it my culture to read before I go to bed. I have been reading since childhood and I still enjoy doing it. I read late into the nights, especially during the weekends. I am also an introvert who loves to read alone.

Most people spend most of their time doing things that drain them of energy. Reading helps recharge your batteries. When you’re feeling drained, try taking a break to read something interesting.

My Favourite Hobby Essay Example 4

Hobbies are important because they help people relax and enjoy themselves. When you’re bored or stressed out, you should try to do something fun. Hobbies are also great ways to meet new people and make friends.

My favourite hobby is watching TV because whenever I have free time, it helps me to expand my knowledge and learn new things. Watching TV also makes me happy and excited. I like to watch different kinds of programs on TV.

Watching television is a good habit because it helps you to learn new things. You can also learn about different aspects of your life by watching informative channels. Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, etc. are some of the most popular channels.

I enjoy watching cartoons because they provide me with creative and new ways to make cartoons and arts by using different techniques. My favorite comic characters include Mr Bean, Tom andJerry, Scooby-Doo and many more. Many cartoon themed stories, such as The Pink Panther and Spongebob, inspire me to draw and decorate my scrapbooks. Comics attract me and inspire me into drawing them.

Parents should encourage their children to develop their interests. Children should be given opportunities to pursue their passions.

Watching television shows helps us learn about different places, their culture, climate and even their history. We also get to know about fictional characters from the wonderful Disney world and Jungle Book.

Importance Of Hobby

Hobbies are all about interests and can only be done during your leisure time. They help you relax and refresh your mind and body. You can do them even if you’re busy or tired.

Hobbies help us develop ourselves by giving us something to do when we’re bored. Hobbies also protect us from negative emotions such as depression and anxiety. Hobbies help us stay healthy and happy.

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