Paragraph about your city

Dhaka is the capital city for Bangladesh, and it is also the largest city in Bangladesh. It is located on the bank of Buri-ganga river. It is a beautiful place after all.

There are so many exciting places in Dhaka. I like Lalbagh fort the most and I’ve been there for a long time. Another interesting place in Dhaka is the National Memorial in Shishu Park. The National Museum, Zoo and Shishu Park are also very beautiful. I love the National Museum because it has a lot of historical objects. I also like the National Zoo because it has some rare animals. I like the National Parliament because it is the house of the government. And I like the National Memorial because it has a lot of memorials about our heroes.

Dhaka is a city with many mosques. Most people in the city are Muslims. People are very friendly in this city. We’ve been living here for 10 years, but there haven’t been any major issues.

Paragraph About Your City : Delhi

Delhi is the capital city, and it is also one of the biggest cities of India. My name is Subas, and I’m from Delhi. Delhi is famous for being the capital city of India. This is because it is the center of government, culture, education, commerce, industry, media, finance, and technology.

Delhi is the capital of India. It is located in the northern part of the country. Delhi has been inhabited since ancient times. It was once called Indraprastha. The name changed when Alexander invaded India. He named it after himself. Delhi means “the abode of Indra”. The city is also known as Old Delhi. It is divided into four parts: North Delhi, South Delhi, East Delhi and West Delhi. These areas are separated by the Yamuna River. The population of Delhi is about 10 million people.

This city has the biggest railway station in the country. The whole communication system is based in this city. The largest business center is here. Huge opportunities are available here.

Paragraph About Your City: Cairo

Cairo is the capital of Egypt. It is located in the north east of the country. It is also known as Al-Qāhira or Al-Qahera. Cairo means ‘the victorious’ in Arabic. Cairo is the most populous city in Africa. It is also the second largest city in Egypt after Alexandria. Cairo is famous for many things including being the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world. Cairo is also known for having the highest number of mosques per capita.

Cairo is a city of contrasts. On the coast, there are lush green areas and tall buildings. But further inland, the colors are more muted, and the buildings are smaller.

Cairo is located in Egypt, and it is shaped like a fan. It is narrow in the southern part of the city, but it is wider in the northern part of the city. Cairo has grown over time because of the need for more space.

Cairo’s population is mostly Muslim. There are remnants of other ethnic groups in the city. Most people live in the city, but there are also many who live in the suburbs.

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