My Village Essay In English For Class 7

Rural villages and the countryside are very scenic places to live. 

Adapur is a beautiful place, but the villagers there are poor. There are many children who do not go to school because they do not have enough money to buy books or uniforms. 

Many adults work as daily wage laborers at the nearby construction site, and some even work as security guards. Adapur is also known for being an important center for the production of silk. 

Silkworms are raised in the surrounding fields, and the cocoons are collected by hand. This is how Aadapur earns its living.

It is a beautiful place. There are many roads running throughout the city. People live in many different types of houses. 

Most of them are made out of mud and sand. Only a few cement-built homes exist in this part of India.

Facilities And Infrastructure

We have some facilities here and here. At the very center, stands the community village school. It is aided by the government.

It is the only educational institution in the area. There are no colleges. The building has two stories. Students from standard 1 to 8 study in this school.

The village panchayat is the place where minor judicial matters are handled. This is also the place where the villagers meet to discuss issues affecting them. The bazaar is crowded with shops selling everything you need. There are government-subsidized shops as well.

The entire village gathers together once a month for their monthly share of subsidized rations, and the village itself has several small shops scattered around.

Roads are narrow paths made of dirt or gravel. There are no lines on them. People know each other very well here. Everyone plays games together. The streets are lit up by lamps placed along the road.

People who work hard to earn money for themselves or their families live in cities. Cities are full of pollution and noise. 

In contrast, villages are quiet and green. Villagers do not need to go far to get what they want.

My Village Essay In English For Class 7 Example 1

My village is about a place that I like to visit when I’m feeling tired or need to relax. Villages are places that are far away from the pollution of cities. You also feel a connection with the earth in a village.

There are trees, a variety of crops, a diversity of flowers and rivers, etc. Besides all this, you feel a cool breeze at night and a nice but warm breeze during the day.

The Facts About The Village

Villages are the main source of agriculture and food. People living in villages are more dedicated to their jobs than those who live in cities. They have more strength and capacity than people living in cities.

The entire village lives in peace. There is no conflict of any sort. Villagers come forward to help others in need. You can see stars at night, which you no longer see when living in the city.

Description Of My Village

My village is located in a low-lying area that has a warm climate. Most people visit their village in the summer due to the holidays. You don’t need air conditioners in villages because of the breeze. Most villages have green landscapes, and most households have a minimum of one tree.

Summer is the time of harvest. There are few crops in this season. Earlier, there were many houses made out of mud and brick, but now the situation has changed and the number has decreased. The people of the villages are friendlier than those of the city.

The village is located near mountains and rivers. There is fresh air and clean water. People sleep well because there is no noise. At night, you can see stars.

My Village Essay In English For Class 7 Example 2

Our village is called Bhelpur. It lies twenty miles east of Cuttack. There are two rows facing each other. The streets run between them. The temple stands at one end. Coconut and mango trees grow around the houses. 

About six hundred people live here. There is an M.E. school and a health centre. The people here are mostly farmers who do hard work. A weekly market is held on Sundays. People from different parts of India come to buy and sell goods.

There are two lines of houses, and the road runs between them. The community temple stands at one end of our village. We have mango and coconut trees on all sides. 

Most people in our community are poor farmers. They do very hard work. A community market is held on Sunday, where people from many places come together to buy and sell things.

People here are farmers who cultivate crops using bullocks. They drink water from wells and cook using firewood. Villagers have electricity and tap water. They have a community center with a TV set. A middle school and a post office are located nearby.

My Village Essay In English For Class 7 Example 3

My native village is a very small town, and only 50–60 people live there. Most of them are our relatives, and we are bonded together. We have a lot of things to share with each other.

Our village is very improved. People of Hindu and Muslim origin live together peacefully. We have a better road connection to the nearest city. We also have a hospital 10 minutes from our house. 

Schools for education are available nearby. People of Hindu and Muslim origin live together peacefully.

All my relatives love me a great deal, and I feel very happy when I am with them! My cousins are amazing. When we are together, we do everything. Most importantly, my grandma lives in the village. 

That’s why I love the village a lot. There are some other factors as well, but these are the main ones. I love the fresh air and the fresh food in the villages.

I love living in this village. It’s an amazing place for me, and I love to live here. I have lots of nice things here, and they are very interesting. The people of my village are really great, and I like them a lot.

“Villages” are settlements that have fewer than 5,000 people. They are located in rural areas of the country. Farmers work hard to grow crops for the entire nation, but they struggle to make ends meet.

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