My train journey paragraph

A train journey is exciting and fun. It provides memories to be cherished forever. You can enjoy your favorite snacks while traveling. There are many things you can do during the journey such as singing songs, playing games, watching the scenery, etc. Sleeping on bunk beds is very relaxing. You can also share stories with your family.

A Journey By Train  Example 1

A few weeks ago, I took a trip with my family to Sylhet. We went there to enjoy our summer vacation and that was an exciting journey by train. We left from Kolkata Railway Station at 8:30 AM and arrived at Dhaka Railway Station at 11:00 AM. It was my very first time traveling by train, but I had fun during the journey.

Tea gardens were beautiful. We saw many different types of plants. There were also many people working there. It was a very interesting experience. I hope to go back to Bangladesh soon.

A train ride is a great experience! You should try this when you travel.

A train trip is fun when you’re traveling with your friends. You can buy food from the hawker stalls along the way. Enjoying the scenery makes the trip even better.

There are few hilly tracks in Chittagong Road, it’s filled with adventure. I love the green outside and awesome nature views. All these scenes make me happy and I want to enjoy them over and over again. If you haven’t enjoyed a train ride before, you should try it out. It’s an amazing experience.

Paragraph On Journey By Train : Example 2

We often time travel from one location to another for whatever the reasons may be. Some of us travel onn bikes, others in cars, aeroplane while some in train.Train is one of the cheapest and fastest modes of transport on Earth.

It lets the employees to reach their destination,every day millions of people travel via train.In the earlier stages trains used to be  steam powered, run on the steams released by the burning of coal.The advancement in science led to the development of electric trains, some so fast that it could even break the sound barrier.However let’s just focus on journeys by train. Even though planes will drop you to your location much faster, the joy that comes while traveling by train is  unmatched. The long journey through the villages,forest,mountains and through nature makes us think about the beauty of nature. 

A journey by train is a very interesting thing for me. My uncle was coming from abroad and he came to meet me at the airport. We had fun together and enjoyed the journey.

Window seats are great places to watch the scenery go by. Train rides are fun when you’re enjoying a cup of tea. Tea gardens are beautiful landscapes that are perfect for relaxing.

The tea garden was full of people. We bought some food from a hawker. I bought a magazine to enjoy reading. After 4 hours, we reached the Airport railway station. I enjoyed the whole journey.

A Train Journey Paragraph Example 3

Train rides are always exciting. You never know what you might see along the way. Our mother took us to India during our vacation. She made us a delicious meal, but we didn’t go to the top berth because we were afraid of heights.

We already planned to keep each other company until late at night on the trip. Initially, we played card games. During one game, the three of us were joined by two boys who sat next to us in the third class. 

It is always more exciting to play cards with more people. Thus, our game became more intense and we continued for two or three hours. There was no problem about turning off the lights because our compartment was occupied only with us and the two brothers, and their parents.

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