My summer vacation essay

In summer vacation, students should be careful about what they do because there are many opportunities to waste your time. You need to make sure that you use your time wisely and do something productive.

Summer vacation offers students a chance to relax and do something worthwhile. Students eagerly await their summer vacations every year, hoping to do something worthwhile that relieves them from the regular routine.

Vacation is the best time to have some fun. It is also the best time to learn new things and develop new talents. While having fun, you should be careful about your health. 

You should also take care of your body during this period. Your body needs rest and relaxation. So, when you go out, make sure you do not overdo it. Do not forget to eat well. Also, if you feel tired or sick, then you must stay indoors and relax.

My Summer Vacation Essay 150 Words In English 1

Summer vacations are a long awaited vacation for students. Students enjoy their vacation at their homes with their families and friends. I have enjoyed my last summer vacation at home with my parents. 

I haven’t done any tours or trips this year. I’ve played a lot with my classmates and finished my summer homework with my parents’ help. I have even completed my homework while having some fun with my friends. 

My uncle’s family visited me, and I felt happy when meeting with my little cousin too.

We went to a movie and to a nearby park. My mom organized a kid’ s party on my terrace. We all enjoyed it a lot! I love watching animated shows, and my dad gave me some DVDs.

 My friend and I watched some series with our friends and enjoyed it a lot. It was one of those unforgettable summer vacations. My uncle’s family went as my cousin has to attend his school.

My Summer Vacation Essay 150 Words In English Example 2

Summer vacations are the best time of the year for students. It gives them an opportunity to explore new things. 

They can take breaks from their daily routines and shift to new hobbies. Most of them enjoy playing at home or going to places nearby. Some people like to go exploring new places.

Last summer, I visited my grandmother’s house, which is located far from the city’s bustle, and my cousins visited us there during their summer vacation. Grandma prepared a lot of delicious dishes, and we relished every bite of the food she made.

 Grandpa loves gardening, and we help him plant new saplings and water them in the garden. We also used to sit together in the evening and listen to my grandparents’ stories. Afterwards, we all went to the terrace and played some games.

 At night we gazed at the stars, and listened to some mesmerising stories about the stars and the moon told by grandma. I had a wonderful experience spending some memorable moments with both my grandparents.

My Summer Vacation Essay 150 Words In English Example 3

Summer Vacation is the most awaited time in the life of students. It gives students an opportunity to take a rest from their daily routine, get away from the monotony of school and studies, and spend some quality time with their families and friends.

 Students eagerly await their summer vacations hoping to do something worthwhile that will liberate them from the monotonously regular routine of school and study. 

My Summer Vacation Essay 150 Words In English Example 4

Summer vacations give you a chance to relax and enjoy life. You should try out new hobbies like gardening, dance, and painting. You should also spend time with your friends.

We planted some saplings in the garden. We also watered them. We played outside all day long. Our grandfather loved gardening. He loves planting saplings and watering them. We enjoyed spending time with him.

Our grandmother prepared delicious and mouth watering dishes for us and we enjoyed every bite of the food she cooked. She was an amazing story teller and we loved listening to her tales. We played games like hide-and seek on the terrace after dinner.

Grandparents are always there for you when you need them. You enjoy your summer vacation with them. Your family is very caring and loving.

My Summer Vacation Essay 150 Words In English Example 5

Holidays are awesome because you get to see your family and spend quality time together. You get to discover new places and learn new things. You can relax and play games while cooking under your mom’s supervision.

My Summer Vacation Essay 150 Words In English Example 6

Each child eagerly awaits summer vacation. He plans to sleep late in the morning and enjoy every day as if it were Sunday. He wants to be free from school for two weeks.

Summer vacations are very important because you get time off work. You should plan your activities carefully so that you do not miss any classes or lessons. I am happy because I get to meet new friends during summer vacation. My parents let me do things outside, and I enjoy doing them. There are fifteen other students like me in our building. We play together outdoors.

My Summer Vacation Essay 150 Words In English Example 7

Summer vacation is a great time for me. My parents have planned a trip to Manali, and I’m excited about it. We’ve booked our tickets to Manalis separated into 2 trips: Chandigarh And Delhi.

 We’ll go through one day inChandigarh and Delhi; there we’ll go for touring, and then we’ll take a vehicle for Manalis. For the next six days, we’ll be in Manali, and we want to visit Rohtang Pass, Manikaran,Hidimba Devi Temple and Manali markets.

A year ago, we went to visit Mumbai and Loni. So for a change my father arranged an outing to the mountain. I have planned to capture lots of pictures.

 I love photography, catching the snow capped mountains is my ultimate wish. For the rest of the summer vacation, I will join the skateboarding class. 

Summer vacation is a time when people can relax and enjoy themselves. Students can improve their English skills by reading books, writing essays and practising speaking. Parents should encourage their kids to learn and practice English during the summer holiday.

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