My sister essay in english

 She is an important part of my life. She is a sweet girl who loves art very much.

 She enjoys drinking and roaming around. She doesn’t mind being disturbed while she works. Her laughter and mischief is very innocent and lovely.

 (Name)is very helpful and kind. She helps you with your project and homework too.She likes to read a lot, my sister is very good, she always gets first in her classes. I like to be (like) my sister, I feel proud of my sis, she is my hero!

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Lines on my Sister in English: Example 1

120 words Paragraph on My Sister. Sister is the most valuable gift of God. It should be there, whether it’s big or small. If you have an elder sister, you’ll get a counselor. But if you have a younger one, you’ll get good friends. I’ve got a very cute and bubblier little sister who always does mischievous things.

Dolls are cute toys for children. Prerna is a smart girl who loves to read books. Her laughter makes people happy.

When she is upset and stubborn over small matters, she feels very cute!

Best Lines on My Sister Essay for Class: Example 2

Sisters are really great friends. They help each other out in every situation.

My sister’s name is (name). Her age is two years younger than mine. She studies in the UK G. She is very sweet and polite. We spend most of our time with each other. She goes to the same school as me and we eat lunch together. After school she plays cricket with me. Then we watch cartoons and I tell stories to her.

She is very active. She roams around the house and talks to everyone. She loves reciting poems. She also enjoys reading fairy tales and mythological tales. She takes part in dance, singing and fancy dress contests. She is very smart. She easily memorized poetry, songs and answers to basic questions.

She is a very caring person who cries when you’re hurt or sick. She’s obedient and cute. I wish she stays happy and healthy forever. My sister essays in English given above will teach your child how to write a good essay on her.

Essays enhance your writing skills by helping you improve grammar, spelling, and punctuation. You can use these skills to write essays and other assignments. Worksheets, poems, quizzes, and other activities help you learn about language.

Lines on My Sister for Students and Children’s in English: Example 3

I am your sister. You are my brother. We are twins. We were born together. We are very close. We share everything. We love each other. We always help each other. We never fight. We do everything together. We are very happy. We are very lucky. We are very smart. We are very kind. We are very strong. We are very brave. We are very funny. We are very nice. We are very beautiful. We are very talented. We are very smart and clever. We are very intelligent. We are very friendly. We are very sweet. We are very cute. We are very pretty. We are very smart girls. We are very good friends. We are very lovely. We are very beautiful and attractive. We are very talented

Lines On My Sister : Example 4

Your sister’s name is (name). She is a very helpful person, she is very energetic and cheerful, she is always encouraging and comforting you, she keeps your secret, she is very trustworthy.

 She is a student who loves to play with dolls and she is very cute and beautiful too.

Chocolate and ice cream are two foods she loves. She spends most of the day with your grandma. She recites beautiful poems. She can sing and dances well. She is a very smart student. My younger sister is (Name) and she is a talented girl who comes first in all of her subjects.

I am surprised by her skills because she is a very regular person who always does what she says she will do. She doesn’t miss her school and she manages her time well.

 She is also good at math. Her parents love her and want her to be successful.

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