My school essay for class 4

The school is a very lovely place. Students enjoy learning there. 

Students learn about themselves by observing and experiencing different things in school. Their experiences shape them into who they become as adults. Below are some examples of ‘’My school essay for class 4’’.

My School Essays For Class 4

A school is a building where students learn about different subjects. Students study hard and work hard to get good grades. Schools help build the future of a country by educating the children of the country. That’s how I feel about my school.

I study in school (write your name). My school has a beautiful multi-story building. The classrooms of my school are extensive with large windows for air. 

The playground of our school is huge and beautiful. The teachers of our school are very kind and helpful to our students. 

Our class teacher was a very kind man. He taught us very nicely. He taught everything practically. All the other teachers were also kind.

The principal of our school was an amiable man. Our school encouraged students to take part in Extracurricular Studies.

 Many of our school students had won prizes from other schools for quiz competitions, speeches, debates, tabloids, and sports competitions.

The best school provides a friendly, peaceful, and cooperative environment for studies. Our school regularly informs our parents about our studies.

 Schools like ours provide a friendly, peaceful, and cooperative learning environment for studies. Our schools are the real wealth of the country.

My Classroom Essay 100 Words

Essay On My School For Class 4 Example 1

Students should be taught how to become good citizens. Schools should be built with excellent facilities. Teachers should be trained well.

 Students should be given an opportunity to learn. Assembly should be held regularly. Thanking God for blessings is essential.

The classroom is jam-packed. All of my classmates are hard-working and sweet. Our class teacher is a very kind-hearted man. He never beats anybody. He loves everybody and teaches with a kind and gentle heart.

All of our teachers are very dedicated. We are taught self-discipline, honesty, dedication, and respect for others. We love to participate in extracurricular activities in our school. 

We love to take care of our school. Career counseling and teaching assistance are provided for better education. My school is one of the best Schools with all the facilities of education that are necessary today. 

I thank God for providing me the best opportunity to learn here. To me, the Best School is one that not only teaches From Books but also Practical Life.

My School Class 4 Essay Example 2: Our School Paragraph For Class 4

I am pleased to be here today because I know that my school is a great place. My school is a beautiful place because we learn many things there. 

First of all, I learned how to read and write. Then, I learned how to do the math. And then, I learned how to speak English. I also learned how to play sports. I learned how to make friends. I learned how to help others. 

My school is located in a beautiful place. I love my school because it is very clean. We have lots of books, and we learn about many things. We play games and do sports. 

We go to the park and ride our bikes. I like going to school because I get to meet new people. I like learning new things. I am happy when I come to school.

My Younger Sister Essay

Essay For My School Example 3

My school is located in New Delhi, India. It is one of the best schools in the city. My school has a big playground for us to play there. It has a small garden with slides, swings, and benches.

My school has very strict rules. Students must follow them carefully. There are many different types of classes. Each classroom is very clean and spacious. 

Our school has lots of exciting things to do. We have a large number of students.

Our school headmaster Mr. (Write Name), is a lovely person. He teaches us very well. We are very proud of our school. I love and appreciate my school.

Our School Class 4 Essay Example 4

My school name is (write school name), and I read in class four.

The school is big and has good results every year in exams. The school is good at sports, but we didn’t win the inter-school cricket competition. The school has good teachers, but they aren’t very loving or caring.

My school is one of the top schools in the country. Two big playgrounds are at the front and back of the school building.

I play dodgeball at the front playground. I also play cricket, football, and hide-and-seek at the playground. 

My school also has many small gardens. I get the chance to see roses, sunflowers, hibiscus, and mogra in these gardens. These plants make my school look even prettier.

My Favourite Cartoon Doraemon

My school has many great things. 

  • First, there are lots of creative and dedicated teaching staff. They love all students and help them whenever they need anything. 
  • Second, they teach us subjects like Math, English, Hindi, etc. 
  • Third, they teach us subjects such as EVS, etc.
  •  Fourth, they maintain a happy and fun atmosphere in the school. 
  • Fifth, they teach us subjects such as Math, English, and Hindi.
  •  Sixth, they teach us subjects in our school, such as EVS, and seventh, they teach us subjects at our school, such as Math, Hindi, and English.

I am writing this essay for my school to encourage other students to do the same. 

I love my school because it has many exciting places, such as the auditorium, the science lab, the gymnasium, the cafeteria, and the library. 

I like my school because there are many different kinds of people here. Some of them are friendly, while others are mean. I like my school very much because I meet new friends daily.


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