My holiday essay

This summer vacation, I was able to spend some time with my friends. We went out to eat, played games, watched movies and had fun!

Summer vacation offers students a chance to do something worthwhile. They can enjoy their present time with family and friends. They eagerly wait for summer vacations every year.

Vacation is the best time to have some fun. It is also a great opportunity to learn new things and improve your skills. In this case, you should join a summer camp. 

You will enjoy every moment there. Camps offer lots of activities, and you will make new friends. On the last day of the camp, you will go to a nearby park. There, you will see many interesting animals. You will also collect many memories from the camp!

My Holiday Essay Example 1

Summer vacations are a long awaited vacation for students. Students enjoy their vacation at their homes with their families and friends.

 I spent my last summer vacation at home with my parents. I didn’t go out on any tours and trips. I played a lot of games with my friends and finished all my summer homework.

 Even I completed my work while having fun with my cousins. I spent most of my time reading books and practicing dancing and karate. My Uncle’s family gave me a surprise visit, and I felt very happy by meeting my little cousin.

We went to a movie and to a nearby park. My mom organized a kid’s party on my terrace. We all enjoyed it a lot! I love watching animated shows, and my dad gave me some DVDs. 

 This was one of the most unforgettable summer vacations.

My Holiday Essay Example 2

Summer vacations are the best time to explore new things. Students get a chance to take breaks from their usual routines and do something different.

 People who enjoy playing at home might stay there, but those who want to step out and explore new things might go on trips or join clubs.

Last summer, I visited my grandmother’s house, which is located far from the city’s bustle. My cousin visited us during their summer vacation. We enjoyed eating lots of delicious foods prepared by my grandmother.

 My grandfather loves gardening and we helped him plant new saplings and water them in the garden. We also used to sit together in the evening and listen to my grandmother’s stories. 

Afterwards, we went out to the terrace and played some games. At night we gazed at the stars, and listened to some mesmerising stories about the stars and the moon told by my grandmother. I spent some memorable moments with my grandmother.

Summer vacations are fun. You should enjoy your time off during the summer.

My Holiday Essay Example 3

My summer vacation was really awesome! I spent my time with my family, we went on a summer vacation, in Bihar. We spent around fifteen days there. I did some exciting things that I won’t ever forget in my whole lifetime. 

I met with my Grandpa after a long time. I love him very much, I love him very dearly. We had great fun in the nearest Jungle. We went there a couple of times to do camping and picnics. 

There is a small hilly river near the jungle.I love that scene a lot, I love to spend my summer there, again.

My Holiday Essay Example 4

In my last summer vacation, I spent the whole time in a beautiful village near Sylhet, the most beautiful place in Bangladesh. I loved spending time in Sylhet. My father has a very good friend there and he invited us to visit his place many years ago. 

Finally, my father decided to go there on a journey by rail. I love the train ride. The cutest and awesome thing was the tea gardens. I loved the place too much.

My Holiday Essay Example 5

Holidays are great opportunities to relax and enjoy yourself. Your body needs time off from your busy schedule. You should take advantage of holidays by relaxing and enjoying yourself.

A holiday is a break from busy life. People take time off to relax and unwind. Students enjoy holidays because they get to stay home and do nothing. Workers use their days off to unwind and complete other important tasks.

Everyone loves holidays. We all enjoy holidays, the explanation is simple: everyone wants to relax at home. We all get time off work and school to do our pending tasks. 

Students love holidays because they get time to play and watch television. Parents arrange family trips and cookouts for their children, including travel and picnics. Family members love to be together on holidays, whether they’re working or a non-working member.

My Holiday Essay Example 6

Holidays are great days to be with your loved ones. You enjoy spending time relaxing together. Children get excited about the holidays of their parents, and adults also take advantage of the holiday to relax. 

All ages enjoy being at home during the holidays. Adults also enjoy having the opportunity to go back to work without feeling rushed.

A long holiday can be spent with your loved ones. You can enjoy activities like learning new things and doing healthy exercises. You can also spend time visiting relatives.

A holiday should be spent relaxing and enjoying yourself with your loved ones. Human Services and Skincare are great ways to spend your day off. You can also do some work around the house if you want.

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