My Hobby 10 Lines For Class 4

1. My favorite hobby is dancing. 

2. I have some hobbies, like drawing, dancing, and reading books. 

3. I fulfill these hobbies in my free time. 

4.Dance is an activity for pleasure and entertainment for others. 

5. I am well aware that dancing is a very good habit.

Dance is an activity that helps us relax our mind and body. We should do this exercise daily.

There are many different kinds of dances, such as folk dance, modern dance, jazz dance, tap dancing, ballet, hip-hop dance, contemporary dance, Kathakali, Manipuri, Garba, Dandiya, and Bharatanatyam.

My Hobby Lines For Class 4 Example 1

1. My favorite hobby is reading books. 

2. I enjoy doing some other activities like drawing, dancing, watching movies, listening to music, playing cricket, playing tennis etc. 

3. I do these things in my spare time. 

4. Books are my favorite friends.

5. Dance is an art form that involves movement of the body.

6. Books are a great exercise for your brain. 

7. Good books help you become more organized. 

8. Reading books teaches us history. 

9. We learn a lot by reading books. 

10. I have many books in my house.

My Hobby Lines For Class 4 Example 2

I draw for at least an hour every day. I like to draw humans, mountains, jungles, the sun, the moon, buildings, roads, temples, buses, bikes, trucks, trains, airplanes, etc. I enjoy drawing very well.

Cricket is my favorite sport. I enjoy playing cricket in my free time. I fulfill my hobbies by playing these games. We play a lot of games every day.

I love painting! I think that I am a creative person because I paint every day. I like to paint many things, such as humans, mountains, jungles, suns, moons, buildings, roads, temples, buses, bikes, trucks, trains, airplanes, etc. I enjoy painting very well.

Everyone should go to the painting, read more about it, and share it with others.

My Hobby Lines For Class 4 Example 3

My hobby is a bit different. I love playing video games.

I spend most of my time playing this game. My brother bought this game for me as a gift. I love racing games, and I play about five racing games on the PlayStation console. 

Sometimes my mom stops me when I play too much because she thinks it kills time.

In future, I’d like to become a game developer. Video gaming isn’t a time-killing machine. Everyone should know about this. It doesn’t waste all of your time.

Overall, you love playing video games too much. But you don’t waste your time and use your time well.

My Hobby Lines For Class 4 Example 4

My hobby is gardening, and it is a really good activity for my life. Gardening makes me work very hard and inspires me to do big things in the future.

Last year, I visited my cousin’s house in Delhi. I found their home garden very interesting. I wanted to have my own garden. 

When I started making my own garden, I got help from my cousin. He also helped me a lot. parents.

My father brought every plant from the market, and my mother helped me to seed them into the garden. I chose the backyard of our house to make my garden. 

I wanted to grow flowers, but when I found amazing growth of plants, I planned to plant some vegetables too. 

My father approved of that and let me garden there. I wanted to grow vegetables at first, but when I saw the amazing growth of plants, I planned to plant some flowers too.

I have 20 different types of vegetables and flowers in my backyard. It is something that I am proud of. Lots of my friends come to my house to see my yard.

I want more. I enjoy spending my time there. At the end of the day, I sit there with a chair and read books. My garden gives me really great feelings.

My Hobby Lines For Class 4 Example 5

You should read books often. Reading books helps you grow and learn more.

In my leisure time, I only read books. I am happy when I read a good story. I think books are our best friends because they will always be there for us. Books help us to keep anxiety and loneliness apart.

Robinson Crusoe was written by Daniel Defoe. This is an amazing story about a man who is shipwrecked on a desert island. 

He survives alone there for four years until he gets rescued. He tells us how he survived on the island. He also tells us what he did during those four years. He writes about his adventures and experiences.

I suggest all of your friends and family members read as many books as they can. 

Reading books is fun and exciting. We should read books regularly.

I love doing things that make me happy. I am very passionate about my hobbies. I try to do them as much as possible. I think that having hobbies helps me relax and be more productive. 

I like to spend my free time doing things that make me feel better. I also like to read books and watch movies. I like to paint pictures too. I hope that this helps you!

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