My favourite teacher paragraph writing

We are students and in our school life, we meet many teachers. Some are really special and that’s why everyone has a favorite teacher in their life.  My favorite teacher was (Name).. He taught me how to play football. I used to be a very bad player but he helped me improve my skills. 

He always encouraged me when I played badly. He also gave me a lot of homework and made sure that I did well in class.

My Favorite Teacher Example 1

(Name) is my favourite teacher because he is very talented and knowledgeable. I love physics and science.

He is always punctual. He doesn’t miss any classes. He teaches us hard physics stuff. He explains them well. He is a great teacher.

My Favorite Teacher Example 2

My favorite teacher’s full name is (name). She is a really kind and nice teacher. I read in my class eight and she is my class teacher.

 She comes first to my class and takes attendance. She is very charming, and her voice is soft. She teaches very well.

She  is a happy person who teaches us English. Her husband is also a nice guy. He loves his wife and daughter. He takes care of them. He gives them gifts every year on their birthdays. He is a smart man who knows how to teach us English.

She is a kind teacher who doesn’t yell or scream at students. Students love her so much. She motivates them to do better work. Her attitude helps students stay enthusiastic about schoolwork.

My Favorite Teacher Example 3

(Name) is an excellent teacher who teaches students well. She is also a great friend. She is a wonderful person.

She taught me English and I enjoyed listening to her. She was very punctual and didn’t miss any class. Her teaching style is modern and a little bit unusual compared to other teachers.

 She is an innovative lady in this era. Her personality is amazing, making her more attractive. Besides being a teacher, she also writes articles for local newspapers. 

She loves writing about history, and I love reading her writings. Nowadays, I read her writings because she has started a website and is writing on there.

 She was a great teacher who taught me how to be a better person. My Favorite Teacher Example 4

My favourite teacher is (Name) . He taught me many things about the English language. I am grateful to him because he helped me to improve my writing skills. 

He was always there when I needed him. He taught me how to express myself more effectively. He also taught me how to be responsible towards my studies. He was a great role model for me.

Teachers should be friendly and kind. They should encourage their students to learn more about themselves as well as other people.

 A teacher should also be patient and understanding when dealing with children who do not understand what he or she says.

My Favorite Teacher Example 5

 I like all my teachers but (name) ma’am is my favourite among them. She is our class-teacher. She takes our attendance every day in the morning. 

She also teaches us mathematics. I used to hate maths earlier. But she teaches it in an interesting manner. Now, I love this subject.

A teacher who is very patient, sweet and kind. She is also very disciplined, punctual, and sometimes strict.

My Favorite Teacher Example 6

My favourite teacher is (name). She is an amazing teacher and she helps me a lot in my studies. I am very thankful to her because she always motivates me to do better.

 I love her because she is kind, caring and understanding. She teaches me how to be a good human being. She is also very strict when I misbehave or fail in my studies. I really appreciate her because she is always there for me whenever I need her.

My Favorite Teacher Example 7

My favourite teacher is (Name) Mam. She is my class and my teacher too. She is a strict but very funny and caring teacher. She does all her work and projects related to class at the right time without being late.

 She is very disciplined. She does all her work and projects at the right time without getting tardy. She makes us laugh while teaching us English. 

She also helps us during any school or inter school competitions of dance, sport, academic, etc. Her discipline and guidance make us learn better. She teaches us to be friendly and helpful to each other.

My Favorite Teacher Example 8

My favourite teacher is my class-teacher. Her name is (name) . She takes our Attendance and teaches us Hindi, maths and art. She is well-educated and has taken higher studies from BHU. 

She follows very easy & effective teaching strategies to teach all students. I always miss her class and attend every day. 

I like the way she teaches us as we don’t need to study that subject again. We became very much clear about the topic she taught us in the class. 

After clearing the concept, she gives us some exercise in the class and also homework for the home. Next morning, she asked a question related to yesterday’s topic & started another topic.

My Favorite Teacher Example 9

(Name) is my favourite teacher in school. She is a good teacher who teaches us Environmental Science.

She cares for us a lot and teaches us using easy ways. She doesn’t take study very seriously and teaches with entertaining activities.

 She comes at the right time in class and never misses her classes. She loves me very well as I am her very strict and ideal student. I always follow her all the orders, and do my class work, homework and home work in a neat & clean manner daily.

I never become late or absent from her class. She motivates us to always follow the right path in life even when we have to deal with many difficulties.

 She tells us to never give up and always try to find some easy ways to get over them. She also says that never think negative and think positive as it always happens what we think and do…

My Favorite Teacher Example 10

My favorite teacher was (Name)  who taught us English and Maths for two years when we were in class III and IV. He was from Varanasi but lived nearby our school. 

He studied in Banaras Hindu University and did his M.Sc. from there. He was very polite, kind and understanding. He knew how to teach small children in the class and how to handle them.

 I still remember him because he taught me Maths very well. I still miss him today. Sometimes I meet him when I need to solve some difficult questions of my Maths subjects. 

 I like his nice personality and polite nature.

He is a kind teacher who smiles at everyone. He helps students in sports and studies. He is strict but fair. He gives out chocolates as rewards for doing well in tests and exams.

 He is enthusiastic and motivates students to do better. He doesn’t give too many homework assignments at home.

My Favorite Teacher Example 11

Her name is (name) She is always smiling, kind, and patient to the students. Her cheerful approach is very much liked among the students. She teaches very well, and makes you understand the subjects with fun learning. 

We get more involved in her class as compared to other subjects. There is a lot of fun during her classes. Her patience and calmness make us learn better. She is also encouraging and helpful to the weaker students. 

She doesn’t scold or punish us in the class. But if we misbehave, she punishes us and teaches us good behaviour. 

She is very caring and understanding towards weak students. She helps them in their studies after school hours too. We all love her very much and want her to take classes for us every year!

My Favorite Teacher Example 12

A teacher is an important person. He or she brings good education and lays a foundation for good habits. Students learn from teachers. 

Teachers influence their character, habits, careers, and education in life by being kind and loving to them. I have a teacher who is important to me. Her name is (name). She teaches at. 

She is a sweet and kind person who is always ready to help others. She is not only cheerful and kind but is also very knowledgeable. 

She is well-educated and knows a lot about current events in the world. She shares these facts with students to improve their general knowledge.

(Name) teaches us so many things in her classroom. She helps us to become more disciplined and punctual. She gives us lots of projects to help us learn about our subjects better. She also teaches us how to do well in school competitions. 

She also guides us through our difficult times and encourages us when we are down. She also shows us our real talents. I’m really grateful for having such a great teacher in my life.

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