My favourite food pizza

Food is essential for our survival. We need to eat every day to stay healthy. Some people like spicy foods, while others prefer sweet flavors. Some people like pizza while others enjoy pasta.

Lines on My Favorite Food Pizza

1) My favorite food is pizza.

2) It is one of my favorite foods.

3) It is a popular food among children.

4) I love eating double cheese Pizza. I love to eat pizza.

5) My mother makes delicious pizzas. She puts all kinds of nutritious and yummy things over them.

6) All my friends and relatives also like pizza. I take it to my school.

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My Favorite Food Is Pizza: Example 1

A pizza lover is someone who loves pizza. He/she is always hungry for pizza, and he/she is always ready to eat pizza. Anything goes on a pizza. There are thin crust pizzas, deep dish pizzas, and everything in between! There are pies with different kinds of cheese and tomato sauces or even pies with another kind of base. 

On every occasion, a pizza lover celebrates it pizza style. Thin crust pizzas are usually made with a thinner crust, while deep dish pizzas are made with a thicker crust. Deep dish pizzas are usually larger than thin crust pizzas. 

Sometimes, a pizza lover gets scolded for having too much pizza, but a pizza lover will still be a pizza lover. Pizza lovers always get hungry after eating their favorite foods. Nobody can take away their love for their favorite foods.

My Favorite Food Is Pizza: Example 2

Pizza and pasta are my favourite foods. Pizza is a delicious dish that comes from Mediterranean nations. It was invented by an Italian man named Raffaele Esparo. He was a baker who made pizzas for the first time.

Pepperoni is the most popular type of pizza in the United States. It is consumed by people all over the country. People in the US consumed around 46 slices of pepperoni-based pizza every year.

My Favorite Food Is Pizza: Example 3

Food is essential for survival. We need to eat to stay alive. Some people like to eat pizza, burgers, noodles, etc. Others like Indian foods like biryani, dosa, pav bhaji, Pani puri, etc.

A pizza lover is someone who loves pizza. He/she gets hungry whenever he/she sees a pizza. He/she also enjoys eating pizza. Anything in excess causes harm to the body. But a pizza lover will never stop loving pizza.

No matter how much you eat, you’ll always be hungry after eating your favorite pizzas. You won’t stop loving them even if you die. Nobody can take away your love for your pizzas.

Lines On Pizza: Example 4

Andrea loves pizza. She says she is always hungry for pizza. She likes eating pizza. Pizza is her favorite food. Pizza lovers are always hungry for pizza. There are so many kinds of pizza. Some people say pizza is unhealthy. But pizza is delicious. People who overeat pizza may become sick. But pizza lovers won’t stop eating pizza. I love eating pizza because it tastes great and makes me feel full after eating it.

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Lines On Pizza: Example 5

I like different kinds of food as I am a foodie. My favorite food among all the foods is pizza. It is a famous Indian food. It is very soft and has very lovely flavors.

 1. It contains lots of veggies which makes it healthy.

2. I love having pizza without extra cheese.

3. My grandma is very good at making pizzas.

4. I can eat pizza any time of the day.

5. Sometimes, I also take pizzas in my school lunch boxes.

6. Pizza is a trendy food all over the world!

Short Paragraph On My Favorite Food Pizza Example 6

Pizza is very delicious food. Pizza is one of my favorite food. But it is also bad for your health. You should eat less pizza if you want to be healthy.

Pizza is mostly Italian food, but now people around the world also love to eat it. Some of my friends love to have pizza too. Sometimes we hang out in some restaurants and try to make pizza ourselves. But I found it really hard to do that. I didn’t have the right ingredients to do that. So I prefer buying it or making it with my mom.

Origin Of Pizza

Pizza was invented by the Greeks around 800 BC. In Naples, Italy, the first pizza restaurant opened in 1887. Today, pizza is popular worldwide.

Pizza is one of the most popular foods in America. People eat it every day. There are many kinds of pizzas. Some people say that there are more than 20 million types of pizza. Pizza is very delicious and tasty.

How To Prepare Pizza?


  • Oil
  • Mushroom
  • Cheese
  • Pepper
  • salt


To make the dough, we first need to mix flour, olive oil, salt, and water together in a container, then prepare the dough using our hands. Mix them very thoroughly until everything gets mixed up. Spread the dough in a circular shape. 

Next, get some mushrooms, mozzarella cheese, herbs, and some tomato sauce over it, and people may use other edibles such as onions or garlic as the topping over pizza.

Cheese, mushrooms, and sauce are used to make the pizza. The pizza is then placed inside an oven for 15 minutes. After this time, the pizza is cut into slices and served.

How To Make Pizza Sauce?


  • Olive oil
  • Chopped garlic
  • Salt & pepper from rock
  • Chopped onion
  • Paprika
  • Few basil leaves
  • A large dried tomato
  • Tomato ketchup
  • A few red vine tomatoes

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Pizza sauce is made by mixing garlic, red wine tomatoes, dried tomatoes, onions, and tomato puree. Then, take one medium chopped onion and sauté it with garlic. After that, add a cup of tomato purée to it. Take the red chilies and make flakes out of them. Crush them and add them to the mixture. Sauté it until the onions become soft. Add some salt according to taste. 

Crush the black pepper and add to the mixture. Add one tablespoon of paprika. Mix it well. Add some water to the mixture and let it boil for about one to two minutes. 

When boiling, add one tablespoon tomato ketchup and half a tablespoon chili flakes. Cook it for some time. Finally, add some finely chopped basil leaves and mix them well. Your pizza sauce is ready.

Why Is Pizza My Favorite Food?

My most beloved love in daily life revolves around pizza. Pizza is my favorite food. The crisp base, the cheesy topping, and the spicy taste are all in one food. The hot pizza on the table is the greatest sensation in the world.  It is easy to carry anywhere. It could be eaten as an appetizer or snack or even as the main course. It can be enjoyed anytime. Hot or chilled, it tastes delicious and yummy.


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