My favourite cartoon doraemon

I love watching Doraemon.

Doraemon is a robot who lived with Nobitan’s grandson in the future.Doraemon is a remote-controlled robot.

Doraemon is a very cool character.

Nobita is a lazy boy who doesn’t want to study or do homework. He uses Doraemon’s gadgets to create more problems than he solves.

Doraemon is a robot cat who lives in Japan. He is very smart and he loves to help people. He is always ready to solve problems. He has many friends and he travels around the world helping others.

 Doraemon is my favourite cartoon show. In this show, Nobita is my favourite character. Doraemon is an android with so many supernatural powers.

Nobita is a very smart kid who loves science. He is also a bit lazy. He uses Doraemon’s gadgets to get out of doing his homework.

My Favourite Cartoon Doraemon Example 1

There are so many cartoon shows on satellite tv channels list. I love watching doraemon a lot. It is my favourite cartoon show.It is a Japanese cartoon. Doraemon is the best friend of Nobita,they live in the 22nd century. He has so many problem solving gadgets. These are known as doraemon gadgets. Nobita always takes advantage of his gadgets.

Doraemon has a sister named Doremee. She lives in the future with Nobita’s grandson. Nobita is a lazy boy who needs help from Doraemon to complete his homework and other tasks.

Nobita is a very bad student. He doesn’t study well at all. He uses Doraemon’s gadgets to create lots of trouble. But Doraemon saves him every time. Nobita has two friends named Jiaan and Suniya. They are much stronger than him, and they bully him regularly, but Doraemon always comes in to help him out.

Nobita is a boy who helps people. He is very kind. He likes Shizuka a lot, but she doesn’t notice him. Other girls also like him.

This cartoon is very entertaining. I enjoy watching it all day long. Whenever you get free time, you should watch this. You can also watch the Hindi dubbed version of this show.

My Favourite Cartoon Doraemon Example 2

Doraemon is an anime character who lives in Japan. He is a robot cat who looks like a human boy. He helps people solve problems.  Doraemon is an animated cartoon show that is dubbed in many different languages around the world. Nobita Nobi is a dull and lazy boy who goes to school with Doraemon.

Doraemon is a magical cat who loves to play tricks on Nobita. He always wants to be helpful but doesn’t want to give anything away. He is very protective of Nobita and does everything he can to protect him. He also enjoys playing pranks on others.

Nobita is a boy who loves playing video games, but he also enjoys doing his homework. He often gets into trouble because of his laziness. When he needs help, Doraemon comes up with an ingenious plan to get him out of trouble.

 He is a magical robot with powers where he lives in the Future with Nobita’s grandson. The cartoon is loved by both children and adults.

My Favourite Cartoon Doraemon Example 3

 Doraemon is a very popular cartoon in Japan, Nobita’s best friend is his cat named Doraemon.

Nobita is not a very smart student in his school and this is why he uses Doraemon’s gadgets to cheat in homework. He also uses Doraemon’s gadget to help him study. Nobita’s sister Doremi also comes to visit them in some episodes.

Nobita has very few friends. Their names are Shizuka (a girl), Gian (a boy) and Suneo (another boy). Nobita gets bullied by Gian, but he is saved by Doraemon. He uses his gadgets to get out of trouble.

Doraemon is a cute robot cat who loves to play games. He lives in a house made out of a machine. He also has a pet dog named Nobita.

 Doraemon was first created by Masakazu Katase in 1970. All the 1400 stories were eventually published in the Japanese Language. 

Doraemon is an anime series that was released in 1980. Doraemon is a popular manga series that has sold over 120 million copies around the globe.

Doraemon is an anime series about a robot cat who travels back in time to help a young boy called Nobita Nobi. He uses a magical watch to travel around the past and future.

Doraemon is a cute cat robot from the future. He comes from the year 4002 AD. He helps Nobita Nobi by giving him advice and helping him get rid of problems. He also gives Nobita Nobi money. He lives in a house called “Doragon” (which means “cat-house”).

The word doremon in japanese is a mixture of two Japanese words katakana and hiragana, which sparsely means stray. While most of the manga series that comes out of japan will not be appropriate for you because it usually contains violence or pornography, doraemon is a class above because it was mainly for you and it does not contain anything violent or pornographic or even slighty unhygienic plot in the series.

Doraemon is an animated Japanese robot cat who lives in Japan. He is known as a kind-hearted robot who loves children. He is also known for being very smart. He often helps people and solves problems. He is famous for having many gadgets including a watch, a pencil, a magnifying glass, a calculator, a laser pointer, a tape recorder,etc.

My Favourite Cartoon Doraemon Example 4

Doraemon was created and drawn by Fujiko Fujio, who is also known as Fujiko F. Fujio. He is well-known for creating the characters of Ponpoko, Kintaro Hanafusa, and Chacha. Doraemon was first published in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in 1969. In 1971, Doraemon became an anime television show. This show aired until 1989, when it went off air. 

However, there were many other TV shows based on Doraemon after this. These include 

  • Doraemon: Nobita’s Great Adventure into the Underworld (1998), 
  • Doraemon: Nobunaga’s Ambition (1999), 
  • Doraemon: The Record of Nobita’s Spaceblazer (2000), 
  • Doraemon: Gadget Cat Nyan Nyan (2001), 
  • Doraemon: New Treasure Island (2002), 
  • Doraemon: A Record of Nobita’s Parallel Life (2003), 
  • Doraemon: Da Capo II (2004), 
  • Doraemon: Journey to the Center of the Earth (2005), 
  • Doraemon: Lost Ship! (2006), 
  • Doraemon: First Time in Forever (2007),
  •  Doraemon: Stellvia of the Universe (2008), 
  • Doraemon: Great Adventure in the Antarctic (2009), 
  • Doraemon: All Grown Up! (2010),
  • Doraemon: Magician of the Silver Sky (2011), 
  • Doraemon: We’re Going on an Expedition! (2012), 
  • Doraemon: Firestorm (2013), 
  • Doraemon: Moon Exploration Team (2014), 
  • Doraemon: I’m Home! (2015) and
  •  Doraemon: Nobuta wo Produce (2016).

Doraemon is an anime character who lives in Japan. He is famous for being a robot cat. He can fly around using his magic ring. He also has a talking watch named Nobita. He is very helpful to people. He helps them out when he sees something wrong. He can be used as a tool to help people.

Doraemon is a kindhearted robot who helps his friends when they need him most. He represents kindness and helpfulness to children.

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