My favorite season rainy season

Rainy season is a leading season. Here are some short and long paragraphs and essay about rain. You should share these to your kids to learn.

Rainy season is the best season because it comes right before the hot summer. People love this season a lot because it brings lots of rain. This season lasts for 3 months. It is the longest season in the year. This season is very lucky for people and they love this season a lot!

My Favourite Season: Rainy Season Example 1

Rainy seasons are great because there is plenty of water around. This makes people happy and healthy. It also helps plants grow.

Rainy season is the most wonderful season because there are more things to do than ever before. People enjoy eating delicious foods and reading books. Festivals are celebrated everywhere. Mother cooks so many different kinds of delicious food. Children read books during rainy days.

My Favourite Season: Rainy Season Example 2

Rainy season is the best season because of its natural beauty and blessings. People enjoy the rain during this season.

Rainy days are usually very enjoyable. People cook delicious dishes when it rains. Some people play games on the roof. Everyone enjoys the rain.

Rain is very important to our lives. We need water to drink, wash ourselves, grow plants, etc. But eventually, we stop caring about rain. This season is really amazing and fun. I love this season because everything gets life with the touch of rainwater.

My Favourite Season: Rainy Season Example 3

Rainy season is a very happy period for most people. It rains every day and makes everything clean and beautiful. People enjoy the fresh air and the beauty of nature.

Rainy seasons help farmers to grow crops. This is very important for the whole country. Farmers need rainwater to grow crops. If there is not enough rain, then the supply of food could be affected.

Most people pray for rain during this season. They do a few campaigns on tree plantations. They plant some trees in front of their houses. Rainwater helps trees to grow faster and stay healthy.

Rainy season is a great time for people who want to enjoy nature. People who live in villages should go out in the rain.

Rainy seasons bring happiness, cleanliness, and blessings.

My Favourite Season: Rainy Season Example 4

I love rainy seasons because there is always something new to discover. I enjoy watching the raindrops falling down on my window pane. I also like seeing the green grass growing in the fields.

Rainy seasons are great because you get a lot of unexpected holidays. You also get a lot of unexpected rain and get wet in the waters. You can enjoy playing games during rainy days. This is why, I really love the rainy season.

My Favourite Season: Rainy Season Example 5

I love rainy days because they make me feel safe and warm inside. When it rains, I can stay indoors without getting wet or cold. I also enjoy watching raindrops fall down from the sky, making beautiful patterns on my windowpane.

 I like to think about how many different shapes the raindrop makes when it falls onto the ground. Raindrops form into circles, squares, triangles, lines, and other shapes. Sometimes, the raindrops even create a rainbow!

I love rainy days because I get to stay inside and do my homework.

My Favourite Season: Rainy Season Example 6

Rainy season is a time when the weather is nice. Cool breezes make it feel more comfortable. Lightning storms are very common during this season. This makes it easier for farmers to grow crops.

Rainy season is very nice because it provides water for farming. Plants, trees, and grass look very green and attractive during this time. Dark clouds and lightning occur frequently during the rainy season. This season also brings many fruits, flowers, and veggies.

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