My Family Paragraph Writing In English

My family consists of four members. This is my mother, my dad, my brother and me. My mom is a housewife, and she looks after the house. My dad is a businessman who works at a company. My brother helps and guides me in any way he can.

My mother is very caring and loving. She loves me very much. Her husband is also very loving and hard-working. 

My brother is intelligent and does well in school, and he loves me too. He has great respect and love for me in his heart as well.

My Family Paragraph Example 1

My family includes my grandmother, grandfather, parents, brothers, sisters, and five siblings. We are the perfect example of a happy family because we all get along so well and live together.

Grandparents are elderly and respected by the family. Other family members respect them very much. They take care of their parents. Their duties include teaching siblings. 

They support their mother and aunt with homework. They consider mother and aunt not the daughter in law of the family but their daughter. 

They support their mother in prayer and worship God. They spend most of their time in prayer and worship.

My Family Paragraph Example 2

My family consists of two siblings. My sister is younger than me, and she is in 5th grade. I am in the 10th grade. My father is a bank clerk. 

My mother is a homemaker. There are also grandparents living in our family. We go to the villages to meet them during the holiday season. We feel very happy with them.

My father is very punctual. He wakes up early every day. He takes us out for a morning walk. After bathing and having breakfast, he goes to the bank and my sister goes to school. 

I stay back with my mother, who cooks for me and gives me some snacks as well. Her food is very delicious and healthy.

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