my family members paragraph

I love my family very much. We eat together every day. We play games , watch movies and  go out walking together. We talk about our problems and help each other when we need help. My family consists of four members, this is my mom, dad, bro and me. Mom is a housewife and she takes care of the house. Dad is a business man and he works in a company. Bro is younger than me and in fifth grade. I help and guide them in any way I can

My mother is very caring and loving. She loves me very much. My father is also very loving. He is very hardworking. I am a very nice person. I have great respect for my brother. We are all very lovely people.

My Family Members Paragraph Example 1

My family consists of my grandmother, grandfather, parents, brothers, sisters, and I have five siblings. We are an ideal and happy family because we live together in friendship.

Grandfathers are elderly and respected members. Other family members respect them very much. They take care of their parents and help them with homework. Their grandparents spend most of their time praying and worshipping God. They support their mothers and sisters in schoolwork as much as possible. They consider their mothers not daughters-in-law but their daughters.

My Family Members Paragraph Example 2 

My family is a simple family. I am a simple person. My sister is younger than me, she is five years old. She is in the fifth grade. Our parents are accountants at the state bank of india. We have grandparents who live in their village house, we go there to see them during the holidays. We feel very good when we meet them.

My father is very punctual, he wakes up early every day. He takes a walk with me and my sister before going to work. I also go to school with him. On extreme winter days, we stay at home and eat together. After bathing, I go to school with him and my brother. Our mother cooks delicious meals for us. Her hand-made food is very healthy and tasty.

My Family Members Paragraph Example 3

My family consists of my father, mother, grandparents and uncles. My father works in an office. He brings the fruits of my choice from the office. My mother lives at home. She reads God’s books. She is busy with it.

My mother also stays at home, he is very fond of making something new everyday. Everyone loves to eat his hand. Everyone praises him very much. My father works in the bank, he is working as a manager. They leave the house by 9:30 in the morning and return home by 6-7 p.m. My uncle loves me too much. They work in the office. My aunt also stays at home. She does some office work from home.

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