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Essay on My Daily Routine | Words for Class

I wake up early in the morning, drink water, brush teeth, take a shower, eat breakfast, go to school, come back home, do homework, play games, watch TV, sleep late in the night, and repeat this cycle again.

Everyone should follow a daily routine as a student. He makes sure he gets up early in the morning, takes a walk, bathes, and rests. He tries to stay healthy by keeping himself fit and fine.

After the rest, I eat breakfast. Then I go to my reading rooms. I love to read Science and English in the morning. It’s best time to concentrate on studies. I prepare myself for school exactly at 9.30 am. My father takes me to school at 3 pm in the afternoon. I come back from schools at 4.30 pm in the afternoon. Then I eat my dinner in the school break time. I keep my food with myself. Then I take a break in my home and go outside for playing cricket.

Your daily routine consists of watching TV for 30 minutes followed by eating your dinner. You then go to bed and fall asleep after watching TV.

My Daily Routine Essay in Words

A daily routine is very important for everyone. You should do something every day to make sure that you stay healthy and fit. Your daily routine can help you to be more productive and efficient. Follow this daily routine and you will see how much better you feel!

Your daily routine is very simple but you follow it very strictly. You take a look at your daily routine here. At 4.00am you wake up, at 4.00-4:20 am you brush your teeth and wash your face, at 4.20-5:00 am you go for a small morning exercise and then you get back to your house.

Cold showers make you feel refreshed. You can do your work better if you take cold showers. Your schoolwork gets done faster if you eat your meals while studying. You get more time to enjoy your lunch when you eat it alone.

Your daily routine includes studying for an exam, playing cricket, going to bed early, and watching television for 20 minutes before you go to sleep.

Conclusion: I make some changes when I have free time. Overall that‘s a huge experience for you to follow this productive routine!

My Daily Routine Essay in Words

My daily routine includes getting up early, doing some exercise, having breakfast, studying, working out, eating lunch, going back to bed, and waking up again. This routine works well for me because I feel more energetic after each step.

Your daily routine should start very early in the morning, and you should take a short walk before breakfast. You should brush your teeth after waking up, and then you should go for a small walk before eating breakfast.

“I enjoy the walks very much because it helps me feel good in the early mornings. Sometimes I do some simple exercises too. Then I go for a shower and eat my breakfasts. Then I prepare my homework tasks. I love to learn maths and science in the morning times. Because I can concentrate better on those periods. I get ready for school at 9am and my mum drops me there at 9:30am. I spend most of my day at school. I eat my lunches there in the school breaks. “

Cricket player comes back from school at 3.30 pm and takes a break for 30 mins. He loves to play cricket in the afternoons. Every day he can’t play due to his injury. His routine includes washing and taking a rest for 30 minutes followed by eating some juice or other snacks prepared by his mom. At 6.30pm he starts studying.

Most of the day, I read until 9.30. Then I prepare all my homework, and do some extra studies. After that, I eat my dinner and then watch television. Finally, I go to bed. This is how I plan my schedule every day. Sometimes, I need to make some changes in my routine. When I spend holidays or off days from school, I can’t follow this routine at all because I am not studying. So, I think this routine helps me to use my time effectively.


My daily routine includes getting up early in the morning, brushing my teeth, washing my hands and face, going to the nearest park with dad, doing some physical exercise, coming back home, taking a bath, getting ready for school, having breakfast and then going to school.

You are studying in Arked Academy. Your school is about 15 minutes away from your home. You walk to school. School starts from 8.30 in the morning and ends at 2.30 in the afternoon. After you come back from school you have your lunch. Sometimes you take bath after coming back home from school. After lunch you sleep for an hour. Then you go out to play with your friends. You come back home by 6 pm. Your mother gives you milk to drink. After drinking milk you switch on the television to see some cartoon shows. After seeing TV for half an hour you do your homework given by your private tutor.

My mother serves supper at 10 o’clock. At 11 o’clock I play with my dad. I miss him the whole day. He gives me company every day at dinnertime. On Sundays and holidays we all go places in the early morning and return before lunchtime. I enjoy my regular daily routine very much. I don’t miss out any fun because of it.

Establishing a New Daily Routine During the COVID Pandemic | El Camino Health

We should stay flexible during this time, but we must also set up some structure into our days. This includes keeping our routines, and having a schedule. Our days should feel fulfilling, and we should be productive.

Keep Your Morning Routine

You should always be prepared to leave your house. Even if nobody is around, you’ll feel better if you’re ready to go out. Brush your teeth, shower, shave, do your makeup, and put on clothes. Don’t let yourself become stressed by staying inside.

Helping Your Kids with School Work

For those of you working from home and simultaneously schooling your kids during this time, the best advice we could give is to adjust our expectations and be kind to ourselves. We’ve got a lot on our plates but having realistic expectations can help us get through this together.

School hours should be set by parents, not schools. Schools should be open during regular working hours. Teachers should be available to students during these times. Parents should reach out to teachers to get an idea of what their expectations are.

Keep or Establish Healthy Habits

Don’t let the coronavirus get you down! Keep up your healthy habits and stay safe while you’re stuck inside.

Healthy habits include eating nutritiously, exercising regularly, maintaining an adequate and consistent sleep routine, spending time outdoors each day, and avoiding drugs and alcohol.

Be Informed but Not Overloaded

Stay informed about the virus, but don’t be sucked into the rabbit hole of information by reading too much. Set a time limit for yourself, and then stop checking the news.

Family routines how and why they work

Daily routines help family life run smoother. They also help families spend more time together. Routine helps children feel safer, develop life skills and learn healthy habits. Routines helps parents feel organized, reduce stress and find some time for fun activities. Good routines are planned, regular and predictable

Why routines are good for children

Routines can be good for your children because they make them feel safe and secure. A predictable family life can help children cope with developmental changes like puberty, or other life events like the birth or death of a sibling. Routines can also help children learn how to deal with change.

Having fun together as a family strengthens family relationships. Reading stories together before bed fosters a sense of belonging. Regular family meals strengthen family bonds. A kick before soccer practice helps children feel more connected to their parents.

Skills and responsibilities help children and teens develop a sense of responsibility. Children and teens learn how to manage their time and be responsible. When children can do their parts without much help or supervision from parents, it makes them feel more independent.

Routines can help children develop healthy habits. Children should brush their teeth every day, take their medicine regularly, exercise, and wash their hands after using the bathroom. These habits can help them stay healthier.

Bedtime routines help children’s body clocks know when it’s time to go to bed. This helps children’s bodies know when it’s time for them to sleep. When children grow up, their body clocks start to shift, and this can cause problems if they aren’t prepared for it.

Essay on My Daily Routine | Words for Class

I am following a daily routine to get better output during the study and my health. I can manage time in a much better way when I follow a daily routine. I am writing these essays on every size, you may find a suitable one for your self.

Essay on My Daily Routine in Words

Everyone should follow a daily routine as a student. A student must be aware of his/her health. He/she must make sure he/she keeps himself/herself fit and fine. Students should take a morning walk after waking up. Then students should bathe with cold water and take a rest for 10 mins.

After the rest, I eat breakfast. And then I read science and English in my reading room. I like to read science and English because it gives me more knowledge about the world. My father takes me to school exactly at 9.30 am. I come back from class at 3 pm. I eat my lunch during the school break time. I keep my food with myself. Then I play cricket in my house and go out for playing football.

You’re a very busy person. You work hard every day. You get up early in the morning and go to bed late at night. You spend your time watching TV and eating dinner. You spend most of your free time working or studying. You do not have any hobbies.

My Daily Routine Essay in Words

Daily routines help us to maintain our health by keeping us active and fit. We should be aware of our daily habits because they affect our health. A proper daily routine helps us to stay healthy.

Your daily routine is very simple but you follow it very strictly. You take a look at your daily routine here. 4am – 4.2 am – 5.0 am – You go for a small morning Walk and some basic exercises. You come back home.

Cold showers help me get ready for school faster. Schoolwork takes up most of my time during the day. Lunchtime is spent with my friends. I enjoy eating lunch with them.

Your daily routine consists of studying, playing cricket, and going to bed.

Conclusion: I make some changes when I have free time. Overall, that’s a big experience for me to follow my productive routine.

Lines Essay on My Daily Routine

My routine includes going to school every day, eating breakfast, doing homework, studying English, and having lunch. I also study English after school. I do this because I want to get better grades.

“I go for a morning walk after a 30-minute walk. After a 30-minute walk, I come back and take a bath and then I go for a dinner. I go to school in the morning and get back home in the afternoon. I eat my lunch during the school break time. My food is kept with me.”

Cricket is a game played by two teams of 11 players each. Each team tries to score more runs than the other. A batsman hits a ball with a bat and scores runs when he reaches the boundary line or crosses the wicket. There are four types of boundaries – square leg, mid-wicket, long-on and deep point. The wickets are placed at the end of each side of the field. The bowler delivers the ball to the batsman. He throws the ball towards the batsman who stands behind the stumps. The umpire calls out the number of runs scored by the batsman. The first innings ends after six overs. The second innings begins after lunch. The batting order is changed every over. The bowling team changes sides after every delivery.

10. That’s All About My Daily Routine. That Is Very Simple And Easy.

Essay on My Daily Routine in English for Students Children

I wake up early in the morning. I take my bath and brush my teeth. I eat breakfast. Then I go to school. After school, I come back home. I play games or watch TV until dinner time. After dinner, I study hard for my exams. I sleep after studying.

Write Ten Sentences Daily Routine in English

I need to write my daily routine in English. I’ll start by writing a short paragraph about why I write my daily routine. Then I’ll continue writing more paragraphs until I reach ten sentences.

I wake up early every morning. I go to school. I come back home after school. I eat dinner. Then I watch TV or play games. After that I study. When my homework is done, I relax. I sleep late.


Adam wakes up early every day. He does exercises before he puts on his clothes. Then he prepares his schoolbag. He takes a bus to school. In the mornings he has breakfast and waits for the school bus. When he gets off the bus, he goes to his first class. After that, he goes to the second class. He often takes a lunch break and chats with his friends. At about 12pm he goes back to school. He reads a book and helps his mom in the house. At about 9pm he goes to bed.

A simple audio player for listening to music. You can play any song you want. There is an option to pause the music when you press the button.

Fill in the Blanks Exercise

My name is John Smith. I always wake up at seven in the morning then I brush my teeth and wash my face. After that, I eat my breakfast and wait for my school bus. At eight, I go to the second grade and after that I take my lunch break and talk to my friends. At twelve noon, I go back home and relax. Then I usually watch some TV or play games with my family and help my mom in the house. At nine, I read a book.

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