My classroom essay 100 words

School is a very sacred place of learning. We provide several essays in my classroom. You can select any one essay as per your requirements. All the essays are useful for children and students.

1. I read in class 4 in SJKE School. 

2. Our School is a three-story building. 

3. This classroom is a part of the main building. 

4. This classroom is in front of the Office Room.

5. There is a bench, table, blackboard, and chair in this room.

A teacher’s desk has a special chair and table. Teachers use these items when teaching students. There are two doors and four windows inside the room. Students sit quietly in the classroom.

Lines On My Classroom  Example 1

I am in 7th grade. I have a beautiful classroom. It is a large room. There are 65 students in my class. It is a big room. There are 2 doors and 4 windows. Each student furnished a chair and a table. There is a blackboard in our classroom. We always keep our room huge, neat, and clean. We always keep our classroom large, neat, and clean.

Essay On My Classroom  Example 2

A classroom is about fifty-five feet long and twenty-five feet wide. There are forty boys and fifteen girls in the class. There are two doors and three windows in the room. The teacher stands beside the table and teaches the students. There is a blackboard in the classroom. The teacher writes on it with chalk. There are two bins in the room. Students always keep their classes neat and clean.

A classroom is a place where children learn. In this classroom, we have many things like desks, chairs, blackboards, books, etc. This room is also used for teaching. Students sit in rows of three or more. 

Each student has a desk and chair. Teachers stand behind the blackboard and lecture. Students write notes on paper and listen carefully. Some teachers use chalk to draw pictures on the board. Students take tests by writing answers on paper.

Class is your second home. You love being there. You cover different angles of loving your class. 

Lines  On My Classroom Example 3 

1) Classroom is a room where you study at school.

 2). A classroom is a place where you enjoy your studies. 

3) I’m in class 4 ‘A’ and I love my class. 

4) My class isn’t far away from the school library.

 5). We can see trees in our classrooms.

I love the sound of the birds chirping because it makes me feel happy and relaxed. All the students in my classes are very helpful. Our class is very disciplined and respected by all the teachers. Our class is the best school that every teacher loves. We won a national-level basketball competition!

My class is the best one because I love my teacher very much. She always helps us when we need help. She teaches us many interesting things about science. We learn how to do experiments and write reports.

 She gives us lots of fun activities to do. My class is the best because she makes sure that everyone gets what they want. She doesn’t let us get bored. She keeps us busy doing different things.

My classroom is located near the basketball court. It is a nice place to study because there is a mango tree nearby. Students can watch the game while enjoying the shade.

Students play basketball and enjoy climbing trees. They practice hard and long hours. Some students are unable to achieve goals, but their practice makes them state-level players. Besides basketball, they also enjoy playing with the leaves of mango trees. They climb up the trees from their classroom windows.

There are different reasons why you should love your class. You should love learning because it makes you feel happy. Your teacher is someone who helps you to become smarter and better. And your classmates are people who make you laugh and smile.

Essay  On My Classroom Example 4

A classroom is a place where you do your homework. You learn how to add and subtract and the difference between smiling or laughing in the presence of your teacher. Your teacher is very strict, but he/she is also kind. Your teacher gives you lots of homework every day, but you always finish them before time. Your teacher is very smart, but sometimes he/she makes mistakes too.

We are a very unique class. Our toppers are well known throughout the whole school. No other class has such a high number of toppers. Other classes have failures and promotions, but we have none of these.

My class teacher is another reason why I love my class. She is so polite and always encourages us to participate in several activities. She teaches us during our free period and makes it easier for us to focus on our studies.

It is always recommended that you should have good friends. Our principal and other teachers also admire them and our art class is really one of our best classes.

My classroom is a place where I learn new things every day. I am always excited when I enter my classroom because there is something new waiting for me inside. When I go into my classroom, I feel happy and relaxed.

 My classroom is also a place where I can share ideas with my friends. In my classroom, we discuss many different topics such as science, math, history, art, and even English. We also play games together. My classroom is a place full of fun and excitement.

Short Essay On My Classroom Example 5

A classroom is a place for learning and fun. Students decorate the room with their artwork. Teachers use a big desk and a chair for teaching. There are many desks and chairs for students. The room is well lit and cool. Plants help keep the room fresh.

Students help in cleaning the classroom by themselves. We love to clean our classrooms because it gives us an opportunity to learn new things. Our classroom is like a second home, so we want to make sure that it looks nice and tidy every day. We also encourage our students to write essays about what they learned during class.

My classroom is present on the ground floor of the school building, and there are many trees outside. Students help me to keep the classroom clean, and the view outside our classroom is beautiful. 

Our classroom is big and spacious, and we have six windows in our room. We have soft boards and lots of craftwork. A nature center is present in our classroom, and there are several plants in the center. A huge blackboard stands behind the teacher s desk. We have four lines of desks and chairs for students.

Lines On My Classroom Example 6

Classrooms are places where children go to learn new things. In my classroom, I have enough light and air conditioning. There are many desks and chairs for my students to sit down and do their homework. My classroom has a large blackboard for me to write on during class.

Classrooms are places where students make lots of memories with friends and teachers, but they must be kept clean.

Sometimes, my classroom becomes very loud, but it’s mostly a quiet place. My classroom has been awarded as the cleanest classroom. We are very proud of our classroom.

Classrooms are places where students learn about many things. Students memorize information and create new knowledge as they study. Teachers help students remember what they learned by using different methods such as writing notes, taking tests, or doing projects.

A classroom must contain the following items: A blackboard, desk, chair, window, light, fan, and books. These are the essentials of a classroom. I also need a teacher and students to be there.

My classroom is a place where I feel safe and comfortable. I enjoy being there because it helps me learn better. I am proud of my classroom because it shows what I care about. I know that my classmates respect me because they come to class every day. I want everyone to see my classroom as a great learning environment.

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