Michael Stevens Degree

Michael Stevens is the creator and host of Vsauce The YouTube channel, which is now comprised of Vsauce2, Vsauce3, and WeSauce. The channel is a source of interest and enthusiasm to learn.

Michael was raised at Stilwell, Kansas and attended the University of Chicago where he earned a bachelor’s degree in both Psychology as well as English Literature. While at the college, Michael was active in theatre and was able to learn the art of video production and editing.

Stevens is well-known among the general public because of the popularity of his TED talks and online videos that are among the most highly most rated by online users. One of the most brilliant minds of the internet age, Michael Stevens, is also a lover of art and sciences and philosophy, as well as history, language, and everything else that’s fascinating.

After obtaining an B.S. in Pre-Seminary studies from Baptist Bible College (Clark’s Summit, Pa.) and an M.A. on Liberal Studies in Liberal Education from St. John’s College (Annapolis, Md. ) He then got married to Linda Merkel from Central Islip, N.Y. They moved right away in Irving, Texas, where Linda earned her B.A.

The previous academic and clinical positions in leadership included the position of associate faculty member of medicine in internal at VCU and associate program director of the global health program at VCUMC as well as Director of VCU Health System’s Travel and Tropical Medicine Clinic.

The couple, along with their wife Lisa has five kids. They enjoy being together at community gatherings.


  • Responsible growth of cities and the development
  • Events for the community and recreation
  • Business-friendly policy
  • Education

An unintentional name generator employed to create the name “Vsauce.” Stevens comes up with the concepts for his videos through conversations with other people, or the comments he gets from viewers. To make video content, Stevens studies and shoots, then performs as well as edits his video.

Michael is located in London in the UK, where he edits, writes and hosts videos to ensure that each episode is filled with fascinating and exciting information and concepts. The two channels that he is a part of Vsauce2 and Vsauce2 and Vsauce3 are managed by Kevin Lieber and Jake Roper. The Vsauce channel family are among the most watched educational and science channels on YouTube with more than 13 million subscribers as well as 1billion+ views.

“The Meteoric Rise To Stardom

Michael Stevens started his career in 2007 as an editor for YouTube video editor. He drew the attention of Ben Relles (Head of Comedy at YouTube) by submitting videos that became viral on YouTube. He was soon asked by an online comedian club called ‘Barely’ in which he shared his talents alongside top comedians such as Mark Douglas, Amber Lee Ettinger, Andrea Feczko and Todd Womack.

“What I value most about my job as a teacher at Cornerstone is the opportunity to assist in opening the realm of imagination to students within the larger perspective of God’s work of creativity within their lives as well as in the world in general. I am blessed by the privilege and the freedom of this work–and equally the immense joy of it!”

As Health System’s chief epidemiologist Stevens is expected to work in close collaboration with other clinicians and epidemiologists officials throughout the Health System to build consistency in the monitoring and control of strategies to prevent healthcare-related illnesses.


  • Marysville Fire District
  • The Mayor’s Task Force on Growth Management
  • Snohomish County Tomorrow – Alternate
  • Economic Development
  • Public Security

Vsauce1 was awarded a 2013 Streamy Award for Best Science and Education Channel and also the 2014. People’s Voice Webby Award for the best Information and Information Channel. Michael hopes to see what the future holds to offer while Vsauce is continuing to expand and increase its reach.

What is it that makes Michael Stevens Special

The subjects Michael Stevens chooses for his Vsauce videos distinguish him from other YouTubers. Contrary to most YouTube channels Vsause explores deep theoretical and real-world ideas which provide solutions to many questions that even laymen will find interesting.

His research and clinical interest is in practical approaches to preventing infections and stewardship of antimicrobials. He has contributed more than 100 research abstracts, which have been presented at international and national conferences, and has written more than 130 peer-reviewed research papers as well as over 10 chapters in books.

Does Michael Stevens Have A Degree?

In March 2014 Vsauce was home to more than 7 million users and more than 576 millions views. Stevens holds a bachelor’s diploma in neuroscience from the University of Chicago, as in addition to a bachelor’s master’s degree from the University of Chicago in English literature.

What is the reason Vsauce is so popular?

It was first introduced in 2010 by Internet celebrity Michael Stevens, who helps to make science popular through “edutaining” content that pose bizarre questions, such as “Is something real?” “How do you think the Internet weigh?” and the most watched video on the channel that has more than 15 million views “What If EVERYONE was jumping at the same time?” ( …

Where was Michael Stevens Go?

Life in the private. Stevens relocated into London, England in 2012. He then got married to Marnie and then moved from London to Los Angeles.

How Tall is Michael from Vsauce?

On Twitter, Vsauce says: “@BlindFilmCritic I’m about 5766 light-picoseconds taller. That’s right you’re 0.00107323 miles tall, or 5’8″ (173 centimeters)”

Who is Howtobasic Face?

HowToBasic produced a video entitled “Face Reveal,” and the individual revealed was Michael Stevens, or VSauce who is the top YouTube educator, with over 16 million followers.

Behind the Curtains

Michael Stevens was born in Kansas on the 23rd of January 1986. The father of Michael Stevens was an engineer in the chemical industry, and his mother was an instructor. He began to develop his comical personality in a very early age. Incredibly, his father used to refer to him as polymath, a person who was knowledgeable about many subjects.

Stevens, Dr. Stevens has also written on the history of baseball, specifically when it is correlated with other aspects that comprise American historical thought. Stevens is currently working on a one-year reflection on how to become more grounded, specifically aimed at young people.

Where is Michael From?


Michael is located in London and edits, writes, and hosts his videos to ensure they satisfy your thirst for interesting, bizarre facts.

Why is it called Vsauce?

In the episode #18 from LUT, the first Vsauce channel the title “Vsauce” was generated by an untrue website generator component of a website known as fake Name Generator. After Stevens created the fake website Vsauce.com the site was registered before uploading his videos.

Is Vsauce Really Howtobasic?

It’s been revealed the channel’s creator is Michael Stevens of Vsauce who has been entertaining us with this channel for the last seven years. That is until Max Stanley of maxmoefoe shows up and proves he’s the person responsible for the channels.

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